American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index I

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index I

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles I
I Aint Looking For Trouble 55
I Aint Looking For Trouble 60
I Always Was Stuck On The Girls 44
I Am A Highly Educated Man 44
I Am A Man Thats Done Wrong 06
I Am A Masher 09
I Am Happy When Youre Near Me 16
I Am King Over The Land And The Sea 25
I Am Not Baby Mckee 33
I Am Waiting At The Door, Mary Ann 31
I Am Waiting Essie Dear 36
I Believe It, For My Mother Told Me Sc 17
I Built A Bridge Of Fancies 21
I Call That Love Dont You 54
I Cannot Call Her Mother 32
I Cannot See Where It Comes In 23
I Cannot Sing That Song To Night 16
I Cant Believe Her Faithless 29
I Cant Changke It 45
I Cant Give Up My Rough And Rowdish Ways 53
I Cant Make It Out Can You 01
I Changed My Mind 38
I Could Tell It If I Felt It In The Dark 12
I Couldnt Refuse Them My Darling 48
I Do Feel So Awfully Loose 22
I Do Love You 45
I Do Not Watch Alone 23
I Done Kiss My Honey 45
I Dont Know 26
I Dont Like A Cur At My Heels 01
I Dont Like No Cheap Man 59
I Dont Like No Cheap Man 60
I Dont Love Nobody 54
I Dont Think 51
I Dont Think Hell Do It At Present 32
I Dont Want To Play In Your Yard 45
I Dont Want Your Playthings 59
I Doubt If It Ever Occurs 22
I Dreamed Of You Last Night 50
I Dreamed That Old Ireland Was Free 08
I Dreamt That I Dwelt In Marble Halls 33
I Dreamt That I Was Dreaming 38
I Forget 18
I Forgot It 35
I Found Her Sleeping 32
I Got It 31
I Guess He Knows The Secret Now 46
I Guess Ill Keep It Longer Dont Yer Know 32
I Guess Not 29
I Guess Not 32
I Had But Fifty Cents 04
I Had In My Inside Pocket 11
I Had Nothing Else To Do 24
I Handed It Over To Riley 38
I Handed It Over To Riley 60
I Have No Mother Now 2 39
I Have No Mother Now 39
I Have No Use For Donovan 46
I Have Recalled Those Angry Words 35
I Havent For A Long Time Now 14
I Hope I Dont Intrude 02
I Hope It Dont Happen Again 21
I Kissed Her Under The Parlor Stairs 14
I Knew It 32
I Know 31
I Know A Sweet Valley 39
I Know I Am Irish And Proud Of It Too 34
I Know Some One Whos Thinking Of Me 52
I Left My Love 22
I Like It, I Do 15
I Likes A Drop Of Good Beer I'm Roger Rough, A Ploughman, A 20
I Live And Love Thee 36
I Loaned My Sunday Coat To Maloney 25
I Long To Be Single Again 02
I Long To See The Old Home Once Again 45
I Lost Her At The Masquerade 44
I Lost My Reputation 41
I Love Dat Man 61
I Love Her Just The Same 54
I Love Her Just The Same 56
I Love Her Just The Same 58
I Love Him More Than I Can Say 23
I Love I Love Her So 47
I Love Music 40
I Love My Girl And She Loves Me 59
I Love My Love In De Morning 02
I Love My Love In The Springtime 44
I Love Nobody Nobody Loves Me 52
I Love The Ladies 41
I Love You 44
I Love You All 26
I Love You As I Never Loved Before 49
I Love You Best Of All 28
I Love You In Spite Of All 41
I Love You In Spite Of All 60
I Love You In Spite Of All 61
I Love You Yet 50
I Love You Yet 60
I Love You Yet 61
I Loved A Bonnie Lassie Long Ago 50
I Loved You Better Than You Knew 39
I Loved You Better Than You Knew 48
I Loved You Better Than You Knew 56
I Loved You Better Than You Knew 60
I Loved You Better Than You Knew 61
I Lubs You My Honey 51
I May Be This I May Be That 34
I Met Her At The Ball 42
I Miss Thee, My Mother 28
I Must Be There On New Years Day 61
I Must Go Out On Sunday 35
I Never Can Forget 17
I Never Can Forget You 20
I Never Can Forget You Were My Sweetheart 43
I Never Could Understand 48
I Never Drink Behind The Bar 27
I Never Liked Oragen 28
I Never Loved Until I Met You 48
I Never Loved Until I Met You 52
I Never Saw A Saw Saw Like This Saw Saws 21
I Never Tell Tales Out Of School 32
I Only Know I Love Her So 52
I Only Know I Loved Her 48
I Owe To Ogrady 18
I Paid The To Ogrady 21
I Picked It Up 35
I Put It On 33
I Ran A Race 46
I Really Cant Sit Down 26
I Remember, I Remember 27
I Saw Esau Kissing Kate 15
I Say, Mike 26
I Shall Have Em 31
I Shall Never Make A Gentleman Of You 14
I Stood On The Bridge At Midnight 09
I Think So, Dont You 27
I Told Them That I Saw You 51
I Told Them That I Saw You 57
I Traced Her Little Foot Steps In The Snow 31
I Wandered By The Brookside 02
I Want A Real Coon 60
I Want A Situation 33
I Want Ma Honey Boy Now 58
I Want My Lulu 57
I Want To Be A Man Like You 43
I Want To Be Somebodys Darling 32
I Want To Play Ball With You Papa 53
I Want To Tell You Something 49
I Want Yer Ma Honey 49
I Want Yer Ma Honey 50
I Was Despised Because I Was Poor 05
I Was Dreaming 28
I Was Happy But I Missed A Lot Of Fun 46
I Was In It, Fairly In It 22
I Was On It 29
I Was Once Your Wife 60
I Was Told It Was Coming 37
I Was Underneath 34
I Went Home Wid Michael 46
I Went Home Wid Michael 59
I Went To Paris With Papa 49
I Went With Him; Or, My Pal Jack 23
I Whistle And Wait For Katie 28
I Will Be True To Thee 02
I Will Be Your Sweetheart 53
I Will Come Back To You 49
I Will Return Again 22
I Will Stand By My Friend 08
I Wish He Were Here To Night 31
I Wish I Hadnt Done It 40
I Wish I Was A Fish 17
I Wish I Were Single Again 24
I Wonder How Long It Will Last 21
I Wonder If Theres Someone Who Loves Me 28
I Wonder What His Face Looked Like 34
I Wonder What Theyre Springing On Us Now 19
I Wonder What Will Happen Next 16
I Wont Be A Nun 28
I Wont Work Half A Minute Longer 31
I Would Like To Do It, But Cant 14
I Would Not Die At All 14
I Would Not Die In Spring Time 14
I Would Not Die In Winter Time 14
I Wouldnt Advice You To Do It 10
I Wouldnt If I Could 21
I'll Await Your Smiling Face 19
I'll Be All Smiles To Night, Love 26
I'll Be True, Love, To You 19
I'll Come Back, My Darling, To Thee 23
I'll Dance Upon Your Grave 20
I'll Gifted Ring 23
I'll Give You One More As You Go 17
I'll Go Back To My Old Love Again 31
I'll Marry No Man If He Drinks 11
I'll Paralyze The Man That Says Mcginty 26
I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers 28
I'll Return Bye And Bye 14
I'm A Bum 14
I'm A Chappie From Over The Wattah 23
I'm A Cousin To Parnell 26
I'm A Jolly Little Chap All Round 29
I'm A Jolly Little Fellow 19
I'm All Broke Up To Day 17
I'm Always Misunderstood 29
I'm Flying High 20
I'm Going To Be Married 25
I'm Going To Fight Mit Siegel 11
I'm Going To Have My Name Above The Door 17
I'm Just Beginning To Like You 24
I'm Leaving Now The Old Folks 27
I'm Not Asleep 12
I'm Only Going Out For The Beer 12
I'm Seventy Two To Day 16
I'm So Shy 16
I'm Sorry It Ever Occurred 24
I'm Sorry, My Boy, Youre Too Late 31
I'm The Father Of A Little Black Coon 17
Id Choose To Be A Baby 02
Id Have Done It For Her 29
Id Like To Be A Swell 22
Id Like To Be Like Grandma 50
Id Like To Be Like Grandma 52
Id Like To Know If Bessie Still Remembers 43
Id Live Life Over In The Same Old Way 40
Id Offer Thee This Hand Of Mine 02
Id Rather Not 37
Idle Dreams 37
If Ever We Should Part 37
If I Had A Dollar Note 39
If I Only Could Blot Out The Past 54
If I Only Could Blot Out The Past 60
If I Only Were A Pretty Little Fly 14
If I Thought You Loved Me Yet 61
If I Was Home Again 25
If I Was The Man In The Moon 14
If I Was The President 08
If I Were A Millionaire 22
If I Were Home To Night 47
If I Were Only Pretty 47
If I Were Really A King 53
If Ise Yo Lady 61
If The Fair At Chicagos A Frost 34
If The Man In The Moon Could Only Speak 20
If The Sweetheart You Love Is True 42
If The Twinkling Stars Could Tell 19
If The Waters Could Speak As They Flow 21
If Theyd Only Write And Ask Me To Come Home 49
If We Could Only Bring Them Back Again 38
If We Only Had It Now 48
If We Only Had It Now 56
If We Only Had It Now 58
If We Only Had Our Way 18
If We Should Never Meet Again 57
If You Love Me, Darling, Tell Me With Your Eyes 31
If You Will 53
If Youll Be True To Me 36
If Youll Marry Me 45
If Your Foot Is Pretty, Show It 14
Ill Ask My Mother And Ill Let You Know Next Snnday Aftern 07
Ill Await My Love 06
Ill Be Constant And True 48
Ill Bet You A Dollar You Dont 02
Ill Bring It Home To You All De Times 48
Ill Find My Sweetheart Again 52
Ill Give You A Lock Of My Hair 43
Ill Go Back To The Old Bridge Again 08
Ill Hang My Harp On A Willow Tree 03
Ill Hoodoo Ohara 44
Ill Love You Mother 56
Ill Love You Mother 58
Ill Meet Her When The Sun Goes Down 05
Ill Name The Boy Dennis Or No Name At All 08
Ill Never Be The Same Dear 61
Ill Never Go There Again 38
Ill Not Forget You Daddy 40
Ill Not Go Out With Riley Any More 47
Ill Not Go Out With Riley Any More 51
Ill Not Go Out With Riley Any More 57
Ill Not Go Out With Riley Any More 60
Ill Say Farewell Before We Part 40
Ill Start To School To Morrow 46
Ill Take Care Of You Grandma 52
Ill Tell My Ma On You 53
Ill Tell Nobody 05
Ill Wait For Jack 40
Ill Wait Till The Clouds Roll By 04
Ill Whistle In The Rest 36
Im A Dancer Of Ta Ra Ra Fame 43
Im A Dandy But Im No Dude 09
Im A Dude 09
Im A Gay Soubrette 55
Im A Judge Of The Modern Society Sort 46
Im A Little Too Young To Know 41
Im A Man You Dont Meet Every Day 02
Im A Popular Man 56
Im A Rootin Shootin Snootin Nigger Beau 54
Im An Irish Boy 38
Im Awaiting My Loves Return 10
Im Going Far Away Love 37
Im Going To Tell On You Katie 47
Im Gwine To Marry Missa Truscalina Brown 44
Im In The Chair 37
Im Lonely Since My Babys Gone 53
Im Looking For A Lost One 61
Im Looking For A New Home Now 61
Im Mad With Mary Morrison 52
Im Mammas Little Girl 52
Im Not Old Enough To Know 33
Im Off For Charleston 09
Im Proud I Have A Sweet Heart 55
Im Proud Im An Irishman Born 05
Im Proud Im An Irishmans Son 05
Im Proud Im Irish 49
Im Saddest When I Sing 10
Im Sailing Home To Mary 47
Im Saving Up To Buy A Home For Mother 53
Im Seventeen To Day 32
Im Sitting On The Stile Mary 47
Im So Different From The Rest 50
Im So Different From The Rest 53
Im Sorry That I Did 52
Im Such A Naughty Kid 43
Im Sure 46
Im Sure Id Have Something To Say 35
Im Thankful That I Didnt Get It Worse 43
Im The Baddest Goon Dats In Dis Town To Day 58
Im The Boy For Nellie 48
Im The Governors Only Son 02
Im The Man That Brought Columbus Over Here 39
Im The Man That Wrote Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay 37
Im The Only One Left Of The Family 41
Im The Only Peach Thats On The Tree 55
Im The Slickest Coon In Town 52
Imme Ma Money 60
Immenseikoff; Or, The Central Toff 23
In A Little Fisher Village 20
In A Little Sea Side Cottage 37
In A Minute 42
In A Snug Little Home Of Your Own 47
In A Very Different Place 31
In A Yankee Man O War 46
In De Evening By De Moonlight 02
In De Louisiana Lowlands 08
In De Low Lands Low 01
In Dreams I See My Mother 39
In Far Off Sunny Spain 53
In Friendships Name 46
In Happy Moments 35
In Old Madrid 30
In Old Madrid 60
In Other Respects We Are Doing Quite Well 11
In Our Backyard Last Night 36
In That Little Ivy Cabin In The Lane 04
In The Baggage Coach Ahead 54
In The Barroom 48
In The Barroom 56
In The Bright Moonlight 40
In The Days Of 49 45
In The Days When I Was Hard Up 02
In The Eye Abides The Heart 24
In The Gloaming 18
In The Good Old Days 40
In The Meantime 38
In The Ranks 61
In The Shadow Of The Pines 60
In The Shadows Of The Leaves 08
In The Starlight 04
In The Window A Light I Can See 15
In Thy Dreams Remember Me 29
Inherited From My Aunt 54
Ireland 17
Ireland At The Fair 39
Ireland For The Irish 24
Ireland Forever 38
Ireland Will Yet Be Free 17
Irelands Sword And Shield 18
Irene, Good Night 19
Irish American Tea 12
Irish Laws In College Green 41
Irish Love Letters 25
Irish Potheen 11
Irish Through And Through 30
Is A Little Curly Headed Coon 54
Is It Anybodys Business 03
Is Life Worth Living 41
Is Marriage A Failure 21
Is Marriage A Failure What Say You 30
Is Maud In 14
Is My Darling True To Me 17
Is My Dolly Dead 47
Is That Love 53
Is That Mother Bending Oer Me 45
Is That So 26
Is There No Kiss For Me To Night 30
Is Your Lub True Ma Honey 58
Is Your Mamma Well 21
Isaac Cohens Home 32
Isabella 45
Ise A Jolly Little Coon 47
Ise A Methodist Till I Die 16
Ise Gwine Back 43
Ise Gwine Back To Dixie 26
Ise Gwine To Joy Myself 43
Ise Gwine To Weep No More 13
Ise So Glad 41
Ise Yer Name Tattooed On Ma Arm 60
Isle De Blackwell 33
Isle Of Beauty Fare Thee Well 35
Isnt It Awfully Hot 31
Isnt That An Awful Shame 19
Isnt The Baby Cute 37
It Aint Going To Happen In 90 27
It Aint No Lie 55
It Aint No Lie 57
It Couldnt Occur In New York 25
It Didnt Surprise Me At All 16
It Doesnt Belong To Me 40
It Dont Belong To Me 02
It Dont Belong To Me 36
It Goes With A Pound Of Tea 31
It Isnt The Fault Of The Girls 39
It Makes A Man Feel Like A Fool 17
It Might Have Been 37
It Seems But Yesterday 39
It Showered Again 29
It Takes A Girl To Do It Every Time 35
It Used To Be Proper, But It Dont Go Now 26
It Was Not Down On The Program 55
It Was Only A Dream 55
It Will Be Mine By And By 44
Italian Joe 42
Its A Cold Day When I Get Left 05
Its A Custom In Ireland 41
Its A Good Thing Mccarthy Wasnt There 28
Its A Good Thing Push It Along 45
Its A Joke When You Think Of It 51
Its A Long Lane That Has No Turn 29
Its A Pretty Old Gag But It Goes 40
Its A Thousand To One 31
Its All A Matter Of Taste 10
Its All Going To Happen Next Year 32
Its All Gone Now 49
Its All In A Matter Of Time 17
Its All Over Now With The Ladies 18
Its All Owing To Molly 48
Its All Right Now 35
Its All Thro A Hardy Sailor 43
Its Dudish, You Know 15
Its English, You Know 14
Its Enough To Knock Any One Out 13
Its Forty Miles From Schenectady To Troy 54
Its Funny What Girls Will Do 24
Its Funny What Lager Will Do 18
Its Funny When You Feel That Way 03
Its Hard To Be A Nigger 33
Its Hard When You Cant Trust A Friend 14
Its Home, Sweet Home 20
Its My Sister You Want Not Me 54
Its Naughty But Its Nice 02
Its Nice 15
Its One Too Many For Me 25
Its Only Artificial After All 36
Its The Hat That Makes The Man 33
Its The Last Time 37
Its The Only Bit Of Comfort Ive Got 28
Its The Seasoning Wot Does It 39
Its Way Out Of Sight 33
Ive A Baby In Kalamazoo 01
Ive A Little Yaller Watch 29
Ive Been Hoodood 44
Ive Been Hoodood 51
Ive Been Hoodood 57
Ive Come Home To Stay 42
Ive Got A Donkey 02
Ive Had Em All 27
Ive Just Been Abroad You Know 52
Ive No Mother, Now I'm Weeping 28
Ive Only Been Down To The Club 20
Ive Only Been Out With The Boys 30
Ive Scratched You Off Ma List 60
Ive Wandered By The Hut Side 14
Ive Worked Eight Hours This Day 31