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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles QR
Queen Of The Earth 49
Quiet Lodgings 32
Raffle For A Waterbury Watch 33
Raffle For A Waterbury Watch 45
Ragged Pat 25
Ragged Pat 33
Raging Canal 11
Railroad Boys Appeal 36
Rain Rain Go Away 41
Rainbow In De Sky 40
Rale Mcmullin Style 30
Rataplan 11
Razzle, Dazzle 21
Recall That Sad Good Bye 33
Recollections Of Home 37
Red White And Blue 20
Red White And Blue 49
Refrain 38
Reillys Cutlet Hall 28
Relations 36
Remember Boys Make Men 34
Remember Me To All At Home 12
Remember Mothers Lessons When A Child 20
Remember Poor Mother At Home 11
Remember Shes A Girl 53
Remember That The Poor Tramp Has To Live 12
Remember The Maine 60
Remember The Old Friends At Home 36
Remember The Poor 35
Remember Your Father And Mother 27
Remember, Boy, Youre Irish 12
Remember, You Have Children Of Your Own 19
Remembrance Of Home 13
Resolve To Be Merry 39
Reuben And Cynthia 39
Reuben And Rachel 09
Reuben Glue 34
Rhine Vine Sharley 09
Riding In A Sleigh 34
Riding In The Heavenly Row Boat 45
Riding On The Cable Cars 14
Riding On The Elevated Railroad 07
Right Smart Sort Of A Girl 40
Ring A Rosy Rosy And Joe 39
Ring Dat Golden Bell 19
Ring Merry Bells 33
Ring Ring De Banjo 03
Ring The Bell Softly 31
Rippling Echoes 44
Rivals 54
Roaming In The Clover 43
Robert Emmet 17
Robin Adair 04
Rock A Bye, Baby 14
Rock And Rye Crazy 19
Rock Dat Ship In De Morning 26
Rock Me To Sleep Mother 40
Rock Of Ages 28
Rock The Cradle John 05
Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep 17
Rocking The Baby 20
Roll On, Silver Moon 31
Roller Skating Rink 31
Romance Of A Bad Young Man 40
Romping In The Clover 27
Root Hog Or Die 11
Rootie Tootie 53
Rootity Toot, She Plays The Flute 26
Rory Of The Hill 15
Rory Omore 03
Rosa Lee 10
Rose Mcshane 40
Rose Of Kildare 41
Rose Of Killarney 38
Rose Sweet Rose 55
Roses Underneath The Snow 28
Rosey Magee 48
Roseys Lips 36
Rosie And Mamie 61
Rosie Deane 52
Rosie Malone 36
Rosie Sweet Rosabel 41
Rosys Sunday Out 09
Row Of Tenement Houses 03
Row The Boat Lightly 39
Roys Wife Of Aldivalloch 09
Ruby 43
Run For The Doctor 04
Ruth And I 43