American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index T

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index T

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The number after each title indicates which volume that song is to be found in, to view any selected volume click on the appropriate link in the top nav-bar e.g. V01, V29 etc. Select below for other index sections e.g. B, C, etc.

Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles T
Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay 37

Ta Ra Rum 15
Taffy Was A Welshman 06
Take A Day Off Mary Ann 43
Take Back My Sorrowful Heart 35
Take Back The Engagement King 44

Take Back The Heart 36
Take Back Those Gems You Grave Me 09
Take Back Your Gold 56
Take Good Care Of Mother 09
Take Her Little Hand In Yours 46
Take Him To Your Heart Again 45
Take It Bob 09
Take Me Back To Home And Mother 31
Take Or Leave Me 48
Take This Letter To My Mother 28
Take Your Feet Out Of The Sand And Stick Them In The Mud 36
Taking In The Town 42
Talk About Your Moses 09
Tally Ho 58
Tally Ho Song 46
Talmages Night Side Of Life In New York 18
Tapioca 34
Tapioca 60
Tassels On The Boots 04
Teach Me How To Kiss Dear 61
Teach Our Baby That Im Dead 59
Teddy 35
Teddy Mcglynn 33
Teddy Oneal 33
Teddy Regans Swarie 25
Teedelum Tadelum Duet 56
Tell Her I Love Her So 29
Tell Her That We Love Her Just The Same 53
Tell Me Mary How To Woo 10
Tell Me Of My Old Sweetheart 48
Tell Me Where My Evas Gone 28
Tell Me You Are Mine 20
Tell Me You Love Me Still 47
Tell My Mother Not To Weep 29
Tell Them Im All Right 43
Ten Little Injuns 04,08
Ten Minutes Too Late 08
Ten Years In Cherry Hill 31
Tenting On The Old Camp Ground 30
Terrance Mcmullin 22
Terrible Tragedy 22
Terry Orann 16
Texas Cowboy 37
Thankful Every Time 40
Thanksgiving At The Old Home 25
That Autograph Album Of Mine 43
That Big Beaver Hat 17
That Doesnt Go For A Cent 20
That Girl In The Serpentine Dance 39
That Great Big Yaller Coon From Baltimore 47
That Hired Girl 11
That Innocent Kid 22
That Is Love 28
That Is Why I Love Thee 46
That Kiss Of Long Ago 27
That Melody Divine 21
That Never Could Happen Here 31
That Rogue, Reilly 25
That Simple Little Song God Wont Love You 37
That Sinner, Betsy 25
That Sweet Face At The Door 61
That Wonderful X Ray Machine 52
That Young Man Across The Way 07
Thatll Be All Right Baby 53
Thats A Matter Of Taste 09
Thats All 16
Thats Always The Way With You Boys 28
Thats An Old Gag With Me 26
Thats How He Carries On 31
Thats How You Get Served When Youre Old 02
Thats Love, You Know 28
Thats My Boy 26
Thats My Girl 18
Thats No Dream 59
Thats Not English, You Know 19
Thats Pretty Good, What Next 17
Thats Swell, Awfly Swell 28
Thats The Cause Of It 40
Thats The Girl Who Was Given Away With Half A Pound Of Tea 36
Thats The Idea, Exactly 14
Thats The Way Queens Do 42
Thats The Way The Story Goes 26
Thats What By Gosh 52
Thats What He Did For His Country 31
Thats What I Want Santie To Bring 54
Thats What My Old Mother Said 38
Thats What Puzzles The Quaker 12
Thats Whats The Matter With Hannah 13
Thats Where The Laugh Comes In 22
Thats Where You Make The Mistake 11
Thats Why He Loves Me 37
Thats Why Im An Irishman 38
The 18th Royal Irish Brigade 38
The Absent Lover 41
The Accent On 15
The Actors Boardinghouse 60
The Actors Dream 23
The Actors Dying Child 54
The Ads That Drove Him Crazy 47
The Aesthetic Dude 06
The Aesthetic Mick 05
The Alderman Of The Ward 12
The Almighty Dollar 36
The Alms House Fire 32
The Alpine Maid 16

The American Star 11
The American Statues 16
The Anchors Weighed 30
The Angel Of Mulberry Bend 54

The Angels Ladder 25
The Angels Took Mama 20
The Angels Whisper 01
The Antmals Fair 07
The Apple Of My Eye 04
The Arkansas Traveller 33
The Army Bean 15
The Arrow And The Song 26
The Art Of Making Love 06,49
The Atheist And Acorn 03
The Australian Exile 13
The Baby In The Sleeper 61
The Baby Show 20
The Baby That Never Came 19
The Bad Hotel 35
The Baggage Coach Ahead 53
The Bald Headed Man 28
The Band Flayed Annie Laurie 30
The Band Played On 48
The Bangle 40
The Bank Has Failed To Day 30
The Banks Of Newfoundland 08
The Banks Of The Nore 47
The Banks Of The Schuylkill 24
The Barbers Barbecue 48,56
The Bard Of Armagh 32
The Bard Of Armagh 38
The Battle Cry Of Freedom 33
The Battle Cry Of Freedom 59
The Battle Hymn Of The Republic 59
The Battle Of Bull Run 13,59
The Battle Of Bunker Hill 39
The Battle Of Limerick 51
The Bay Of Biscay O 03
The Beautiful Snow 04
The Beauty Spot 54
The Bedbug 07
The Beggar Childs Amen 28
The Bell Buoy 24
The Bell Goes A Ringing For Sai Rah 05
The Bell Of Life 53
The Belle Of Avenue B 15
The Belle Of Honolulu 61
The Belle Of The Boulevard 50
The Belleville Convent Fire 08
The Bells Of Shandon 37
The Benediction 51
The Best Little Wife In The World 05
The Bicycle Fad 42
The Bicycle Girl 44
The Big And Little Of It 21
The Big Aquarium 05
The Big Sunflower 02
The Bill It Kept Running Up Higher 09
The Birds Sing Sweeter Lad At Home 48
The Biscuits Miss Flannigan Made 30
The Bismarck Guard 16
The Black Edged Letter From Home 30
The Black Flag 14
The Black Four Hundred 54
The Black Hills 06
The Black Maria, O 20
The Black Wedding 28
The Blackbird 27
The Blacksmiths Story 25
The Blarney 15
The Blind Boys Lament 11
The Blind Mans Trouble 28
The Blind Mother 24
The Bloated Young Aristocrat 17
The Blonde That Never Dyes 22
The Blue And The Gray 03
The Blue And The Gray 19
The Blue Bells Of Scotland 01
The Boarding House 33
The Bold Irish Soldier 25
The Bold Mcintires 29
The Bold Militiaman 57
The Bold Privateer 16
The Bolivar Blues 25
The Bonny Irish Boy 08
The Boodle 19
The Bootblacks Christmas 35
The Boss Tramp 16
The Boston Burglar 02
The Boston Fire 02
The Boulevard 30
The Bowery 39
The Bowery Ball 47
The Bowery Grenadiers 05
The Boy From County Clare 17
The Boy With The Auburn Hair 07
The Boyne Water 18
The Boys And Girls 28
The Boys Brigade 52
The Boys Of Kilkenny 02
The Boys Of The Bowery Pit 20
The Boys That Never Go Home 44
The Brakeman 45
The Bramble Brier 28
The Brave Old Oak 11
The Breach Of Promise Case 27
The Bridal March 31
The Bridal Ring 11
The Bridegroom That Never Came 55
The Brigade At Fontenoy 20
The British Soldiers Grave 30
The Broadway Girl 45
The Broadway Swell And Brooklyn Belle 24
The Broadway Swell And The Bowery Bum 35,60
The Broken Doll 49
The Broken Hearted Milkman 11
The Broken Home 34
The Broken Pitcher 22
The Broken Promise 34
The Broken Stringed Banjo That Hangs On The Wall 13
The Brooklyn Tragedy 24
The Brothers Maloney 41
The Bugaboo 05
The Bum With The Terrible Gall 27
The Butcher Boy 49
The Butterfly And The Rose 45
The Butterfly Dude 32
The Cabin With The Roses At The Door 13
The Calm That Comes At Evening 47
The Camps Sweet Singer 60
The Can Brigade 19
The Captain With His Whiskers 03
The Captains; Daughter Nell 35
The Captive Birds Complaint 11
The Cart Before The Horse 30
The Castaways 31
The Castlebar Boy 14
The Cause Of All His Trouble 39
The Champion Of The World 24
The Chaperone 39
The Charcoal Man 27
The Charge At Roanoke 59
The Charge Of The Light Brigade 01
The Charming Young Widow 29
The Chestnut Bell 12
The Chestnut Broke My Heart 24
The Chicago Police Patrol 14
The Child Prayer 11
The Childs Vision 40
The Childs Wish 33
The Chili Widow 52
The Choir Singer Gone But Not Astray 50
The Christening 03
The Christening Of Maggies Baby 43
The Christmas Tree 33
The Christmas Tree 49
The Church Across The Way 45,48,51,56,57,60
The City Waif 31
The Clam Soup Peddlers Daughter 08
The Click Of The Latch 20
The Clock On The Wall 15
The Clothes Dont Make The Man 54
The Coastguards Daughter 37
The Coat Of Other Days 09
The Colliers Dying Child 09
The Colored Band 07
The Comet Of The West 08
The Constantinople Countess 15
The Controllin Influence Of Drink 17
The Convict And The Bird 21
The Convicts Dream 06
The Convivial Man 16
The Coons Are All A Dreamin 44
The Coons Christmas Dinner 27
The Copper And The Cook; 17
The Cork Leg And James Crinoline 15
The Costers Serenade 39
The Country Band 39
The Country Girl 37
The Court House In De Sky 28
The Cove Vot Spouts 12
The Cow That Ate The Piper 12
The Cowboys Lament 16
The Cows Are In The Corn 01
The Cracksmans Chant 12
The Creole Girl 10
The Cripple Creek Bandits 52
The Croppy Boy 33
The Cuban Hero 59
The Cuckoo Club 34
The Cumberlands Crew 13
The Cumberlands Crew 59
The Cunard Dock 12
The Curse 36
The Daisy 49
The Damsel That I Longed For Never Came 16
The Dance We Sat Out On The Stair 51,57
The Dances Down At Dans 52
The Dandy Dude 06
The Dandy Fifth 50
The Danube River 17
The Darkest Hours Are Just Before The Dawn 25
The Day I First Played Ball 23
The Day I Lost Me Job 32
The Day I Played Base Ball 37
The Day I Walked Against Oleary 14
The Day Is Done 38
The Day Our Mother Died 21
The Day That My Poor Mother Died 30
The Day Thats Gone Can Never Come Again 56,58
The Day The Farmer Came To See The Town 52
The Day We Celebrate 17
The Day We Went Tobogganing 18
The Deacon Went Astray 50
The Dear Emerald Isle 38
The Dear Irish Boy 01
The Dear Irish Homestead 40
The Dear Old Home 39
The Dear Old Village School 26
The Dearest Girl To Me 58
The Death Of Ensign Bagley 60
The Death Of Nelson 05
The Death Of Sarsfield 18
The Debutante 52
The Deep Blue Sea 33
The Deserter 36
The Diamond Ring 09
The Difference Between East And West 51
The Difference Between Rich And Poor 44
The Discarded Lover 24
The Diver 26
The Doctor Came Too Late 47
The Dog 30
The Dogs Meat Man 16
The Donevans 08
The Dotlet On The I 21
The Drum Solo 39
The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh 59
The Drummer Of The Sixty Ninth 32
The Drunkards Dream 01
The Dude 05
The Dude 19
The Duffeys 29
The Dugan Kid Who Lives In Hogans Alley 55
The Dumb Wife 33
The Dutchmans Slate 15
The Dying Boys Request 12
The Dying Californian 03
The Dying Cowboy 25
The Dying Girls Message 09
The Dying Ranger 38
The Dying Soldier 02
The Dying Soldier Of Cerro Gordo 24
The Dying Telegrapher 38
The East And West Side Of Town 34
The Electric Light 08
The Ellsworth Avengers 59
The Evening News Ragged Matt 35
The Evening Telegram 22
The Everflowing Brook 40
The Exile Of Erin 32
The Exiles Lament 38
The Exiles Return 35
The Face Upon The Barroom Floor 43
The Face Upon The Floor 32,50
The Factory Girl 21
The Faded Coat Of Blue 32,59
The Faded Letter 41
The Fairy Boy 11
The Famous Keeley Cure 36
The Fancy Of A Summers Day 38
The Farmers Boy 02,59
The Farmers Daughter 35
The Faster You Pluck Them The Thicker They Grow 12
The Fatal Ball 53
The Fatal Marriage 45,54
The Fatal Wedding 43,50,59
The Fate Of A Black Cat 38
The Fate Of The Midnight Express 38
The Fellow That Plays The Kazoo 19
The Fellow Who Stole My Wife 11
The Female Barber Shop 05
The Female Smuggler 07
The Fenians Escape 08
The Fiji Baby 37
The Fine Old English Gentleman 05
The Fine Old Irish Gentleman 07
The Finest Police In The World 05
The Fire Brigade 30
The Firemans Boy 31
The Firemans Story 47
The First Sweetheart Is The Best Of All 55
The First Time In Twenty Four Years 13
The First To Cast A Stone 61
The Fish Ball Musketeer 21
The Fisherman And His Child 02
The Fitzsimmons And Corbett Fight 54
The Five Dollar Note 09

The Flag Of Our Union 59
The Flag Of The Free 59
The Flippity Flop Young Man 25
The Floor Gave Way 41
The Flower Of Yarrow Vale 49
The Flowers Of The Forest 10
The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring 09
The Fly 35
The Flying Cloud 42
The Flying Dutchman 34
The Flying Trapeze 02
The Foot Print In The Sand 13
The Forgotten Word 45
The Forgotten Word 54
The Forsaken 36
The Forsaken Child 55
The Fountain In The Park 06
The Four Hundred 42
The Four Life Boat Men 38
The Friar Of Orders Grey 10
The Frost Upon The Pane 31
The Funeral Invitation 37
The Funny Little Fellow With The High High Hat 34
The Funny Man 34
The Future Mrs Awkins 37
The Gal With A Roguish Eye 14
The Gal With The Balmoral 15
The Gal With The Gainsborough Hat 07
The Gallant Knights Of Old 35
The Gallant Sixty Ninth 08
The Gamblers Wife 06
The Gamboling Man 10
The Gay Coquette 47
The Gay Soubrette 43
The German Fifth 02
The German Fifth 51
The German Masher 38
The Gintleman From Kildare 24
The Gipsys Warning 17
The Girl He Didnt Get 47
The Girl I Left Behind Me 14
The Girl I Love 44
The Girl I Love 46
The Girl I Loved At School 52
The Girl I Met On Broadway 52
The Girl I Promised To Wed 48
The Girl Im Going To Marry 52
The Girl Next Door 49
The Girl Next Door To Me 34
The Girl Of My Heart 41
The Girl Of The Period 23
The Girl That Broke The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carl 42
The Girl That Got Stuck On The Country 32
The Girl Thats Up To Date 46
The Girl Who Left A Happy Home For Me 49
The Girl Who Made Her Fortune In The Ballet 45
The Girl Who Waits Ashore 54
The Girls And The Boys 40
The Gladiator 19
The Glasses Mother Wore Copyright, 1887, By Chas D Blake 20
The Goblins In The Church Yard 28
The Gold Diggers Lament 10
The Golden Ring 25
The Golden Wedding 20
The Good Night Request 20
The Good Rhine Wine 35
The Good Ship Cumberland 07
The Good Young Man Who Died 36
The Granite Mill Fire 01
The Grass Widower Shes Going Out Of Town 37
The Grave Of Wolfe Tone 01
The Gray Hairs Of My Mother 36
The Great Round Up 37
The Great Trolley Strike 46
The Grecian Statues 16
The Green Above The Red 25
The Green Fellow 24
The Green Fields Of America 08
The Green Hills Of Erin 16
The Green Linnet 24
The Green Mossy Banks Of The Lee 14
The Green Willow Tree 24
The Hallelujah Band 15
The Harbor Light 34
The Harbor Lights 21
The Hard Back Family 09
The Harmless Little Girlie With The Downcast Eyes 51
The Harp That Once Thro Taras Halls 33
The Harp, Or Irelands Resurrection 20
The Hat Me Father Wore 14
The Hats They Wear When On Parade 44
The Hazel Dell 03
The Hebrew Clothing Drummer 18
The Hebrew Fancy Ball 36
The Hebrew Wedding 08
The Hero Of Manila Bay 60
The Hodmans Lament 23
The Home Of My Childhood 40
The Homestead Strike 43
The Hoolahan Musketeers 06
The Hornets Nest 07
The Horse Car Fiend 39
The Hotel Royal Fire 34
The House Carpenter 07
The Human Harp 04
The Hungry Boarding House 14
The Hurdy Gurdy Man 25
The Husbands Boat 39
The Husbands Dream 25
The Husbands Requiem 39
The Ill Fated Huron 15
The Ill Fated Maine 58
The Increase Of Crime 34
The Independent Lovers 24
The India Rubber Man 32
The Indian Hunter 03
The Indian Warriors Grave 03
The Irish Are True 33
The Irish Brigade 11
The Irish Brigade 15
The Irish Colleen 09
The Irish Discovery 43
The Irish Dragoon 38
The Irish Exiles Love 38
The Irish Fair 01
The Irish Foot Ball Game 55
The Irish Jubilee 29
The Irish Poker Club 31
The Irish Policeman 41
The Irish Row 31
The Irish Schoolmaster 17
The Irish Spree 24
The Irish Stew 31
The Irish Stranger 11
The Irish Volunteer 17
The Irish Wedding 29
The Irish Wife 07
The Irishman And The Whale 39
The Irishmans Home 39
The Irishmans Home Sweet Home 35
The Irishmans Shanty 03
The Irishmen Of Today 26
The Isle Of France 08
The Ivy Green 06
The Ivy Leaf 19
The Johnstown Flood 24
The Jolly Bowery Boy 44
The Jolly Commodore 42
The Joys Of A Wedding Ring 34
The Judgment Day 32
The Keyhole In The Door 20
The Keystone Brigade 17
The Kick Up A Row Brigade 46
The Kind, Loving Faces At Home 21
The King Of The Cannibal Islands 15
The King Of The Swells 25
The Kingdom Whar De Good Folks Go 46
The Kiss In School 10
The Kiss You Steal In The Dark 53
The Kissaphone 56
The Lady Franklin 10
The Lady In The Sun 39
The Lady Of Knock 25
The Lady With The Rag Time Walk 59
The Lament Of An Irish Woman 29
The Lancashire Lass 05
The Land League Band 14
The Land Of Dreams 48
The Land Of Potatoes, Oh 25
The Land Where The Old Folks Dwell 46
The Languid Man 61
The Lass O Gwrie 11
The Lassie Who Loves But Me 20
The Last Farewell 06
The Last Farewell 46
The Last Hymn 11
The Last Link Is Broken 10
The Last Of The Hogans 43
The Last Roll Call 37
The Last Roll Call 61
The Last Rose Of Summer 59
The Last Sweet Words Of Mother 23
The Latest Edition 55
The Laugh In School 10
The Law Wont Allow Me To Do It 38
The Lazy Man 42
The Leader Of The Band 14
The Lessons That I Learned When But A Boy 44
The Letter Came At Last 14
The Letter From Over The Sea 19
The Letter From Over The Sea 2 19
The Letter In My Heart 39
The Letter In The Candle 36
The Letter That Came Too Soon 18
The Letter That Was Written Long Ago 20
The Letters We Carved On The Tree 14
The Life Boat 50
The Life Boat Crew 32
The Life Of A Soldier In The U S Cavalry 16
The Light Green Parasol 34
The Light House Keeper 16
The Light Of Annies Eyes 55
The Light Of Other Days 04
The Lighthouse On The Lake 41
The Lightships Straight Ahead 32
The Lilac 25
The Lily Of The West 08
The Linden Tree 29
The Little Beggar Boy 31
The Little Black Girl On The Wall 36
The Little Brown Church 07
The Little Bunch O Berries 30
The Little Bunch Of Whiskers On His Chin 44
The Little Church Around The Corner 41
The Little Empty Cradle By The Wall 35
The Little Family 26
The Little Fishermaiden 18
The Little Flower You Gave Me 01
The Little Fruit Store On The Corner 33
The Little Game Called Kissing 41
The Little Girl 24
The Little Hero 11
The Little Household King 31

The Little Madmoiselle 47
The Little Maid In Pink 42
The Little Musician 43
The Little Old Duddeen 03
The Little Old House On The Rhine 01
The Little Old Mud Cabin Near The Bogs 12
The Little Old Seven A Week 33
The Little Old Sod Shanty 24
The Little Ones At Home 22
The Little Pie 30
The Little Red Caboose Be Hind The Train 27
The Little Scribbled Note 48
The Little Sign Is Gone 31
The Little Sign Is Still Above The Door 30
The Little Stars Wont Tell 18
The Little Toy Drum 46
The Little Widow 30
The Little Widow Dunn 31
The Lively Flea 13
The Lone Grave 29
The Lone Grave 59
The Lone Rock By The Sea 10
The Lone Starry Hours 09
The Loss Of His Dear 24
The Lost Chord 13
The Love Cup 37
The Love Cup 48
The Love Of Loves 37
The Love That Came Too Late 37
The Love That I Lost When A Boy 45
The Lovely Land Of Dreams 05
The Lovers Quarrel 30
The Lovers Telegraph 06
The Lovers' Quarrel 30
The Low Backd Car 29
The Loyal Boston Man 33
The Lucky Horseshoe 36
The Mabel Waltz 33
The Magnolia Of Tennessee 37
The Maid Of Erin 18
The Maid Of Judah 10
The Maid Of Sweet Gorteen 16
The Maid Of The Mill 10
The Maiden And The Lamb 37
The Maidens Prayer 30
The Maidens Vow 13
The Man At The Wheel 35
The Man Behind The Plow 38
The Man In The Moon Is Looking 40
The Man In The Moon Sees It All 39
The Man That Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo 37
The Man That Broke The Brokers Down In Wall Street 44
The Man That Couldnt Get Cool 15
The Man That Couldnt Get Warm 12
The Man That Knew The Actors 21
The Man That Knows It All 26
The Man That Stole My Luncheon 44
The Man That Stole My Luncheon 60
The Man That Stole The Country 06
The Man That Struck Ohara 20
The Man Who Never Tumbled 19
The Man Who Struck My Wife 04
The Man Who Taught Her To Dance 05
The Man With An Elephant On His Hands 32
The Man With The Red Neck Tie 48
The Man With The Terrible Gaul 16
The Maniac 06
The Manilla Boy 11
The Maple On The Hill 20
The Marble Arch 06
The March Of The Cameron Men 06
The Mariners Grave 16
The Market On Saturday Night 27
The Mashah Up To Date 35
The Masher 27
The Matinee Brigade 28
The Matzoths That Are Framed Upon The Wall 26
The Men Who Come Over From Ireland 51
The Mermaid And The Man 52
The Merriest Girl Thats Out 03
The Merry Go Round 47
The Mid Watch 02
The Midnight Squad 32
The Midway In The Moon 49,51,60

The Mill Boy 24
The Mill Will Never Grind Again With The Water That Has Pass 21
The Miller Of The Dee 25
The Millers Daughter 04
The Millers Song 19
The Mills Shut Down To Day 06

The Miner 34
The Miners Dream Of Home 34,60,61
The Miners Letter Kiss The Little Ones For Me 45
The Miners Life 16
The Minstrel Boy 17
The Minstrel Boy 59
The Minstrels Dream 09
The Missus Is Always The Boss 36
The Mistletoe Bough 03
The Monarch Of The Woods 25
The Moneyless Man 06
The Monitor And Merrimac 16
The Monte Carlo Girls 52
The Montgomery Guard 05
The Moon Behind The Hill 32
The Moon Hid Her Blush Behind A Cloud 54
The Moonlight Walk 05
The Moony Man 34
The Moss Grown Well 37
The Mother Of The Girl I Love 56,58
The Mothers Prayer By The Sea 32
The Mothers Twilight Song 39
The Motto Above The Door 45
The Mottoes That Are Framed Upon The Wall 22
The Mountain Dew 27
The Mud Run Disaster 23
The Music Hall Girl 54
The Musical Flat 31
The Musical Wife 08
The Mystery Of The Village 44
The Name On The Door 34
The Naughty Jersey Mosquito 49
The Naval Reserve 35
The New Church Organ 27
The New Home Sweet Home 46
The New Jerusalem 10
The Newhall House Fire 06
The Newsboy Of The Town 47
The Newsboys Of Chicago 46
The Nigger And The Bee 28
The Night Before Christmas 51
The Night Maloney Lost His New High Hat 30
The Night That Larry Got Wed 25
The Nightingales Song 35
The Obrannigan Fusileers 26
The Ocean Burial 10
The Okeelys 34
The Old Actors Story 37
The Old Arm Chair 03
The Old Back Stair 47
The Old Barn Floor 32
The Old Battered Horn 37
The Old Belfry Bell 45
The Old Black Crow 32
The Old Bowery Pit 30
The Old Brass Knocker On The Door 43
The Old Broken Gate 44
The Old Cabin Home 22
The Old Church Bell 06
The Old Church Choir 51
The Old Church Of My Childhood 15
The Old Country Circus 10
The Old Door Bell 54
The Old Door Step At Home 61
The Old Doorstep 19
The Old Familiar Place 47
The Old Family Album 25
The Old Family Circle 36
The Old Farm House 29
The Old Fashioned Cot In The Lane 19
The Old Fashioned Girl 15
The Old Fashioned Homestead 18
The Old Feather Bed 27
The Old Golden Locket My Mother Used To Wear 21
The Old Granite Stati 22
The Old Grape Vine Swing 2 29
The Old Hickory Cane 34
The Old Home Aint What It Used To Be 49
The Old House At Home 36
The Old Kitchen Clock 38
The Old Letter Box On The Tree 41
The Old Log Cabin In The Dell 31
The Old Love 34
The Old Love And The New 22
The Old Man Dreams 36
The Old Mans Story 46
The Old Massachusetts Ninth 31
The Old Mill Wheel 39
The Old Mountain Tree 01
The Old Mousquetaire 08
The Old Musician And His Harp 23
The Old Neighborhood 46
The Old New England Home 61
The Old Oak Chest 35
The Old Oak Tree 36
The Old Oaken Bucket 16,59
The Old Old Friends In The Old Old Home 39
The Old Old Story 41
The Old Pine Tree 05
The Old Plaid Shawl 06
The Old Plantations Lonely 02
The Old Play Ground 09
The Old Playground 25
The Old Poet 40
The Old Pray Mule 39
The Old Pump On The Green 30
The Old Red Barn 16
The Old Red Cradle 14
The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill 04
The Old Step Stone 20
The Old Street Lamp 16,26
The Old Sunday Dinner 25
The Old Susquehanna 10
The Old Tin Dipper On The Nail 38
The Old Tobacco Box 24
The Old Turnkey 07
The Old Village Blacksmiths Shop 06
The Old Village Bum 18
The Old Willow Cradle 15
The Old Wooden Bench By The Door 38
The Old, Old Farm 26
The Omniscient Ostrich 30
The One I Love 27
The Only Girl That I Could Love 53
The Oregon Boys 24
The Oregon Gypsy Girl 14
The Organ Grinder 13
The Organs In The Street 47
The Origin Of The Harp 14
The Orphan Boy 08,19
The Orphan Boys Lament 14
The Orphan Girl 08
The Other Side Of Jordan 08
The Ould Plaid Shawl 24
The Outcast 15
The Owl And The Pussy Cat 36
The Owl Critic 36
The Owls Serenade 52
The Oyster Maid 11
The Painter Of Seville 26
The Pallet Of Straw 01
The Palms 24
The Pardon Came Too Late 30,59
The Park Place Horror 32
The Parrot And The Parson 28
The Pastors Resignation 47,56,58
The Patent Bell Punch 39
The Path To Paradise 52
The Patrol Wagon 14
The Pawnbrokers Ticket 30
The Peanut Stand 11
The Pennsylvania Tramp 04
The Phonograph 37
The Picadilly Johnny With The Little Glass Eye 57
The Picture 34
The Picture Of My Baby On The Wall 27
The Picture On The Wall 21
The Picture That Is Turned Toward The Wall 32
The Picture That We Wont Turn To The Wall 36
The Piggie Who Roamed 46
The Pilgrim 29
The Pilot 26
The Pioneer 37
The Pirates Serenade 03
The Plays The Thing 47
The Policemans Daughter The Question She Asked 56,58
The Polish Boy 03
The Poor Gal Didnt Know You Know 34
The Poor Girl Didnt Know The Difference 53
The Poor Irish Minstrel 05
The Poor Little Newsboy 16
The Poor Little Newsgirl 19
The Poor Little Soldiers Boy 06
The Poor Old Bum 32
The Poor Old Slave 17
The Poor Old Tramp 10,34
The Popular Man About Town 47
The Portrait Of My Mother In Old Ireland Far Away 35
The Portrait That Hangs On The Wall 04
The Postal Card That Never Came 19
The Postmans Story 28
The Potatoes They Grow Small Over There 36
The Pretty Little Maidens Sea Trip 40
The Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow 40
The Price Of A Drink 06
The Pride Of Mayo 09
The Pride Of The Ball 43
The Prodigal Son 23,34
The Promised Land 34
The Pullman Box Car 35
The Pure Testimony 24
The Purity Brigade 61
The Puzzled Census Taker 18
The Puzzled Dutchman 18
The Queen Of All Flowers 15
The Queen Of Mulberry Bend 61
The Quilting Party 11
The Raffle For Monaghans Stove 22
The Ragged Coat 31
The Railway Guard 07
The Railway Guide 16
The Rat Catchers Daughter 10
The Rataplan 59
The Rattle Of The Latch Key In The Door 29
The Raven 06
The Real Sort The Right Sort 52
The Reason Why Its So 31
The Rectors Daughter Nell 60
The Red Haired Girl And The Near By White Horse 19
The Red White And Blue 59
The Retired Soldier 59
The Ride Of Jennie Mcneal 51
The Right Idea 32
The Ring My Mother Wore 36
The Ringtail Colored Band 50
The River Roe 25
The Road To Ruin 33
The Rocky Road To Dublin 18
The Rollicking Rams 13
The Romance Of A Hammock 05
The Rooster And The Hen 40
The Rose Bush 32
The Rose My Mother Wore 46
The Rose Of Allandale 03
The Rose Of Tralee 28
The Roses Lullabye 37
The Rovers Grave 07
The Rovin Irish Boy 35
The Rowdy Dowdy Boys 40
The Sacrilegious Gamesters 35
The Saddest Day Of All 45
The Sailor Bold 41
The Sailor Boy 24
The Sailors Grave 35,59
The Sailors Message 39
The Sailors Of The Maine 59
The Sailors Widow 10
The Same Old Game 04
The Same Old Home 30
The Same Old Mother Loves Me In The Same Old Home 49
The Same Old Tune J 30
The Same Old Walk 25
The Same Sweet Bells Are Ringing 41
The Same Thing Over Again 01
The Sausage Of Paradise Alley 49
The Scientific Man 36
The Scientific Man 58
The Scissors Grinder 22
The Scotch Brigade 15
The Scottish Emigrants Farewell 34
The Sea, The Sea, The Open Sea 11
The Seashore 28
The Secret Of The Waves 45
The Secret Sweet 36
The Seven Ages Of Man 26
The Shamrock 61
The Shamrock Band 39
The Shan Van Vogh 04
The Shanty Boys Song 07
The Sheeney Man 30
The Sheriffs Sale 22
The Ship I Love 49,59
The Ship On Fire 21
The Ship That Brought Me Over 05
The Ship That Carries Me Home 26
The Ship That Never Returned 18
The Shipwreck 34
The Shoes My Daddy Wore 05
The Silent Message 59
The Simple Country Maid 43
The Singer On The Street 57
The Sinking Of The Maine 58
The Skipper And His Boy 32
The Slave Of Yesterday And The Slave Of To Day 51
The Slaves Dream 28
The Smile 36
The Snap Dramatic School 55
The Soap Fat Man 11
The Soldiers Bride Only A Sad Sweet Memory 60
The Soldiers Farewell 59
The Soldiers Funeral 59
The Soldiers Letter 41
The Soldiers Song, From Erminie 19
The Soldiers Wife 36
The Son The Chimney Sang 29
The Song Dear Mother Loved To Sing 36
The Song For Me 26
The Song For Me 28
The Song I Heard Last Night 42
The Song I'll Neer Forget 23
The Song My Mother Used To Sing 28
The Song Of A Lie 43
The Song Of All Songs 30
The Song Of Songs 41
The Song Of The Steeple 29
The Song That Breaks My Heart 27
The Song That Reached My Heart 18
The Song That Will Live Forever 58
The Song That Will Live Forever 59
The Song That Will Never Die 18
The Songs I Heard At Home 21
The Songs My Mammy Sang 38
The Songs My Mother Sang 26
The Songs Of Long Ago 41
The South Chicago Fire 40
The Spade Boys The Spade 03
The Spanish Cavalier 16
The Spanish Lady 39
The Spider And The Fly 2 28
The Spider And The Fly 28
The Spinning Wheel 29
The Spitz Dog 13
The Sporty Coon 48
The Spot Where I Was Born 11
The Spree 14
The Spree Song 15
The Sprig Of Green 34
The Square Honest Man 32
The Squire And Maria 02
The Stage Driver On The Knickerbocker Line 34
The Stage Of Life 39
The Standard Bearer 10
The Star And The Lovers 52
The Star Of Glengary 07
The Star Spangled Banner 20
The Star Spangled Banner 59
The Stars And Stripes 25
The Steak That Never Came 19
The Steam Arm 04
The Stone Outside Dan Murphys Door 34
The Story Of Deacon Brown 35
The Story Of The Bells 33
The Story Of The Signal Man 55
The Stranger Its A Baby 43
The Strangers Story 52
The Striker And His Son 15
The Style In Which Its Done 13
The Summer Girl 30
The Sun And I 09
The Sun May Shine To Morrow Jack 49
The Sunny Hours Of Childhood 17
The Sunnyside Of Thompson Street Away Down Town 43
The Suns My Only Beau 38
The Sweet By And By 20
The Sweetest Melody 41
The Swell Up To Date 45
The Swell With The Glass In His Eye 30
The Swiss Boy 21
The Sword My Brother Wore 44
The Tail Iv Me Coat 05
The Tam Oshanter Hat 01
The Tan Yard Side 32
The Tars Farewell 01
The Telephone 14
The Temperance Brigade 36
The Temple Fire 35
The Temple Of Fame 01
The Tender Love That Never Dies 30
The Tenderloin 56
The Tenderloin 58
The Tennessee Boys 24
The Texas Ranger 30,33
The Thompson Street Cadets 54
The Three Angel Visitants 17
The Three Black Crows 03
The Three Of Us 29
The Three Sailor Boys 10
The Tickler 18
The Tilt Skirt 23
The Time He Loves The Best 48
The Time He Loves The Best 56
The Timid Awkward Squad 06
The Tipping Habit 40
The Toboggan Slide 20
The Tramp 01
The Tramp And Little Nell 42
The Tramps Dream 52
The Travelling Man From Boston 23
The Troubles Of The Farmer 41
The True Born Irishman 38
The True Irish Gents 01
The True Lovers Discussion 02
The Tryst 35
The Tune That Stopped The Fight 40
The Turn Verein Cadets 32
The Turnpike Gate 01
The Two Glasses 25
The Two Naughty Flies 40
The Two Orphans 20
The Typical Mashers 30
The Undertaker Has Him Now 41
The Unfortunate Lovers 24
The Ungrateful Son 14
The United States Of America 37
The Upper And Lower Ten Thousand 13
The Upper Broadway Girls 54
The Usher In The Aisle 58
The Vacant Chair 28
The Vacant Chair 59
The Vagabond 04
The Valley Lay Smiling Before Me 03
The Very Best Girl I Know 37
The Veterans 34
The Veterans Story 42
The Village Barber 30
The Villain Never Harmed Her 22
The Villain Still Pursued Her 04
The Virgin, Only Nineteen Years Old 20
The Virginia Rosebud 28
The Voice Of Angel Mother 36
The Volunteer Organist 33,40,60,61
The Waiters Two More To Come 43
The Walking Mania 18
The Wanderers Tale 49
The Wandering Refugee 34
The Warriors Grave 12
The Watcher 17
The Watchman 07
The Water Mill 15
The Waterfall 05
The Waterford Boys 04
The Wax Work Show 08
The Waxwork Show 40
The Way The Wind Blows 52
The Way To Live 36
The Wearing Of The Green 18
The Weavers Strike 32
The Wedding Day That Never Came 54
The Wedding March 15
The Wedding Of Ballyporeen 14
The Wedding Of Mcginnis And Mcguire 48,56,58
The Wheel Of Fate 33
The Whistler 12
The Whistling Coon 09
The Whistling Thief 04
The Whistling Wife 29
The White Cockade 01
The White Pilgrim 39
The White Squadron 41
The White Wings Colored Club, 26
The Whole Hog Or None 18
The Widow 30
The Widow 39
The Widow In The Cottage By The Sea 20
The Widow Mccarty 12
The Widow Of Wicklow 30
The Widows Only Son 43
The Widows Plea For Her Son 41,60,61
The Wifes Dream 01
The Wild Irish Boy 18
The Wild Man Of Borneo 32
The Will Othe Wisp 09
The Willage Plackschmidt 34
The Wind Blew Through His Whiskers 07
The Windy Man From Brooklyn 07
The Withered Rosebud 36
The Wolf At The Door 05
The Wolf At The Door 34
The Woodstock Bridge Disaster 15
The Workhouse Door 45
The Workingmans Dream 43
The World And His Wife 24
The Worlds Fair 39
The Worlds Fair Fire 40
The Wreck Of The Hesperus 10
The Wreck Of The Life Boat 28
The Wreck Of The Princess Alice 12
The Wreck Of The Southern Pacific 16
The Wrecking Of The Maine 58
The Wrestle Of The Cats 26
The Wrong Man 35
The Yaller Gal That Winked At Me 08
The Yarn Of The Nancy Bell 08
The Yellow Haired Laddie 13
The Yellow Kid Of Hogans Alley 54
The Young Man Who Used To Live Over The Way 18
The Young Mans Warning 24
The Young Recruit 06
Their Heads Nestle Closer Together 48,56,58
Then The Pipe Went Out 52
Then You Wink The Other Eye 29
There Aint A Going To Be Any Core 46
There Are Friends That We Never Forget 18
There Are Moments When One Wants To Be Alone 34
There Are No Angel Men 29
There Are Other Sweethearts 50
There Are Others Willie 50
There Are Several Others 47
There Goes Mcmanus 27
There Is A Fine Ship On The Ocean 01
There Is A Tavern In The Town 25
There Is No Harm In Kissing 10
There Is No One Like Mother To You 39
There Is Nothing So Lovely As Woman 39
There Isnt A Law To Prevent It 22
There She Blows 13
There Was A Jolly Miller 20
There Was A Pair Of Us 53
There Was No Bridegroom There 50
There You Are, There You Aint 29
Therell Come A Time 54
Theres A Girl In The World For Us All 52
Theres A Girl In The World For Us All 54
Theres A Light In The Window 08
Theres A Little Vacant Chair 15
Theres A Mother Waits For Thee 25
Theres A New One Coming In The Morning 46
Theres A Place In My Heart For You Still 40
Theres A Ship 38
Theres A Silver Lining To Evry Cloud 37
Theres A Smile Waiting For Me At Home 13
Theres Always A Chair For Me 35
Theres Always A Smile Upon Her Face 55
Theres Always A Welcome At Home 54
Theres Always A Welcome From Grandma 48,56,58
Theres Another Good Man Gone Wrong 31
Theres Bound To Be A Row 34
Theres Millions In It 17
Theres No Deception There I 33
Theres No Love Like The Love Of A Mother 15
Theres No Love Like The Love Of A Mother 52
Theres No One Like Mother To Me 20
Theres No One Too Poor To Be Kind 60
Theres No Place Like Home 24
Theres No Place Like The Old Home After All 45
Theres No Place Like The Old Home After All 49
Theres No Such Girl As Mine 23
Theres None Can Forgive Like Mother 38
Theres None Like A Mother, If Ever So Poor 30
Theres Nothing Surprising In That 15
Theres One That Neer Returned 56
Theres One That Neer Returned 58
Theres Something In The Cradle 19
These Words No Shakespeare Wrote 32
They All Came Back 34
They All Follow Me 61
They All Have A Mate But Me 13
They All Love Jack 19
They All Love Maggie Grady 53
They All Take After Me 41
They Are All Getting Married But Me 05
They Are The Best Friends Of All 49
They Cannot Keep The Working Girls Down Town 23
They Cant Keep The Workingman Down 10
They Deny Me When Theyre Men 36
They Found It In Chicago 41
They Have Given Her To Another 39
They Hung Up Michael Dugan 58
They Never Mention Your Name 59
They Never Tell All What They Know 43
They Never Told A Lie 28
They Never Will Invite You Any More 32
They Told Me Not To Love Him 13
They Wanted Me To Take His Place 38
They Were All There 48
They Wont Have Any Babies Like Me 52
Theyd Never Tumble If The House Fell Down 42
Theyd None Of Them Be Missed 09
Theyre After Me 29
Theyre All In The Push 45
Theyre All Out On Their Bikes 60
Theyre Coming To The Fair 41
Theyre Not Asleep 19
Theyre On To Me Everywhere 44
Theyve All Got A Wife But Me 03
Thine, Still Thine 14
Things I Dont Like To See 02
Things That Make A Man Feel Like A Fool 40
Think Of Father Too 42
Think Of The Loved Ones At Home 34
Thinking Of One She Loves 45
Thinking Of The Dear Ones Left At Home 55
Thirteen Little Murphys 36
This And That 34
This Is A Chorus Song 52
This Is The Town For Nellie 33
This Is Unexpected 48
This Little Pig Went To Market 29
This Little Plain Gold Ring 05
This Up To Date Girl Of Mine 53
Those Girls At The School 38
Those Lost Happy Days 46
Those Love Lit Sparkling Eyes 46
Those Lovely Brooklyn Girls 24
Those Single Days Of Old 26
Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out 53
Thou Art Gone, But Not Forgotten 11
Thou Art So Near And Yet So Far 36
Thou Canst Not Forget 36
Thou Hast Wounded The Spirit That Loved Thee 09
Though Parted Still We Love 53
Thoughts Of Home 45
Thoult Be My Love 30
Three American Jacks 28
Three Chapters 45
Three Christmas Eves 36
Three Grains Of Corn 08
Three Leaves Of Shamrock 25
Three Links Of Life 48
Three Little Chaps A Great Old Time 40
Three Little Maids From School 09
Three Little Maids From School 18
Three Maids Of Lee 11
Three Perished In The Snow 14
Three United Nations 34
Through The Meadow 29
Throw Him Down, Mccloskey 27
Thy Heart Belongs To Me 53
Thy Lands My Land 35
Thy Name Was Once The Magic Spell 21
Thy Will Be Done 47
Tick Tick Tick 10
Tiddle A Wink The Barber 02
Tidings Of Comfort And Joy 17
Till The Snowflakes Come Again 29
Tim Finnigans Wake 18
Tim Macarthys Daughter 28
Time Is Money 58
Time Will Tell 54
Tin Ni Min Ni Win Kum Ka The Chinamans Farewell 37
Ting A Ling Ting Tay 37
Ting Ting Thats How The Bell Goes 06
Tiny Hands 37
Tip Your Hat To Nellie 35
Tired Lassie Go To Sleep 38
Tis A Little Golden Locket 47
Tis But A Little Faded Flower 33
Tis Folly To Be Wise 20
Tis Hard To Give The Hand Where The Heart Can Never Be 32
Tit For Tat 23
To Be A Lone Widow 32
To Be There 22
To Day Ive Made Sweet Annie Rooney My Wife 36
To Err Is Human To Forgive Divine 45
To Me Youre A Baby Dear 53
To Mother Boy Be True 33
To My Sorrow 27
To My Wife 06
To Show My Respects To Mcginnis 11
To Sustain The Family Reputation 38
To The Love Of My Youth Ill Be True 33
To The West 04
Together 35
Tokens From Home 48
Told Me I Was Dreaming 25
Tom And His Sweetheart So True The False Imprisonment 43
Tom And Ill Go Too 41,60,61
Tom Bowling 05
Tom Collins Is My Name 17
Tom, If You Love Me, Say So 16
Tommy Dodd 06
Tommy Make Room For Your Auntie 05
Tommy Make Room For Your Uncle 08
Too Late My Love Too Late 45
Too Utterly Utter 09
Tootsy Wootsy 22
Torpedo And The Whale 01
Toss The Turk 02
Tot 42
Touch The Elbow 05
Touch The Harp Gently My Pretty Louise 33
Tramp Tramp Tramp 01,59
Tray Bong 32
Treadwater Jim 51
Trials Of A Twin 51
Trilby 46
Trilby 48
Tripping Down The Sunny Lane 33
Tripping Oer The Hills 27
True 39
True As Steel 01
True As The Stars Above 21
True As The Stars That Are Shining 23
True Irish Hearts 20
True Love The Whole Year Round 44
True To Jack 34
True To The Core 02
True To The Ship 50
Truly Truly 54
Trust Her Not She Is Fooling Thee 10
Trust The Boy Whose Motto Is My Mother 36
Trust To Luck 12
Truth In Parenthis 10
Try 11
Turkey In De Straw; 60
Turn Down The Gas 33
Turn Down The Light 22
Twas A Sad Trip Coming Back 50
Twas But A Little Band Of Gold 38
Twas Dooley Raised The Fight 30
Twas In September 61
Twas Not My Father 04
Twas Not So Long Ago 38
Twelve Months Ago To Night 28
Twelve Stone Two 09

Twice Wedded By One Ring 50
Twickenham Ferry 01
Twiggy Voo 43
Twill All Come Out In The Wash 15
Twinkle Twinkle 51
Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars 01
Twinkling Stars 03
Two Hearts That Cant See The Future 43
Two Kidlets Up To Date 55
Two Little Dolls 58
Two Little Eyes Of Blue 54
Two Little Girls In Blue 40
Two Little Hearts Made One 40
Two Little Lives 40
Two Little Men In Red 41
Two Little Orphan Girls 42
Two Little Ragged Urchins 12
Two Little Waifs 51
Two Lovely Black Eyes 22
Two Loving Brothers 53
Two New Micks In Town 30
Two New Sports In Town 16
Two On Earth, And Two In Heaven 24
Two Or Three Strings To My Bow 13
Two Sweethearts 36
Two Sweethearts Of Mine 55