American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index S

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index S

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles S
S O T 12
Sad Moments At Home 48
Sadie Darling 01
Sadie Ray 27
Safe In Fort Again 37
Safe In The Harbor 26
Safely Rocked In Mothers Arms 19
Sail To The Lights On The Shore 32
Sailing 06
Sailing Away From Kathleen 38
Sailing Home To Nell 19
Sailing On The Lake 02
Saint And Sinners 61
Saint Patrick Was A Gentleman 07
Sally 47
Sally Dont Dally 52
Sally In Our Alley 22
Sally Jones, The Cook 18
Sally Mackenally 08
Salvation Army, Oh 27
Sam And Der Shark 47
Sam Bass 28
Sam Deveres Dream 20
Sam Deveres Latest 23
Sam Johnsons Colored Cake Walk 34
Sammy Slap, The Bill Sticker 11
Sandy Haired Mary In Our Area 23
Sarah Jane Dooley 47
Sarah Janes Relations 19
Sarah Walker 12
Sarahs Young Man 01
Saturday Night At Mcsorleys 35
Saturday Night, When The Barrooms Full 17
Sausage Of Paradise Alley 52
Save A Sunny Smile For Me 22
Save Enough To Send For Me 21
Save My Brothers Whiskers From The Pail 27
Save My Fathers Picture From The Sale 27
Save My Mothers Picture From The Sale 13
Save Our Little Nell 54
Saving It All For Mary 21
Say A Kind Word, Love 31
Say Have You Seen Ohoulihan 26
Say Love Yes Love 47
Say You Love Me 52
Say Youre Mine The Bowery Boys Love Song 44
Say, Wont You Come Out And Play 25
Says Aaron To Moses 29
Scandal 37
Scanlans Rose Song 12
Scanlans Swing Song 22
Scenes From The Drama Of Life 48
Scenes From The Drama Of Life 56
Scenes From The Emerald Isle 48
Scenes That Are Brightest 04
Schneiders Little Boy 09
Schneiders Ride 01
School Bells When Baby Comes From School 41
School Boy Days 36
Scotch Lassie, Jean 30
Search The Page Of History 39
Second Hand Hotel Down Where I Board 30
See Him At Home 36
See Saw 07
See Saw And Saw Saw 46
See That My Graves Kept Green 23
See That My Graves Kept Green 34
See Where She Goes, My Own Sophia 16
Seeing Jennie Home 43
Seeing New York Sights 11
Seldens New Cuckoos Call 35
Sella De Banan 32
Send Back The Picture And The Ring 53
Send My Boy Safe Home To Me 35
Send That Wagon Home, John 24
Sentenced To Death 31
Sergeant Hickey Of The G A R 43
Seventeen And Twenty Sweethearts 24
Shacobs Lament 26
Shakespeares Seven Ages Of Man 24
Shall I Ever See My Old Home Any More 15
Shall We Ever Be Able To Fly 43
Shall We Know Each Other There 11
Shamrock Rose And Thistle 08
Shamrock Shore 07
Shamrocks And Kisses 34
Shamus Obrien 36
She 36
She Always Does Exactly As Shes Told 55
She And I Together 39
She Cant Be Beat 52
She Couldnt 35
She Danced 36
She Danced Like A Fairy 23
She Forgets And She Forgives 50
She Framed That Loving Picture Of Her Boy 26
She Gave Me A Pretty Red Rose 28
She Has No Papa Now 52
She Hasnt Forgotten It Yet 41
She Is Far From The Land 01
She Is More To Be Pitied Than Censured 59
She Is More To Be Pitied Than Censured 60
She Is My Pic Nic Girl 40
She Is The Pride Of My Life 50
She Left The Man Who Loved Her For Another 40
She Lives On Murray Hill 31
She Loved Him Still The Same 48
She Loved Not Wisely But Too Well 44
She May Have Seen Better Days 46
She May Have Seen Better Days 48
She May Have Seen Better Days 50
She May Have Seen Better Days 56
She May Have Seen Better Days 60
She Might Flirt With Others 52
She Might Have Licked Mccarty 17
She Never Blamed Him Never 32
She Never Comes Home Till Morning 55
She Never Did The Same Thing Twice 55
She Never Saw Her Fathers Face Again 54
She Never Told Me That 36
She Once Was A Millionaire 52
She Only Bows To Me 54
She Promised To Meet Me Here 36
She Shook Der Dailor 16
She Trotted Me Off To Church 32
She Wants To Have Her Name Above The Door 27
She Was A Daisy 47
She Was Handsome As A Rose 07
She Was His Daughter 53
She Was Not To Blame 50
She Wears The Bloomers Now 51
She Will Never Know 43
She Wore A Little Safety Pin Behind 54
She Wore A Wreath Of Roses 11
She Would Be A Novelty 41
Shed Die If She Knew 51
Shed Die If She Knew 57
Shed Have Her Way Or Die 12
Shed Kept Them All For Me 31
Shed Never Been There Before 57
Sheeny Glazier 18
Sheeny Glaziers Ball 09
Sheepshead Bay 29
Sheffield Apprentice 15
Shell Be Mine, Bye And Bye 25
Shelling Green Peas 03
Shells Of Ocean 17
Shells Of Ocean 59
Sheridans Ride 02
Shermans March To The Sea 40
Shermans March To The Sea 59
Shes A Gal O Mine 02
Shes Coming After All 46
Shes Fair Shes Young 39
Shes Irish 46
Shes Irish All The Time 46
Shes Just A Sweet Bouquet 27
Shes Just Plain Kate 48
Shes My Darling 34
Shes My Daughter Still 45
Shes My Hearts Delight 26
Shes My Sweetheart Still 37
Shes Not Like Other Girls 50
Shes One Of The Bowery Girls Im One Of The Boys 49
Shes Prettiest When She Pouts 38
Shes Seventeen To Day 34
Shes The Boss Im The Gillie 35
Shes The Gawkiest Gawk Of Them All 19
Shes The Image Of Her Mother In A Thousand Different Ways 12
Shes The Only Pebble On The Beach 54
Shes Waiting On The Quay 21
Shine On 07
Shingling The Rum Sellers Roof 45
Shinny On Your Own Side 52
Shipmates And Messmates 36
Shivering And Shaking Out In The Cold 12
Shoot The Hat 08
Shooting Crap 7 Or 11 44
Shooting The Chutes 44
Shout The Tidings Cubas Free 60
Showing Aunt Matilda Round The Town 57
Side By Side, The Old Folks Sleep 19
Sighing For Thee 24
Sights At The Dime Museum 32
Sights In New York City 32
Signor Bing Binger, The Baritone Singer 25
Signor Mcstinger 21
Silver Bells Of Memory 08
Silver Threads Among The Gold 35
Simeon Sly 40
Simon, The Cellarer 16
Simple Maiden Tell Me Why 39
Simple Simon 12
Since Casey Runs The Flat 26
Since Cordelia First Wore Bangs 04
Since John Joined The Gents Bowling Club 36
Since Kate Learnt How To Play 23
Since Maggie Bought The Parrot 41
Since Maggie Learned To Sing 28
Since Maggie Learned To Skate 11
Since Mamie Brady Moved Up Town 48
Since Mamie Brady Moved Up Town 56
Since Mamie Brady Moved Up Town 58
Since Mary Harris Went To Paris 54
Since Mothers Gone 48
Since Murphy Broke His Pledge 36
Since My Brother Got A Job In Union Square 50
Since My Daughter Plays On The Typewriter 23
Since My Mothers Dead And Gone 13
Since Nancy Goes To Dancing School 49
Since Nellie Flew The Coop 42
Since Rachel Ran Away With A Coon 60
Since Reilly Took An Oath Hed Have My Life 24
Since She Went Home 40
Since Sullivans Gone On The Stage 35
Since Terry First Joined The Gang 04
Sing Again That Sweet Refrain 45
Sing Again That Sweet Refrain 54
Sing Again That Sweet Refrain 56
Sing Again That Sweet Refrain 58
Sing Again That Sweet Refrain 60
Sing Me Those Pretty Songs Again 48
Sing Ye Sweet Birds 35
Sinners, Take Warning 26
Sister Mary Janes Top Note 54
Sister Mary Janes Top Note 60
Sister Mary Walked Like That 16
Sister Mary Wants To Know 59
Sister Ria 51
Sisters 40
Sitting By The Kitchen Door 41
Sitting On De Golden Fence 25
Sitting On The Hillside The Love That Never Fades 42
Six Feet Of Earth 32
Six Magnificent Bricks 34
Sixty Was The Number 48
Skating On One In The Gutter 24
Skibbereen 30
Skidmore Fancy Ball 42
Skin Tight Pants 03
Slatterys Mounted Fut 38
Slavery Days 20
Slaverys Passed Away 24
Sleep Baby Sleep 39
Sleep My Baby Boy 41
Sleep Well, Thou Sweet Angel 15
Sleep, Mother, Sleep 27
Slew Foot Sal 53
Slumber My Darling 39
Slumber Peacefully 35
Snake In The Grass 33
Snow Angels 24
Snowy Strands Among The Jet 23
So Did I 29
So Do I 34
So Was Mine 27
So Would I 39
Society 43
Sock Her On Her Kisser 10
Softly Now, Tenderly, Lift Him With Care 16
Soldiers Dream 13
Some Danced The Lancers 47
Some Day 18
Some Day I'll Wander Back Again 20
Some Day Ill Be A Millionaire 54
Some Mothers Boy 20
Some One To Love 05
Some Ones Little Girl 49
Some Other Girl Shall Wear The Ring 10
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid 50
Some Things That Id Like To See 04
Somebody Has My Heart 54
Somebody Has My Heart 56
Somebody Has My Heart 58
Somebody Has My Heart 59
Somebodys Coming When The Dew Drops Fall 40
Somebodys Darling 06
Somebodys Mother 17
Somebodys Ship Will Be Home By And By 29
Somebodys Sister 50
Somebodys Wife 47
Something A Woman Can Do 22
Something For The Babies 12
Something Occurred 36
Something On The Quiet I Wouldnt Like To Do 42

Something Sweet To Think Of 12
Something That Nobody Knows 39
Something To Play With 36
Something To Tickle The Girls 08
Something Went Wrong With The Works 36
Sometimes My Little Sweetheart Shell Be Always 43
Song From Nanon 08
Song Of A Heart 49
Song Of All Songs 18
Song Of The Dying Emigrant 24
Song Of The Farmer 14
Song Of The Haymakers 17
Song Of The Plumber 39
Song Of The Stage 30
Songs That We Sing 20
Sour Grapes 19
Spare That Old Mud Cabin 23
Spare The Old Homestead 22
Sparking Sarah Jane 08
Sparking Sunday Night 10
Speak A Kindly Word 35
Speak Kindly Of Tom 38
Speak Kindly To Your Mother 33
Speak Oh Speak To Me Again 05
Speak To Me Speak 34
Speed On My Bark 32
Spencers Firey Slope 10
Spray Of Four Leafed Clover 19

Spring Gentle Spring 01
Springtime And Robins Have Come 06
Squinty Dan 13
Stand By The Flag 59
Stand By Your Mother, Jack 18
Standing On The Platform 11
Star Song 59
Star Spangled Banner 49
Station Forty Three 48
Steady, Boys, Steady 30
Steve Odonnells Wake 26
Stiboo Stibee 46
Stick To Work And Save Your Cash 30
Still His Whiskers Grew 45
Still I Keep You In My Heart 45
Still Still In Debt 32
Still The World Goes On 39
Stop Dat Car 31
Stop That Noise 46
Stop That Noise 59
Stories We Read Every Day 53
Story Of The Ould Countre 33
Story Of The Ould Countre 49
Story Of The Shamrock 38
Strange But True 49
Strangers 41
Straus And Katrina 33
Strawberries And Cream 02
Street Car 33
Streets Of Cairo The Poor Little Country Maid 48
Strike The Iron While Its Hot 25
Strolling On The Beach 49
Strolling With Nora 34
Stuck On Our Shape 05
Stump Speech 03
Such An Education Has My Mary Ann 22
Such Funny Things Are Done Upon The Sly 09
Such Were Not Shakespeares Words 33
Sullivan And Kilrain Fight 24
Sullivan And Ryan 10
Summer Nights At Battery Park 59
Summer Time Is Coming Lad 58
Sunday Night When The Parlors Full 35
Sunday School Scholar 25
Sunny Days Will Come Again 02
Sunny Southern Home 35
Sunny Southern Home2 35
Sunshine And Shadow 43
Sunshine Follows Rain 27
Sunshine Will Come Again 17
Supposing 17
Sure Mike 35
Sure Thing 57
Susans Sunday Out 09
Susie Do You Lub Me 46
Susie Us 61
Sweet Alpine Roses 08
Sweet Annabel 33,
Sweet Antoinette 43,51,56,57,58,59
Sweet Baby Grace 46
Sweet Belle Mahone 29
Sweet Birds Sing Your Best To Day 52
Sweet Bunch Of Daisies 52
Sweet Charity 35
Sweet Childhoods Days 42
Sweet Chiming Bells 26
Sweet Dove 39
Sweet Dreams Of Erin 14
Sweet Dreamt Of Mother And Home 08
Sweet Eilleen 48
Sweet Elsie 46
Sweet Emeline 55
Sweet Emma Klein 55
Sweet Fleur De Lis Lily Of France 43
Sweet Forget Me Not 23
Sweet Genevieve 28
Sweet Heather Bell 12
Sweet Highland Mary 49
Sweet Jennie Bell 20
Sweet Jennie Brown 47
Sweet Jenny Lee 55
Sweet Katie Connor 29
Sweet Lass Of Richmond Hill 34
Sweet Lillie Bly 43
Sweet Little Kate Mccoy 43
Sweet Little Mary The Pride Of The Dairy 41
Sweet Little Rosey Posey 52
Sweet Lorena Ray 60
Sweet Love, Be True To Me 22
Sweet Love, Good Night To Thee 19
Sweet Mabel May 61
Sweet Madeline 44
Sweet Maggie Gordon 37
Sweet Marjoram 34
Sweet May Brady 61
Sweet May Mcfarlum 48
Sweet Mollie Morin 53
Sweet Nellie Bawn 37
Sweet Nellie Fay 55
Sweet Nora Dare 47
Sweet Norah My Own 55
Sweet Orange Blossoms 33
Sweet Potato Hoe Cake And Possum 48
Sweet Potato Hoe Cake And Possum 56
Sweet Rose Of Dawn 23
Sweet Rosie Ogrady 53
Sweet Scented Handsome Young Man 04
Sweet Scented Handsome Young Man 07
Sweet Sixteen 45
Sweet Spirit Hear My Prayer 33
Sweet Summer Roses 13
Sweet Sunny South 40
Sweet William 24
Sweetest Rose Of All 37
Sweetest Susan 54
Sweetheart Come Home To Me 50
Sweetheart I Love Thee Sweetheart 38
Sweetheart Ill Return To Thee 41
Sweetheart Lou 51
Sweetheart Lou 57
Sweetheart Mine 61
Sweetheart Nell 49
Sweetheart When You Are Far Away 44
Sweethearts 41
Sweethearts Again 48
Sweethearts Again 56
Sweethearts And Wives 09
Sweethearts At School 43
Sweethearts In The Park 54
Sweethearts Of Old Were We 46
Sweethearts Were We 32
Swim Out For Glory 04
Swim Out, Youre Over Your Head 12
Swingin In De Sky 49
Swinging In The Grape Vine Swing 29
Swinging In The Lane 33
Swinging On Rileys Gate 34
Swinging On The Golden Gate 08
Swinging On The Old Rustic Gate 12
Swinging On The Toll Gate 30