American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index M

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index M

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The number after each title indicates which volume that song is to be found in, to view any selected volume click on the appropriate link in the top nav-bar e.g. V01, V29 etc. Select below for other index sections e.g. B, C, etc.

Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles M
M O N E Y 25
Ma Caroline 55
Ma Honey Lou 60
Ma Jeanette 41
Ma Jet Black Lady 59
Ma Onliest One 54
Ma Onliest One 60
Ma Sweetest Girl 57
Mabel 45
Mabel Can A Body Tell A Body 43
Mabel Gray 44
Macgregors Gathering 09
Mackafees Confession 24
Mackennas Dream 02
Macks Swing Song 49
Madam Duvan 21
Madeline 29
Maggie By My Side 03
Maggie Darrows Welcome 27
Maggie Maguire 51
Maggie Maguire 56
Maggie Maguire 57
Maggie Maguire 58
Maggie Maguire 60
Maggie Maguire 61
Maggie Mcinerny 35
Maggie Mooney 44
Maggie Murphys Home 42
Maggie My Own 49
Maggie My Own 51
Maggie My Own 57
Maggie Reardon 46
Maggie, The Cows Are In The Clover 17
Maggies Secret 32
Magic Pictures In The Grate 45
Maginnis Raffle 25
Maguinnis Guards 13
Mahoneys Fenian Cat 06
Mahoneys Fourth Of July 38
Maid Of Athens 37
Maid Of Monterey 17
Major Gilfeather 20
Making Love On A Bench In The Park 09
Malone At The Back Of The Bar 10
Maloney, The Rolling Mill Man 19
Maloneys Leg 55
Maloneys Leg 57
Mamie Casey From Cush A La Row 53
Mamie Come Kiss Your Honey Bay 49
Mamie Me Pet 50
Mamie Ray 48
Mamie Ray 56
Mamie Reilly 56
Mamie Reilly 58
Mamma Does You Love Your Honey 45
Mamma Dont Be Cross With Me 55
Mamma Will Rock You To Sleep 33
Mammas Baby Boy 17
Mammas Baby Boy 26
Mammas Black Baby Boy 16
Mammas In Heaven 59
Mammas Little Sweetheart 52
Mammies Little Black Faced Child 48
Mammys Little Blue Grass Honey 60
Mamzelle Marie 55
Man The Life Boat 09
Man, Poor Man 20
Many Can Help One 20
Many Changes Have I Seen 17
Many Happy Returns Of The Day 15
Marching Through Georgia 30
Marching Through Georgia 49
Marfas Weddin Day, 28
Margery 42
Marguerite 19
Marguerite Waiting For A Lord 40
Marias Run Away 30
Marie Haltons Laughing Song 55
Mariners Daughter 23
Marriage Bells 40
Married 10
Married Life 08
Married Life 25
Married Nixey 28
Marry Me Marjorie Moore 49
Martha Jane Green 28
Martha, The Milkmans Daughter 23
Mary And John 30
Mary And Moses 48
Mary Ann 17
Mary Ann Go Get The Growler 06
Mary Ann Ill Tell Your Ma 01
Mary Ann Kehoe 32
Mary Ann Mcguire 36
Mary Ann Mclaughlin 01
Mary Ann Oholahan Dowd 11
Mary Barry 32
Mary Black From Hackensack 53
Mary Blane 08
Mary Had A Little Lamb 35
Mary Had A Little Lamb 59
Mary Jane A Woeful Tale Of Love 38
Mary Jane Casey From The County Mayo 39
Mary Jane Change Your Name 35
Mary Jane From Maiden Lane 55
Mary Lamb 41
Mary Le More 09
Mary Loves Her Harry 53
Mary Of Argyle 30
Mary Of The Wild Moor 28
Mary Of Tipperary 29
Mary Omara 30
Mary Rode The Bike And Bull 48
Mary Rode The Bike And Bull 51
Mary Rode The Bike And Bull 56
Mary Rode The Bike And Bull 57
Mary Shane 41
Mary The Pride Of The Dairy Is My Sweetheart 60
Maryland My Maryland 08
Maryland My Maryland 59
Maryland, My Home 11
Marys Cheeks Are Rosy 34
Marys Gone Wid A Coon 01
Mas Baby 19
Masks And Faces 27
Masonic Song 07
Massas In De Cold Ground 27
Massas In The Cold Ground 59
Massas Wedding Night 32
Mattie Dear 05
Maud And Kate 34
Maud Muller 28
Maud Muller In Dutch 05
Maureen Mavourneen 12
Mavourneen 33
Mavourneen 49
Mavourneen 51
Mavourneen 57
Mavourneen 59
May Irwins Lulu Song 54
Maybe Mary Didnt See New York 52
Mcanultys Garden Party 35
Mccarthys Boarding House 08
Mccarthys Fancy Ball 16
Mccarthys Mare 04
Mccarthys Silver Wedding 13
Mccartys New High Hat 37
Mccormack, The Copper 11
Mccormicks Irish Flat 32
Mccormicks Mule 27
Mcdonnells Old Tin Roof 34
Mcfaddens Up Town Flat 31
Mcgarrys New White Hat 36
Mcgilligans Wedding 39
Mcginty At The Living Pictures 46
Mcginty At The Living Pictures 60
Mcginty, King Of The Rink 22
Mcginty, The Ladies Pride 27
Mcgintys Back Again 27
Mcgintys Wake 25
Mcgonigles Game Dog 14
Mcguffins Home Run 31
Mcmanns Kehoe And The Egg 43
Mcmanus And His Spike Tail Coat 30
Mcmillans Superstitions 28
Mcmullen, The Squire 22
Mcnallys Old Back Yard 46
Mcnallys Row Of Flats 23
Mcnallys Wicked Wife 28
Mcnamara 47
Mcnulty, Youre A Daisy 31
Mcsorleys Twins 07
Me And Jack 32
Me And Nancy 47
Me Be Like Mellican Man 18
Me Sweet Ting 49
Meek And Lowly 17
Meet A Coon To Night 20
Meet Me Darling Kate By The Cottage Gate 07
Meet Me In The Lovely Twilight 23
Meet Me To Night 16
Meeting Of The Waters 26
Melancholy Mary 46
Memories Of Home And Mother 47
Memories Of Home And Mother 53
Memories Of The Old Homestead 36
Memories Of The Old Homestead 40
Memories Of The Past 32
Merry Little Sweethearts At A Moonlight Dance 47
Michael Davitt 33
Michael Dwyer 23
Michael Oflannigan Dropped From The Sky 53
Michael Roy 39
Michael Sheas Return To Tipperary 38
Michael Slathers Spree 25
Michigan, My Michigan 15
Mikado Mcallister 10
Mike Mccartys Wake 44
Milking The Cows With Mary 48
Mine All Mine 38
Mine Alone 48
Mine Moder In Law 40
Minnehaha 29
Minnie Clyde 10
Minnie Gray 29
Minnie Hear The Blue Bird Sing 02
Minnie Mcavoy 59
Miranda When We Are Made One 46
Miss Dooleys Dancing School 37
Miss Fogartys Christmas Cake 11
Miss Grubers Boarding House 03
Miss Julia 16
Miss Maloneys Growler 16
Miss Olivette 54
Miss Rosie May 42
Mistakes Are Apt To Happen In The Best Of Families 33
Mister Captain Stop The Ship 50
Mister Captain Stop The Ship 59
Mister Dooleys Geese 19
Mister Johnny Wise 59
Mister Nobody 22
Mistress Jinks, Wife Of Captain Jinks 21
Mizpah 35
Mock Not The Old And Feeble 38
Mollie 34
Mollie And I 52
Mollie Bawn 28
Mollie Dear Come Then With Me 10
Molly 26
Molly 31
Molly 52
Molly 59
Molly And I And The Baby 36
Molly Aroon 40
Molly Brallaghan 13
Molly Flynn 22
Molly Is Out Of Sight 54
Molly Maloney 49
Molly Mcentee 54
Molly O 33
Molly O 49
Molly O 51
Molly O 57
Molly O 59
Molly Thats All 47
Molly The Rose Of Mayo 43
Molly, Put The Kettle On 11
Mollys The Girl For Me 44
Monarch Op All He Surveys 60
Money 11
Moneys The Cause Of It All 34
Monte Carlo Boys 41
Moonlight At Killarney 01
Moonlit Night On Southern Waters 47
Moral On His Grave Stone 27
More Than Tongue Can Tell 33
Morning Lark 38
Morrisey And The Russian 10
Morrissey And Heenan Fight 13
Moses In Ireland 26
Mother And I 46
Mother And Son 36
Mother Calls Her Angel 56
Mother Calls Her Angel 58
Mother Do Not Weep For Me 32
Mother Dont Weep For Your Darling 30
Mother Hes Going Away 04
Mother Is A Mother Still 33
Mother Is My Best Girl Now 45
Mother Is My Sweetheart 29
Mother Is My Sweetheart 47
Mother Is The Battle Over 07
Mother Is The Battle Over 59
Mother Is Waiting At Home To Night 61
Mother Is Waiting The Wanderers Return 35
Mother Ive Come Home To Die 34
Mother Keeps The Grate Locked Now 06
Mother Kissed Me In My Dream 28
Mother Kissed Me In My Dream 59
Mother Ogrady Of Mulberry Bend 50
Mother Was A Lady 52
Mother Would Comfort Me 01
Mother, Dear, Write To Your Boy 11
Mother, Home And Heaven 15
Mother, I Was Not To Blame 17
Mothers Fool 04
Mothers Good Night Kiss 31
Mothers Last Letter To Me 08
Mothers Letter 21
Mothers Locket 26
Mothers Locks Of Snow 20
Mothers Loving Words 48
Mothers Picture On The Wall 33
Mothers Wedding Ring 38
Mott Street 449 05
Mountaineers Farewell 12
Mouse Traps, A Penny, Wholl Buy 11
Movin To De Sky 44
Mr And Mrs Malone 01
Mr And Mrs Snibbs 13
Mr Barney Flynn 31
Mr Bob Fubbs; Or The Love Chase 23
Mr Captain Stop The Ship 46
Mr Finagan 12
Mr John Malone 06
Mr Johnson 51
Mr Johnson 54
Mr Johnson 56
Mr Johnson 57
Mr Levys Doter 18
Mr Mcanally And His Ould High Hat 25
Mr Mulcahey, Esquire 31
Mr Murphys Will 34
Mr Straus On The Truth 33
Mr Strauss School Days 33
Mr Strausss Advice To Bridegrooms 33
Mr Vandyke From Klondyke 57
Mrs Bradys Daughter 26
Mrs Gottem A Thinking Song 55
Mrs Grogans Boy 19
Mrs Higgins Parlor Floor 15
Mrs Mccarthys Party 22
Mrs Mclaughlins Party 14
Mrs Reillys Daughter Nell 47
Muffle The Bell, Our Nellies Dying 29
Mulcaheys Sooner Dog 06
Mulcahys Home Again 04
Mulcarthy The Dude 38
Muldoon The Solid Man 02
Muldoon With His New Overcoat 27
Mulhaley On Baseball 26
Mulligans Daughter Nell 10
Mulligans Funeral 01
Mulligans Masquerade 32
Mulligans Off Again 33
Mulrooney On A Bike 44
Murphy Owes Me Rent 29
Murphys Phonograph 56
Murphys Phonograph 58
Music At Home 39
Must We Forever Part 22
Must We Leave Our Old Home 29
Must We Leave The Old Home, Mother 13
My Ann Elizer 61
My Baby Love 35
My Babys Last Kiss 46
My Beautiful Irish Maid 45
My Beautiful Irish Maid 49
My Beautiful Irish Maid 51
My Beautiful Irish Maid 57
My Beautiful Irish Maid 59
My Bewitching Nell 18
My Black Mammy Did 45
My Bonny Laboring Boy 08
My Boy Bill 31
My Boy Once Again 37
My Boy Youre In Society 53
My Boyhoods Home 27
My Brand New Tshovel 33
My Brother Jack 55
My Childhoods Happy Home 36
My Chum Tom 34
My Clara 45
My Comrade And Playmate 49
My Coney Island Girl 47
My Cot Beside The Sea 18
My Country Sweetheart 45
My Countrys Flag Of Stars 59
My Creole Sue 61
My Daddys A Policeman 55
My Dads Dinner Pail 19
My Dads The Engineer 48
My Dads The Engineer 51
My Dads The Engineer 56
My Dads The Engineer 57
My Dads The Engineer 58
My Dads The Engineer 60
My Dandy Cigarette 20
My Darktown Gal 55
My Daughter, Rachael 18
My Dear Little Friend Louise 04
My Dear Little Irish Colleen 61
My Dear Little Maid In The Moon 44
My Dear Old Irish Home 20
My Dear Old Mothers Home 34
My Dear Old Pard 51
My Dear Old Village Home 56
My Dear Savannah Home 18
My Donald 35
My Dream Of Love Is Oer 40
My Dutch Girls Name 16
My Father Sold Charcoal 12
My Favorite, My Queen 23
My First And Only Love 55
My First Cigar 42
My Flag My Flag 36
My Friend From Chicago 12
My Friend The Major 43
My Gals A High Born Lady 56
My Gals A High Born Lady 58
My Girl Is A Winner 54
My Girl Is A Winner 60
My Girl Is A Winner 61
My Girl Jean 50
My Girl Mollie 61
My Girls A Corker The Race Track Girl 49
My Good Looking Man 25
My Guiding Star Of Long Ago 36
My Heart Is Sad To Day 23
My Heart Is Sad To Day 39
My Heart Is Sad To Night 13
My Hearts Desire 48
My Hearts In Old Ireland 43
My Hearts In The Highlands 17
My Hobbys A Drink Of Good Rye 37
My Home By The Deep Rolling Sea 11
My Home Of Long Ago 60
My Inconstancy 26
My Irish Colleen 40
My Irish Colleen 46
My Johanna Johnson 42
My Johnny Was A Shoemaker 24
My Last Cigar 22
My Little Baby 61
My Little Four Leaf Shamrock From Glennore 28
My Little Irish Queen 38
My Little Nell 28
My Little Ones Waiting For Me 28
My Little Pickaninny 61
My Little Pollys A Peach 50
My Little Side Door 31
My Little Sunbeam 40
My Little Sweetheart Kate 57
My Little Sweetheart Nell 56
My Little Tots High Chair 20
My Love Beyond The Sea 12
My Love Is A Mountaineer 25
My Love Is A Zou Zu 11
My Love Is Fair Columbia 29
My Love Nell 05
My Love Remains The Same 27
My Love She Is A Fairy Queen 05
My Love Shes Like The Red Red Rose 10
My Love Will Be Home In The Morning 39
My Loves Returned Again 19
My Maggie 22
My Mamma Told Me So 44
My Mammys Lullaby 54
My Marie 42
My Mary Ann 35
My Mary Green 36
My Marys A Fairy 54
My Mother Dear 10
My Mother Was A Lady 54
My Mothers Birthday 29
My Mothers Grave 11
My Mothers Kiss Was The Sweetest Of Them All 33
My Mothers Kiss Was The Sweetest Of Them All 60
My Mothers Old Slipper 15
My Moustache Is Growing 11
My Name Is Charles Livingston Brown 25
My Nannie, O 11
My Nellies Blue Eyes 18
My Nice Young Man 40
My Object All Sublime 09
My Old Fashioned Girl 59
My Old Gal 52
My Old Kentucky Home 19
My Old Kentucky Home 59
My Old New Hampshire Home 59
My Old New Hampshire Home 60
My Old Old Love 45
My Old Pipe 47
My Old Scarlet Coat 15
My Old Village Home 48
My Orange Colored Yaller Gal 61
My Own Baby Boy 37
My Own Native Land 35
My Own Sweet Nellie Bawn 15
My Own Sweetheart Mary 39
My Own True Love 24
My Pauline 48
My Pearls A Bowery Girl 44
My Poor Dog Tray 04
My Pretty Irish Queen 04
My Pretty Jane 01
My Pretty Little Loula Loula Lou 61
My Pretty Nell 40
My Pretty Nellie May 53
My Pretty Quadroon 09
My Pretty Quadroon 39
My Pretty Red Rose 23
My Pretty Sunday Girl 28
My Queen 17
My Queen 40
My Rattling Mare And I 08
My Sailor Boy, Tom 25
My Sailor Girl 24
My Sailor Jack 29
My Sally 42
My Secret 55
My Sister Mamies Hat 39
My Soldier Boy 21
My Son Charley 30
My Son Jack 40
My Son Mike 46
My Son, My Only Son 29
My South Calina Rose 60
My Sweet Little Blossom 16
My Sweet Little Carrie Brown 58
My Sweet Little Rose Of Killarney 58
My Sweetheart 40
My Sweetheart By My Side 60
My Sweetheart From Over The Sea 44
My Sweetheart In The Gallery 29
My Sweetheart Jane 36
My Sweetheart Nellie Bland 53
My Sweetheart Of Long Ago 45
My Sweetheart Of Long Long Ago 35
My Sweetheart Of Years Ago 59
My Sweetheart Sue 58
My Sweetheart True 30
My Sweetheart True 53
My Sweetheart Went Down With The Maine 59
My Sweetheart When A Boy 02
My Sweetheart Wont Give Me A Kiss 43
My Sweethearts Both Love Me 48
My Sweethearts Family 09
My Sweethearts The Man In The Moon 36
My True Love Hath My Heart 40
My Trundle Bed 07
My Vife She Vas Vaiting For Me 34
My Wedding Day 35
My Wife Is So Awfully Thin 07