American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index P

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index P

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The number after each title indicates which volume that song is to be found in, to view any selected volume click on the appropriate link in the top nav-bar e.g. V01, V29 etc. Select below for other index sections e.g. B, C, etc.

Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles P
Package Of Old Letters 12
Paddies Evermore 26
Paddle For The Golden Shore 25
Paddy And His Sweet Potheen 25
Paddy At The Theatre 25
Paddy Carey 10
Paddy Duffys Cart 27
Paddy Flynn 29
Paddy Loves A Shamrock 39
Paddy Magees Dream 13
Paddy Miles 25
Paddy On The Canal 08
Paddy Orafther 30
Paddy Shay 23
Paddy Stole The Rope 32
Paddy Wait Awhile 36
Paddy Whack 21
Paddys Curiosity Shop 08
Paddys Land 32
Paddys Pastoral Rhapsody 38
Papa Fot Would You Take For Me 37
Papa, Come Home 13
Papa, Come Home To Your Darlings 19
Papas Baby Boy 32
Papas Coming, Bye And Bye 17
Papas Footsteps 13
Paper Of Pins 04
Par Excellence 17
Parson Johnsons Chicken Brigade 52
Parted 04
Pat And His Little Brown Mare 26
Pat And The Priest 21
Pat Malloy 03
Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead 41
Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead 49
Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead 60
Pat Malonys Family 03
Pat Of Mullingar 06
Pat Ohara 15
Pat Wileys Old Back Stoop 47
Patrick Michael Mcnally 27
Patrick Mind The Baby 01
Patrick Riley 16
Patrick Sheehan 28
Patricks Day Parade 14
Patriots Of Ireland 03
Patrolmen Mulcahy And Flynn 06
Pats Not So Black As Hes Been Painted 10
Patsey And The Horseshoe 46
Patsy Be Aisy 40
Patsy Brannigan His Name Is Patrick Brannigan 35
Patter Of Der Shingles 01
Patter Of The Rain 15
Paul Jones 13
Paul Jones 59
Paul Reveres Ride 02
Peach Blossom Time 38
Pearl Bryans Fate 51
Pecks Bad Boy 40
Peculiar 40
Peek A Boo 04
Peggy Malone 31
Peggy Omoore 14
People I Have Met 24
People Will Talk 06
Perhaps 35
Perhaps Shes On The Railway 03
Perrys Victory 26
Perverted Proverbs 06
Petticoat Lane 12
Phadrig Crohoore 39
Phil The Fluters Ball 38
Philadelphia Once More 34
Phoebe 43
Phoebe 46
Phoebe Dearest 10
Pick Up Your Duds And Go 25
Pickin On A Harp 18
Picking Cherries Down The Lane 28
Picture Eighty Four 44
Picture Eighty Four 49
Pictures From Lifes Other Side 52
Pictures From Lifes Other Side 54
Pictures Ive Taken From Life 36
Pictures Of Home 21
Piggy Back 19
Pigs Head Wid Cabbage And Praties 22
Pills Pills Pills 07
Pins And Needles 18
Pit Ti Pat, Patter, The Little Feet Go 28
Pitcher Of Beer 31
Plain Little Every Day Girl 50
Plain Little Every Day Girl 52
Plain Mary Smith 41
Play Ball 28
Playing Hookey 47
Playing In The Old Log Barn 46
Playing Pony With Casper 37
Playing Tag Around The School 44
Playing Tag With Baby 40
Playmates 26
Playmates In School Days Were We 40
Playthings 38
Please Dont Sell Father Any More Rum 07
Please Give Me A Penny, Sir 12
Please Spare That Old Home 18
Pleasures Of Boarding 32
Plodding Through The Rain 13
Plum Pudding 26
Police Gazette 34
Police Parade 41
Polly 40
Polly Dear 45
Polly Gold 24
Polly Oneil 37
Polly Perkins Of Washington Square 12
Pom Tiddley Om Pom 56
Pompeys Honeymoon 29
Pool 05
Poor Little Joe 26
Poor Married Man 08
Poor Mick 39
Poor Old Dad 10
Poor Old Horse, Let Him Die 11
Poor Old Jeff 17
Poor Old Jesses Blind 08
Poor Old Maid 31
Poor Old Ned 18
Poor Pat Must Emigrate 40
Poor Pierrot 46
Poor Robinson Crusoe 18
Poor, But A Gentleman Still 28
Pooty Soon 37
Pop Ooes The Weasel 35
Popsy Wopsy 07
Porters On A Pullman Train 28
Postage Stamp Flirtation 23
Povertys Tears Ebb And Flow 29
Powder Monkey Joe 33
Practice What You Preach 34
Prentice Boy 13
Pretty As A Daisy 09
Pretty As A Picture 36
Pretty Elsie Downey 55
Pretty Eyes Of Bonnie Blue 44
Pretty Grace Omalley 51
Pretty Jemima 03
Pretty Jennie Slattery 47
Pretty Kate Mcshane 49
Pretty Kitty Riley 55
Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes 27
Pretty Little Flora 17
Pretty Little Irish Queen 27
Pretty Little Lou 29
Pretty Little Mary 08
Pretty Little Pigs In Clover 23
Pretty Little Rosy Cheeks 32
Pretty Little Tommy With A Squeak 18
Pretty Mamie Can You Blame Me 55
Pretty Mary, The Dairymans Daughter 19
Pretty Maude Gilhooley 56
Pretty May 41
Pretty One, Sleep 25
Pretty Peggy 04
Pretty Polly 26
Pretty Pond Lilies 10
Pretty Rosie Kelly 47
Pretty Sarah 25
Pretty Widow In Bloomers 49
Prima Donnas Song 30
Private Tommy Atkins 45
Private Tommy Atkins 54
Promise That Youll Never Tell 34
Promises Forgotten 52
Prosperity 35
Pull Down Your Vest 03
Pull For The Shore 34
Pull The Bell Oreilly 39
Pulling Hard Against The Stream 49
Pulling Mcallisters Tooth 37
Purity Honor And Truth 46
Push Dem Clouds Away 35
Put A Headstone Oer Poor Mothers Grave 22
Put By For A Rainy Day 17
Put My Little Shoes Away 40
Put Yourself In Gilligans Place 40