American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index Y

Music Hall, Irish, Love, Sentimental, Inspirational & Popular Old Songs index Y

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles Y
Yankee Dewey 59
Yankee Doodle 02
Yankee Doodle 59
Ye Merry Birds 06
Ye Parliaments Of England 11
Yea Boe Roe 42
Years Ago 48
Years Have Come And Passed Away 16
Yellow Haired Nellie 05
Yellow Meal 05
Yellow Rose Of Texas 34
Yer Neber Saw A Nigger In De Surf 54
Yes Dear 50
Yes Or No 39
Yes Sir 10
Yes We All Will Be There 08
Yes You Are 41
Yes, Tis The Impresario 30
Yes; Ill Be Your Sweetheart 42
Yevette 50
Yo Must Respect Dis Coon 59
You Aint Mad Bill Are You 45
You And I 33
You And I 61
You And I Love 22
You Are A Little Too Small, Young Man 25
You Are My Sweetheart 50
You Are The Girl I Love 50
You Bet He Wont Try It Again 27
You Can Do It, If You Want To 16
You Can Imagine The Rest 24
You Can Imagine The Rest 52
You Can Keep Your Playthings 47
You Cant Always Tell 36
You Cant Dink Of Everyding 52
You Cant Do It 30
You Cant Do It, You Know 11
You Cant Expect Them Always To Agree 39
You Cant Fool The Dutch 46
You Cant Get A Drop On A Sunday 32
You Cant Play That On Me 28
You Cant Stop Her 39
You Cant Tell Everything 46
You Dont Find A Girl Like My Girl Every Day 48
You Fancy Yourselves You Do 35
You Have To Stand It 46
You Just You 47
You Keep Your Promise Jack And Ill Keep Mine 49
You Know 16
You Know Vat I Know 13
You Know You Do 39
You May Return To Me 48
You Might Fool A Young Man Once But You Cannot Fool Him Twi 43
You Mustnt Believe All You Hear 13
You Never Miss De Lager 05
You Only You 52
You Press The Button We Do The Rest 32
You Should Have Seen Them Go 35
You Will Find Out Your Mistake 34
You Will Love Me And I You 54
You Will Never Know A Mothers Love Again 17
Youd Better Stay At Home Lad 33<br>
Youll Be Kind To My Mother When I'm Gone 29
Youll Come Back My Boy Jack 55
Youll Get There All The Same 15
Youll Have To Be Up To The Times 22
Youll Hear The Bells In The Morning 20
Youll Miss Mother When Shes Gone 08
Youll Never Know 41
Youll Never Know 60
Youll Never Know 61
Youll Never Miss Your Mother Till Shes Gone 12
Youll Remember Me 17
Youll Soon Forget Kathleen 43
Young Charlotte 10
Young Ellen Loraine 34
Young Henry 26
Young Lady Students Chorus 30
Your Dear Old Irish Mother 43
Your Key Dont Fit This Lock No More 60
Your Lassie Will Be True 02
Your Little Liza Loves You 10
Your Love Will Bring Me Back Again 56
Your Mother And I Maggie 42
Your Mothers The Best Friend Youve Got 18
Your Neckties Up Behind 32<br>
Youre Born, But Youre Not Buried Yet 19
Youre It 61
Youre Welcome Whenever You Call 51
Youre Welcome Whenever You Call 57
Yours Etc 40
Yours Truly Mr Dooley 40
Youve Been A Friend To Me 28
Youve Been A Good Old Wagon But Youve Done Broke Down 51
Youve Been A Good Old Wagon But Youve Done Broke Down 57