American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index J

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index J

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles J
Jack And May 41
Jack Gorman 34
Jack How I Envy You 55
Jack Is Every Inch A Sailor 08
Jack Is The Captain And Im The Mate 44
Jack Jack Wont You Come Back 55
Jack Of The Ninth Brigade 35
Jack Was A True Friend To Me 32
Jack Wont Forget You 23
Jacks Claim To Poll 26
Jacks The Lad 38
Jacks Yarn 12
Jake The Coward 52
Jakey Woolfenstein 06
Jakey, De Butcher Boy 21
James And Nancy 28
James Bird 09
Jamsetjhee 22
Jane My Bonnie Jane 44
Jane Omalley 17
Jays Rubes And Marks 36
Jean And Jacques Were Twins 53
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair 24
Jeannette And Jeannot 06
Jennie And Joe 33
Jennie Dunn 38
Jennie Reilly 40
Jennie, Our Darling, The Pride Of Our Home 24
Jennie, The Flower Of Kildare 28
Jenny And I 48
Jenny Who Lives In The Dell 05
Jeremiah Blow The Fire 08
Jersey Blue Handkerchief 30
Jersey Sam Or Fifty Years Ago 33
Jess In Her Calico Dress 51
Jessie James 17
Jessie Of Sweet Aberdeen 47
Jessie The Flower Of Dumblane 05
Jim And His Partner Joe 36
Jim Bludso 02
Jim Crow 37
Jim Fisk Song 09
Jim Jam Sailors Superfine 42
Jim Ryans Ball 61
Jim The Carter Lad 04
Jimmy On The Chute 45
Jimmy Riddle 33
Jock O Hazeldean 11
Jockey Hat And Feather 07
Joe Hardy 11
Johanna Is Your Heart Still True 50
John Anderson My Jo John 03
John Armstrong 04
John Brown Song 02
John Brown Song 59
John Bull 13
John Cope, Or The Battle Of Preston 27
John L Sullivan, The Champion 19
John Mitchell 02
John Sullivan 38
John Sullivan, My Jo 26
John, My Boy, Remember Me 13
Johnnie 52
Johnny Dongherty The Tailor 04
Johnny Doyle 08
Johnny Fill Up The Bowl 08
Johnny Is Gone For A Soldier 02
Johnny Morgan 05
Johnny Reillys Girl 48
Johnny Reillys Girl 56
Johnny Sands 03
Johnny Schmoker 06
Johnny, Get Your Gun 11
Johnny, Get Your Hair Cut 17
Johnny, Take It Easy 13
Johnsons Bicycles 47
Jolly Dogs 34
Jolly Jack The Rover 07
Jolly Little Polly At The Dancingschool 49
Jonah And The Whale 52
Joness Girl 51
Jordan Is A Hard Road To Travel 08
Joys That Weve Tasted 15
Juanita 28
Jubilee Hymn 32
Judge Duffy Told Me So 19
Judy Mccarty 21
Juliana, Phebiana, Constantina Brown 23
Jumbo 05
Jumbo, The Elephant 19
Just A Kiss Little Sis 41
Just A Little 22
Just A Little More Than That 51
Just A Little Sunshine 15
Just A Little Sunshine No 2 24
Just A Plain American Girl 52
Just A Simple Story 51
Just Across From Jersey 43
Just After The Battle 59
Just Another 36
Just Another Broken Heart 55
Just Another Girl Who Left A Happy Home 53
Just Arrived From Harrisburg 21
Just As It Used To Be In Days Gone By 48
Just As Of Old 16
Just Because She Didnt Know The Way 37
Just Because They Put Him Into Trousers 54
Just Before The Battle Mother 59
Just Commencing 42
Just Down The Lane 05
Just Landed 02
Just Over 04
Just Plain Jim 10
Just Sixteen 47
Just The Girl For Me 41
Just The Same 54
Just Think Of Your Mother 28
Just To Be At Home 37
Just To Be Obliging 45
Just To Make A Change In Business All Around 16
Just To Please The Boys 06
Just To See Mothers Face Once Again 33
Just To Show There Was No Ill Feeling 32
Just To Show Theres No Ill Feeling 35
Just To Show You The Better Way 55
Just Wait And See Maguire 27
Just What I Expected 36
Justine, You Love Me Not 18