American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index L

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index L

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles L
La Belle Parisienne 61
Lackawanna Spooners 04
Lady Art Thou Sleeping 08
Lady Of Late 26
Lal La Pa Loo Zer 49
Lamentation Of Gen James Shields 25
Lannigans Ball 18
Larboard Watch 22
Large Schooners 32
Larry Mccue 29
Larry Ogaff 10
Larrys On The Force 18
Last Lullaby 44
Last Night 29
Last Night I Was Dreaming Of You 02
Last Rose Of Summer 28
Lately Bye And Bye 38
Later On, Later On 23
Laugh, And The Would Will Laugh With You 29
Lawn Tennis 21
Lay My Head Beneath A Rose 07
Lazy John 30
Learning Mcfadden To Waltz 28
Leave Me Not In Anger Darling 37
Leave Not Your Kathleen 02
Leave Not Your Kathleen 07
Leave That Old Cradle To Me 25
Leedle Yawcob Strauss 03
Left Alone 26
Leona 51
Leonie 54
Lessons Learned At A Mothers Knee 14
Let Baby Sleep 21
Let Each Man Learn To Know Himself 23
Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old 01
Let Her Go 38
Let Her Go, Gallagher 17
Let Her Go, Gallagher 2 17
Let It Be Soon 22
Let Me Be Your Sweetheart Once Again 46
Let Me Die With My Face To The Foe 20
Let Me Dream Again 08
Let Me Hug Her For Her Mother 17
Let Me See The Old Plantation Once Again 42
Let Me Shake The Hand That Shook The Hand Of Sullivan 24
Let Me Take My Place At Home Again 50
Let Me Take My Place At Home Again 54
Let Me Take My Place At Home Again 59
Let Me Whisper I Am Thine 42
Let My Name Be Kindly Spoken 14
Let My People Go 16
Let The Dead And The Beautiful Rest 02
Let Us Part Friends 20
Let Us Raise A Row To Night 24
Let Us Speak Of A Man As We Find Him 08
Lets Be Gay 17
Lets Be Gay 36
Lets Make A Little Home For The Old Folks 20
Letter That Never Came 13
Liberty Enlightens The World 29
Lide, Kelly, Slide 24
Life In The Army 21
Life Is But A Game Of Cards 05
Life Is Passing Like A Dream 54
Life Let Us Cherish 24
Lifes Been But A Dream Love 55
Lifes Highway 30
Lifes Lot 12
Light House By The Sea 13
Like A Lady 42
Like And Love 29
Lilacs 55
Lily Dale 06
Limerick Is Beautiful 34
Limerick Races 04
Limerick Races 18
Lindy Does You Love Me 50
Linger Longer Loo 45
List To The Convent Bells 22
List To The Thrush 22
Listen To My Tale Of Woe 20
Listen To The Mocking Bird 33
Listen To The Mockingbird 59
Listen To The Voice Of Love 44
Listening For His Coming Step 22
Litte Kittie Riley 55
Little Aggie Walker 54
Little Ah Sid 15
Little Annie Kelly 26
Little Annie Rooney 25
Little Baby 48
Little Back Parlor At Home 04
Little Barefoot 36
Little Blue Eyed Treasure 37
Little Boy Blue 18
Little Bright Eyes 36
Little Bright Eyes Watching For Me 18
Little Brother Joe 17
Little Brown Cot On The Hill 01
Little Brown Jug 33
Little Buttercup 36
Little Darling I'll Be True 20
Little Darling Now Good Bye 33
Little Daughter Nell 43
Little Dickie Doubleday 54
Little Dolly Daydreamj 58
Little Empty Stockings 24
Little Eva In Heaven 33
Little Eva To Her Papa 12
Little Faces At The Window 61
Little Fannie Mcintyre 29
Little Footsteps 40
Little Fraud 07
Little Green Leaf In Our Bible 29
Little Huckleberry 58
Little Jennie 38
Little Jim 30
Little Jim 51
Little Johnny Dugan 40
Little Johnny Dugan 60
Little Johnny Johnson Is My Sunday Beau 47
Little Kitty Little 45
Little Mag And I 09
Little Maggie Ann 04
Little Maggie Magee 37
Little Maggie May 37
Little Maggie Monehan 49
Little Maid Of Arcadee 22
Little Mary Ann 48
Little Meg And I 14
Little Mohe 09
Little Octoroon 11
Little Old German Home Across The Sea 34
Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane 32
Little Paddy Mooney 40
Little Papoose 47
Little Queen Of May 20
Little Queenie Lee 29
Little Robin Tell Kitty Im Coming 35
Little Rosebud 32
Little Sam 29
Little Shoes Our Angel Wore 47
Little Sisters Gone To Sleep 19
Little Things 47
Little Tillies Grave 31
Little Tim 52
Little Topsys Song 27
Little Wife Nellie 09
Little Willie 35
Little Willie 39
Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent 18
Live, My Love, Oh, Live 12
Living Pictures 45
Liza Jane 38
Lizzie Come Home To Mother 37
Lizzie Schmitt 25
Locked Out After Nine 43
Locking The Stable Door 28
Long Ago 36
Long Ago Long Ago 25
Long Long Ago 52
Look In My Heart 45
Look In My Heart 49
Look Out For Informers 34
Look Out Par Down Below 56
Look Out Par Down Below 60
Look With Thy Fond Eyes Upon Me 15
Looking For Something Like That 42
Lora Vale 10
Lord Bateman And The Fair Sophia 07
Lord Lovel 10
Lorena 05
Lorraine 40
Lost And Found 36
Lost Charley Ross 07
Lost Rosabel 01
Lost Ship Waltz Song 55
Louisiana Lou 49
Louisiana Lou 50
Louisiana Lou 52
Louisiana Lou 59
Love Among Big Noses 17
Love Among The Roses 40
Love Comes But Once 40
Love Her Just The Same 60
Love Her Tom For My Sake 57
Love I Adore You 53
Love In A Toy Shop 29
Love Is A Dream 37
Love Is A Mist 35
Love Is Not What It Used To Be 41
Love Lingers Yet 52
Love Lives Forever 28
Love Love Love 02
Love Me Honey Do 51
Love Me Honey Do 57
Love Me Little Love Me Long 39
Love Me Love Me 54
Love Not Love Not 09
Love Song 06
Love Was Wedded In The Grave 48
Love Was Wedded In The Grave 56
Love Will Bring Me Back Again 43
Love Will Find Its Own 33
Love Will Find The Way 29
Love, Henry 24
Love, Let Your Heart Be Faithful 20
Loved Ones 46
Lovely Isabella Wont You Tell A Fellow 52
Lovely Lady 53
Lovely Nell 15
Lovers Again 37
Loves A Magic Spell 37
Loves Battle 51
Loves Battle 57
Loves Captivity 34
Loves Changeless Chimes 35
Loves Chidings 01
Loves Dream 44
Loves Entreaty 47
Loves Millionaire 55
Loves Old Sweet Song 60
Loves Old Sweet Song 61
Loves Old, Sweet Song 29
Loves Story Told 43
Loves Sweet Memories 44
Loves Triumph 54
Loves Trust 38
Loves Young Dream 29
Lubins Rural Cot 38
Lucinda Cinda Jane 43
Lucinda Does You Love Your Honey Boy 44
Lula Is Gone 17
Lula Wall 17
Lullaby 18
Lullaby 54
Lullaby Baby Dear 32
Lullaby, From Erminie 19