American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index W

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index W

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles W
Wait A Little Bit 31
Wait For The Lager 33
Wait For The Wagon 59
Wait Mister Postman 45
Wait Till I Marry Mcgonigal 49
Wait Till My Ship Comes Home Maggie With Heart So True 44
Wait Till The Bull Dog Dies, Jennie 17
Wait Till The Clouds Roll By 03
Wait Till The Tide Comes In 21
Waiting 22
Waiting At The Door Step 48
Waiting At The Door Step 56
Waiting At The Farm House Door 30
Waiting At The Ferry 10
Waiting At The Window 20
Waiting For A Broadway Stage 09
Waiting For Daddy 54
Waiting For His Footstep At The Door 53
Waiting For You And I 56
Waiting For You And I 58
Waiting To Hear The Verdict 25
Waiting Yes Waiting For Me 48
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting 20
Wake Dinah Wake 10
Wake Nicodemus 33
Wake Up Mccormick 35
Walk Mccarthy Walk 51
Walk Mccarthy Walk 57
Walking Down Broadway 03
Walking For Dat Cake 09
Walking On De Rainbow In De Sky 44
Waltzing Wid Kittie Moore 49
Waltzingham Mcsweeney 25
Wanted A Governess 35
War Hymn 59
Wash Me Mother Dear 10
Washday In Our Flat 43
Washing Day 20
Washington, Star Of The West 11
Washingtons Grave 20
Watching And Waiting 40
Watching At The Window For Her Boy 34
Water Cresses 04
Way Down In Maine 15
Way Down Upon The Suanee Ribber 01
We All Lent A Hand 42
We All Wear Cloaks 34
We Are Coming Father Abraham 59
We Are Coming Sister Mary 02
We Are Coming Uncle Billy Ten Hundred Thousand Strong 60
We Are Ont On The Ocean Sailing 09
We Both Have The Same Dear Mother 54
We Crossed The Atlantic Together 43
We Drew His Club Money 33
We Fought For Your Cause The Home Rule Bill 38
We Fought In The Same Campaign 11
We Have Lived And Loved Together 27
We May Be Happy Yet 05
We May Both Be Happy Yet 49
We Met By Chance 46
We Met Twas In A Crowd 35
We Never Meet Tis Better So 61
We Never Speak As We Pass By 05
We Never Speak Her Name 33
We Ought To Be Thankful For That 14
We Parted By The River Side 36
We Reap What We Sow 06
We Sat By The River You And I 33
We Shall All Be Angels In The Sweet By And By 30
We Shall Miss Them Bye And Bye 36
We Smile And Speak As We Pass By 15
We Were Having A Regular Jamboree 56
We Were Having A Regular Jamboree 58
We Were Lads Together 36
We Were Shipmates, Jack And I 29
Wealth Never Won A Womans Heart 43
Wearing Out The Green 34
Weary Mike Who Made The Strike At Klondike 58
Wed Any Amount Of Bites 39
Wedded Once But Parted Now 34
Wedlock Is A Ticklish Thing 20
Welcome The Exile Home 36
Well Raise De Roof To Night 23
Were All Right 36
Were Glad To Hear The News 29
Were Homeward Bound 39
Were Not The Girls You Take Us For 38
Were Papas Boy And Girl 52
Weve A Million In The Field 23
Weve All Had Em 26
Weve Both Been There Before 21
Weve Got The Lodgers Inand Cant Get Them Out 37
Whacky Whacky Whack 51
What A Blessing It Is To Have Money 09
What A Contrast 36
What A Fool You Would Be To Believe Her 23
What A Friend We Have In Jesus 14
What A Stunning Pair Of Legs 21
What A Woman Can Do 30
What A Wonderful World It Would Be 24
What Became Of A Lie 10
What Biddy Said In The Police Court 18
What Can A Man Do Now 37
What Can I Tell Her 36
What Can The Matter Be 09
What Can You Expect For Your Money 35
What Could The Poor Girl Do 48
What Did They Ever Do To Get There 22
What Do I Care 42
What Do They Care About That 17
What Do You Think 35
What Do You Think Of It 12
What I Heard An Old Maid Say 11
What I Live For 06
What Id Like To Know 11
What Is Home Without A Mother 03
What Is Life 08
What Is The Use 29
What It Is 39
What Made Grandma Die 43
What Might Have Been 52
What Norah Said 17
What Pat Would Do For Dear Old Ireland 48
What Reilly Left Behind 60
What Shall We Name The Baby 17
What The Dicky Birds Say, From Erminie 19
What The Old Cock Sparrow Said 04
What The Old Folks Used To Say 54
What We Say And What We Mean 40
What Will You Do Love 05
What Will You Say Sweet Kitty Shea 48
What Will Your Answer Be 52
What Wont We Do For Love 50
What Would Ducky Do If Lovey Died 53
What Would The Congregation Say 46
What Yankee Lads Will Do 60
Whatever I Tell You It Goes 33
Whats In A Kiss 30
Whats The Matter With Your Feet 33
Whats The Use Of Being Mad 52
Whats Your Name Where Do You Live 36
When A Woman Loves 61
When Autumn Leaves Are Falling 41
When Bridget Goes Out On A Mash 14
When Business Picks Up In The Fall 16
When Daddy And Ma Were Wed 45
When Grover Cleveland Gets A Baby Boy 49
When He Was A Choir Boy 57
When He Who Adores Thee 30
When Her Papa Goes Down To The Club 35
When His Mother In Laws At Home 20
When Hogan Paid His Rent 35
When I Do The Hoochy Coochy In De Sky 53
When I Get To Be A Man Like Pa 29
When I Joined The Army 53
When I Met You 54
When I Return Again 44
When I Return Well Be Wed 61
When I Saw Sweet Nelly Home 27
When I Was A Boy Like You 42
When I Was A Child Of Three 32
When I Was A Lad 36
When Im Made Captain 36
When Ireland Belongs To The Irish Again 25
When Ireland Has An Army And Navy Of Her Own 17
When Jamie Comes Over The Sea 23
When Johnny Comes Marching Home 04
When Johnny Comes Marching Home From Spain 59
When Johnny Gets His Gun 25
When Loves Sweet Dream Is Oer 50
When Mamma Lets Me Out 41
When Miss Maria Johnson Marries Me 53
When Miss Maria Johnson Marries Me 55
When Mosquitoes Cackle 39
When Mother First Taught Me To Pray 36
When Mother Puts The Little Ones To Bed 22
When My Fisher Boy Comes Home 61
When My Little Ones Asleep 24
When My Lize Rolls The Whites Of Her Eyes 56
When Nelly Was Raking The Hay 20
When Other Friends Are Round Me 23
When Peggy And I Are Wed 42
When Summer Comes Again 40
When Sunday Comes Again 36
When That Funny Little Look Comes In Their Eye 61
When The Band Begins To Play 03
When The Brooklyn Bridge Is Done 04
When The Circus Comes To Town 08
When The Clock Strikes Ten 28
When The Clock Strikes Ten 41
When The Clock Strikes Twelve 61
When The Corn Is Waving Annie Dear 35
When The Cows Are Coming Home 39
When The Cows Come Home 53
When The Crinoline Comes In 41
When The Days Grow Longer 38
When The Doctor Sees You 40
When The Flowers Fall Asleep 35
When The Good Times Come Again 42
When The Leaves Begin To Fall 06
When The Light Is Turned Away Down Low 53
When The Little Ones Are Coming Home From School 49
When The Mailman Comes 46
When The Moon Is Kissing The Waters 42
When The Old Church Bells Are Ringing 35
When The Old Church Clock Struck Ten 34
When The Pansies Droop And Die 24
When The Pay Car Comes Again 35
When The Pigs Begin To Fly 04
When The Robins Nest Again 05
When The Roses Bloom In Spring 21
When The Shadows Flee Away 58
When The Springtime Flowers Bloom 21
When The Swallows Come Again 47
When The Swallows Homeward Fly 36
When The Tide Comes In 40
When The Women Folks Boss The Whole World 32
When These Old Clothes Were New 01
When They Straighten All The Colored Peoples Hair 45
When This Cruel War Is Over 04
When This Cruel War Is Over 59
When Tis Moonlight 11
When We Are Married 61
When We Meet By The Old Bridge Again 08
When We Ran With The Old Machine 18
When We Sit In The Presidents Chair 21
When We Went Holler Skating 08
When Were Married By And By 45
When Will You Meet Me Again Norah 39
When Yo Hear De Big Bell Ring 20
When You And I Were Boys 15
When You And I Were Young Maggie 32
When You Ask A Girl To Leave A Happy Home 46
When You Ask A Girl To Leave A Happy Home 49
When You Ask A Girl To Leave A Happy Home 60
When You Do De Rag Time Dance 59
When You Do De Rag Time Dance 60
When You Hear Those Sweet Bells Ring 55
When You Know The Girl You Love Loves You 44
When You Know The Girl You Love Loves You 46
When Your Mother Leaves This World 36
When Your Name Is Put Upon De Golden Book 37
When Your Pride Has A Tumble 46
When Youre In Love 57
When Youve Got Money 13
Whenever Theres A Woman In The Case 34
Where Apple Blossoms Blow 46
Where Are The Friends Of My Youth 34
Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid 32
Where Can The Wanderer Be 12
Where Did You Get That Face 24
Where Did You Get That Hat 22
Where Have The Girls All Gone To 36
Where Is Kathleen 18
Where Is My Nancy 33
Where Is My Own Love Kate 43
Where Is My Wandering Boy To Night 13
Where Lindens Bloom 35
Where Mother Is, Is Home 22
Where One Goes We All Go 36
Where Shall I Find Him 37
Where Sunshine Never Falls 58
Where The Chicken Got The Axe 38
Where The Sweet Magnolia Grows 31
Where Theres A Will Theres A Way 35
Where Was Moses When The Light Went Out 23
Whereer Thou Art 48
Whereer Thou Art 56
Wheres Mcginty 35
Wheres The White Horse 22
Whether You Like It Or Not 36
Which Shall It Be 05
Which Will You Have My Pretty Maid 35
While The Blue Laws Are In Force 15
While The Dance Goes On 44
While The Dance Goes On 48
While The Dance Goes On 56
While The Dance Goes On 59
Whiskers On The Moon 12
Whisky Youre The Divil 06
Whisper And A Kiss 09
Whisper Love 42
Whisper Sweetly In My Willing Ear 60
Whisper True Heart 50
Whisper Your Mothers Name 56
Whisper Your Secret To Me 52
Whispering Hope 09
Whisperings Of Love 43
Whistling Susanna 29
White Folks Every Coon You Meet Dont Look Alike 61
White Wings 10
Who Is My Sweetheart 50
Who Miss Nelly Mcintyre 54
Who Stole The Ham 13
Who Will Care For Mother Now 03
Who Will Care For Mother Now 59
Who Will Marry Me 43
Who Will Marry Me 51
Who Will Marry Me 57
Who Will Marry Me 59
Whoa, Emma 23
Wholl Be An Old Mans Darling 15
Wholl Buy My Water Cresses 35
Whoop De Dooden Do 51
Whoop De Dooden Do 57
Whos Dat Callin So Sweet 15
Whos Dat Huggin You Hannah Brown 46
Whos Got Ma Money In Dis Gang 61
Whos Your Friend 49
Whose Heart Is Your Heart 48
Whose Little Girl Are You 45
Whose Sweet Smile Is That 45
Why Cant Paddy Be A Gentleman 38
Why Cant The Girls Propose 29
Why Did He Do That 53
Why Did I Doubt 42
Why Did They Dig Mas Grave So Deep 02
Why Didnt You Say So Before 13
Why Do I Love You 38
Why Do Summer Roses Fade 21
Why Do You Coldly Greet Me 14
Why Does Mother Stay So Long 36
Why Does Mother Stay So Long 39
Why Dont They Do So Now 25
Why I Like The Firemen 37
Why Paddys Always Poor 12
Why Should The Spirit Of Mortal Be Proud 03
Why Should We Live As Strangers 34
Why Should You Wait Till To Morrow 53
Widdy Mccarthys Pig 38
Widow Clancys Party 31
Widow Machree 04
Widow Malone 03
Widow Mcgee, 13
Widow Mcginniss Pig 29
Widow Nolans Door 32
Widow Nolans Goat 29
Will I Ever See My Mothers Face Again 48
Will Love You And You Will Love Me 52
Will My Darling Come Again 11
Will My Darling Come Again 36
Will My Robin Come Again 18
Will The Roses Bloom Again 16
Will They Answer If I Write 39
Will This Thing Ever End No Never 37
Will Watch 17
Will You Be True To Me 47
Will You Join In The Army Of The Sweet Salvation 39
Will You Love Me Sweet Heart When Im Old 59
Will You Love Me Sweetheart When Im Old 52
Will You Love Me Sweetheart When Im Old 54
William Owens 26
Willie Has Gone To The War 59
Willies On The Dark Blue Sea 07
Willow Titwillow 09
Wilt Thou Be Gone Love 35
Winking At Me 12
Winnie Winnie What Have You Agin Me 52
With A Laugh Like This 54
With A Little Lump Of Wadding In His Ears 49
With A Wife And A Neat Little Home 48
With A Wife And A Neat Little Home 56
With All Her Faults I Love Her Still 21
With Home And Mother 47
With Marguerite At Home 45
With Pleasant Smiles 30
Withered Shamrock Leaves 53
Without Thee 33
Woman Is What Man Doth Make Her 08
Woman, Lovely Woman 11
Womans In It 36
Womans The Cause Of It All 34
Womans Tongue Will Never Take A Rest 14
Women Of The Day 22
Wont Somebody Give Me A Kiss 54
Wont You Be My Little Girl 54
Wont You Be My Little Girl 60
Wont You Be My Sweetheart 41
Wont You Buy My Pretty Flowers 22
Wont You Come To My Tea Party 54
Wont You Dance With Me, Love 20
Wont You Marry Me 46
Wont You Step Up To The Bar 37
Woodman Spare That Tree 34
Woodman Spare That Tree 59
Words Cannot Tell My Love For Thee 51
Wot Cheer Knocked Em In The Old Kent Road 37
Would I Were A Boy Again 07
Would I Were With Thee 35
Would You Well In A Minute 60
Wouldnt You Like To Fondle Little Baby 49
Wouldnt You Like To Know 04
Wreck Of The Alpena 19
Wreck Of The Atlantic 06
Wreck Of The City Of Columbus 23
Wreck Of The Haddingtonshire 11
Wreck Of The London 04
Wreck Of The Trenton And Vandalia 39
Wrecked And Saved 15
Wretched In The Rain 13
Write A Letter To My Mother 59
Write A Loving Letter To Your Mother 14
Write Me A Letter From Home 15
Written In Letters Of Gold 07
Wst Wst Wst 01