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The Theory Of Sound Which Constitutes The Physical Basis Of The Art Of Music.

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94. In the ensuing portion of this inquiry we shall have to make more frequent use than hitherto of vibration-fractions. It may, therefore, be well to explain at this point the rules for their employment, in order that the student may acquire the requisite facility in handling them. The vibration-fraction of an assigned interval expresses the ratio of the numbers of vibrations performed in the same time by the two notes which form the interval. The particular length of time chosen is a matter of absolute indifference. The upper note of an Octave, for instance, vibrates twice as often as the lower does in any time we choose to select, be it an hour, a minute, a second or a part of a second. It is often convenient to determine the vibration-fraction of an interval from the vibration-numbers of its constituent notes: in doing so we choose one second as our time of comĀ­parison, and in this way vibration-fractions were
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