American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index O

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index O

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The number after each title indicates which volume that song is to be found in, to view any selected volume click on the appropriate link in the top nav-bar e.g. V01, V29 etc. Select below for other index sections e.g. B, C, etc.

Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles O
O Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad 21
O, Fair Dove O, Fond Dove 15
Oblige A Lady 32
Obrian And Mccue 42
Obriens Horse Bonyparte 36
Och Paddy, Is It Yerself 11
Oconnor The Tragedian 35
Odonnell Abu 03
Odonnell, The Avenger 13
Odonnell, The Avenger 23
Odwyer Caught A Cold 41
Of Course We Ought To Know, We Were There 28
Off To Philadelphia 35
Off Very Much Off 31
Oft In The Stilly Night 07
Ogeoghan, The Gander 29
Ogrady At The Game 34
Ogrady, The Swell 30
Ogradys Goat 38
Oh Bill Do Be Still 39
Oh Boys Carry Me Long 06
Oh Breathe Not His Name 01
Oh Bring Me But My Arab Steed 11
Oh Dars But Little Consolation 28
Oh Dat Watermelon 35
Oh Erin, My Country 29
Oh Flossie 39
Oh Fred Tell Them To Stop 01
Oh Fred The Boat Is Turning Over 08
Oh Friends 49
Oh Gee I Wish I Was Big 52
Oh Had We Some Bright Little Isle Of Our Own 39
Oh He Was A Good Young Man 44
Oh How I Do Love Sally Ann 47
Oh How I Love Sweet Kathleen 46
Oh How I Wanted It 42
Oh How Wicked The Mormons Are 47
Oh I Shall Call Dada 08
Oh If I Had Some One Whod Love Me 23
Oh Jennie, When We Both Grow Old 30
Oh Joshua 32
Oh Look At Her Crinoline 39
Oh Mamma, Buy Me That 27
Oh Maria 32
Oh Me Oh My 61
Oh Molly Grogan 20
Oh Mr Austin 51
Oh Mr Austin 57
Oh Mr Austin 59
Oh Mr Flannigan 06
Oh Mr Hitchin 49
Oh My Jonah 50
Oh Nicodemus 07
Oh Polly Pretty Little Polly 36
Oh Poor Bridget 51
Oh Promise Me 40
Oh Promise Me 60
Oh Promise Me 61
Oh Share My Cottage 16
Oh She Knows A Bit 47
Oh Sing To Me 55
Oh Solomon You Are So Wise 48
Oh Squeeze Me, Joe 30
Oh Susannah 43
Oh Take Care Of It 31
Oh Take Me To Thy Heart Again 04
Oh Those Lodgings 41
Oh Uncle John 48
Oh What A Beautiful Ocean 57
Oh What A Difference In The Morning 33
Oh What An Alteration 31
Oh Wheres The Slave 30
Oh Write Me A Song Of My Father 21
Oh You Girls 10
Oh You Little Darling 05
Oh, Doubting Heart, Hope On 25
Oh, George, Tell Me If You Love Me 12
Oh, Girly Girly 27
Oh, Leave Not Your Kathleen 24
Oh, Let It Be Soon 22
Oh, Love, Will You Be Mine 12
Oh, Mamma Oh, Mamma Oh, Mamma 11
Oh, Moses, Aint It Cold 14
Oh, My Heart Bleeds For Old Ireland 14
Oh, My How We Pose 26
Oh, No, Certainly Not 14
Oh, Take Me Home To Die 13
Oh, What Has Changed You 28
Ohara, Get The Gag 19
Olcotts Irish Serenade 45
Olcotts Irish Serenade 49
Olcotts Irish Serenade 59
Old Album Faces 42
Old And Only In The Way 20
Old Before His Time 46
Old Black Joe 18
Old Bog Hole 07
Old Boss Barry 25
Old Brown Pants 01
Old Church Bells 36
Old Dads Walking Cane 37
Old Dog Tray 59
Old Familiar Faces 07
Old Fashioned Church On The Hill 01
Old Fashioned Homestead 01
Old Fashioned Photograph Of Mother 09
Old Folks At Home 39
Old Folks At Home 59
Old Friends For The New 40
Old Gray Mare 07
Old Grimes Cellar Boor 04
Old Grimes Is Dead 04
Old Hats And Rags 23
Old Hickorys Days 31
Old Ireland Forever 29
Old Irelands Hearts And Hands 38
Old Jims Christmas Hymn 52
Old Jims Christmas Hymn 54
Old Jims Christmas Hymn 56
Old Jims Christmas Hymn 58
Old King Cole 16
Old Leather Breeches 31
Old Love Letters 45
Old Mans Drunk Again 36
Old Pals 31
Old Rosin, The Beau 20
Old Salt Pork And Beans 29
Old Simon The Hot Corn Man 07
Old Zip Coon 02
Ole Dan Tucker 04
On A String 38
On A Sunday Morning 30
On Board The Mary Jane 21
On Broadway 47
On Broadway After Three 58
On Duty 49
On Principle 36
On The Banks Of The Chicago River Not Far Away 59
On The Beach At Long Branch 17
On The Beach, At Long Branch 11
On The Bridge At Twilight 39
On The Dummy Line 58
On The Levee By The River Side 38
On The Mall In Central Park 51
On The Midway The Jolly Bum Bum 41
On The Old Village Green 43
On The Other Side 44
On The Sea 23
On The Strict Qt 01
On The Way Home From Rileys 38
On Union Square 20
On Yonder Rock Reclining 23
Once Again 08
Once In A While 14
Once More In The Dear Old Land 43
Once More We Speak 29
Once More We Speak 34
Once Only Comes The Hour 36
Once Upon A Time There Lived A Maiden 33
Once Was Enough For Him 22
Once Was Enough For Me 38
One Black Sheep Will Never Spoil The Flock 15
One Girl In The World For Me 46
One Hundred And Eighty Ninth Street 25
One Lesson In English Ill Give You 55
One More Ribber For To Cross 05
One Night 48
One Night 56
One Of His Legs Is Longer Than It Really Ought To Be 40
One Of The Bravest 19
One Pair Of Black Eyes 19
One Parting Word, Dear Mother 14
One Penny Portion 12
One Pound Two 33
One Smile For Me Sweetheart 40
One Sweet Word 51
One Sweet Word 57
One Touch Of Nature Makes The Whole World Kin 57
One Wide River To Cross 26
One Word Would Call Me Back Again 10
Only A Babys Face 55
Only A Blue Bell 19
Only A Bowery Boy 44
Only A Bunch Of Violets 48
Only A Bunch Of Violets 56
Only A Dear Little Flower 06
Only A Dear Little Star 31
Only A Faded Rose 61
Only A Girl 18
Only A Hero 39
Only A Little Band Of Gold 53
Only A Little Rose 50
Only A Little Wandrer 28
Only A Little Yaller Coon 53
Only A Little Yaller Coon 60
Only A Little Yaller Dog 43
Only A Lock Of Hair 36
Only A Loving Kiss 48
Only A Picture 21
Only A Pin 05
Only A Ring Let Of Hair 16
Only A Rose From Mothers Grave 20
Only A Rosebud That She Wore In Her Hair 52
Only A Shadow On The Wall 49
Only A Tangle Of Golden Curls 41
Only A Workingmans Child 09
Only A Year 27
Only An Actors Child 52
Only An Outcast, Forsaken By All 18
Only Another Broken Heart 45
Only As Far As The Gate 26
Only Friends And Nothing More 33
Only One 32
Only One Boy; Whose Girl Id Like To Be 52
Only Remembered By What I Have Done 16
Only Tired 30
Only To See 37
Only To See Her Face Again 26
Only To See Her Face Again 36
Only To See My Mother 45
Only To See Thee Darling 05
Only To See Thee My Darling 44
Open Thy Lattice 25
Opening The Chestnut Burr 54
Ophelia Murhys Birthmark 04
Oreilly Okelly Ofogarty 48
Oreillys Billy Goat 01
Oriley, The Fisherman 25
Ossians Serenade 27
Ostler Joe 11
Other Arrangements 13
Other Peoples Songs 34
Ould Ireland So Green 38
Our Army And Navy Of Blue 01
Our Boardinghouse 37
Our Brave Little Volunteer 19
Our Camps Hero 51
Our Country 40
Our Country 44
Our Drive 45
Our Emblem 34
Our Flag Is There 14
Our Front Stoop 03
Our Girls 47
Our Good Ship Sails To Night 37
Our Grandfathers Days 01
Our Great Mikado 09
Our Hands Have Met But Not Our Hearts 39
Our Hearts They Are Light 53
Our Husbands 36
Our Little Nipper 40
Our Musical Home 47
Our Nations Call 60
Our Noble Fire Brigade 35
Our Own Boy, Jack 21
Our Own Forever 38
Our Ruth Ann 38
Our Sailors On The Sea 08
Our Stylish Boarding House 18
Our Wedding Jubilee 36
Our Yankee College Boys 09
Out At The Fair 40
Out For A Racket 39
Out In Society To Day 42
Out In The Cold 17
Out Of Sight 41
Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire 18
Out Of Work 17
Out On A College Rah Rah 46
Out On The Deep 29
Outside In Front Of The Gate 43
Over The Banister 24
Over The Fence Is Out 52
Over The Garden Wall 01
Over The Hills And The Valleys 18
Over The Hills To The Bar Room 14
Over The Hills To The Poor House 49
Over The Jasper Sea 11
Over The Mountain 06
Over The Neighbors Fence 05
Over There 21
Owen Reilly 12