American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index H

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index H

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles V
Had I Taken Mothers Warning 50
Hadnt No Business To Do It 42
Hail Columbia 20
Hail Columbia 49
Hail Columbia 59
Hail To The Chief 15
Hail To The Statue Of Liberty 12
Hail, Jerusalem, Hail 20
Hal L L Lelujah 28
Half Past Nine 39
Half Past Nine 60
Half Past Twelve 35
Hamtown Base Ball Club 12
Hands Across The Sea 30
Handy Andy 21
Hang Up The Babys Stocking 05
Hang Up Your Hat Behind The Door 01
Hanki Panki 24
Hannah, Get The Broom 26
Hannahs Done Stuck On A Coon 22
Happy Be Thy Dreams 33
Happy Birds 21
Happy Hours 28
Happy Is The Bride That The Sun Shines On 47
Happy Sam; 51
Happy Times Passed And Gone Away 22
Hard Times Come Again No More 01
Hard Times Come Again No More 59
Hark I Hear An Angel Sing 04
Harp Of The Wild Wind 22
Harp That Once Thro Taras Halls 17
Hash 06
Hasten, Sweet Maiden, To Me 20
Hats Off To Me 43
Hattie May 23
Haul De Wood Pile Down 24
Haul Me Back Again 30
Have A Jolly Time 60
Have Another 39
Have I Not Been Kind To Thee 40
Have Pity Judge Shes My Mother 61
Have You A Wheel 51
Have You A Wheel 57
Have You Come To Take Me Home 54
Have You Ever Been In Love 41
Have You Given Back Her Letters Tom 49
Have You Heard The Latest 44
Have You Seen Dan Mckenna 33
Have You Seen Her 41
Have You Seen Me Uncle Mickey 28
Have You Seen My Girl 24
Have You Seen Tim Casey 28
Have You Seen Yum Yum 14
Hazel Drew 57
He Aint In It 29
He Cats Meat Man 21
He Certny Was Good To Me 60
He Didnt Know The Way To Go About It 48
He Didnt Know The Way To Go About It 56
He Didnt Know The Way To Go About It 58
He Didnt Seem Glad To See Me 41
He Died To Save His Flag 35
He Fought And Died For Me 52
He Fought For The Cause He Thought Was Right 56
He Fought For The Cause He Thought Was Right 58
He Gets There Just The Same 24
He Got It Again 27
He Got Kelly To Insult Me 33
He Got The Rinkey Dink 45
He Holds Me In His Hand 37
He Is An Angel Now 36
He Is Irish 39
He Loves Me He Loves Me Not 41
He Married Rileys Bride 46
He Married The Daughter Mother And All 44
He Never Came Back 32
He Never Cares To Wander From His Own Fireside 38
He Never Deserted A Friend 25
He Never Smiled Again 33
He Only Did It Once 52
He Said I Said 13
He Stole My Girl With That Tura Lu 53
He Stole My Sunday Clothes 36
He Tells Me He Loves Me 09
He Thought He Was In Heaven 41
He Took It In A Quite Good Natured Way 54
He Was A Pal Of Mine 29
He Was A Soldier 37
He Was An Old Friend Of The Family 52
He Was Such A Funny Old Man 46
He Went Glimming 23
He Whistled Like A King 55
He Whistled Up A Tune 41
He Wore A Worried Look 40
Hear Dem Bells 20
Hear Me In My Prayer 37
Heart Bowed Down 36
Heart Of My Heart 31
Hearts 41
Hearts Are Trumps 46
Heavens My Home 14
Hed Rather Rock The Cradle 48
Heenan And Sayers 35
Heigh Ho Lingo Sally 32
Heigho For The Feminine Sex 53
Hell Be Back Bye And Bye 14
Hell Love You Bye And Bye 42
Hell Never See His Mother Any More 50
Hell Soon Have The Wolf At The Door 40
Hello Baby 19
Hello Central Hello 41
Hello Daddy I Knew That Was Your Car 55
Hello John Maloney 27
Hello Mcgee 50
Hello Mcgee 52
Hello Riley 23
Hello, Sweet 49 23
Helping Katie Oer The Brook 28
Hennesseys Baby 36
Henrietta Pye 21
Henry Did 50
Henry Green Of Troy 13
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still 30
Her Easy Chair 35
Her Lovers 08
Her Memory Brings Me No Regret 52
Her Memory Brings Me No Regret 60
Her Name Is Ororke 49
Her Name Was Mary Wood But Mary Wouldnt 58
Her Own Boy Jack 12
Her Papa Was There 38
Her Parting Words To Me 35
Her Picture Was There Next To Mine 48
Her Picture Was There Next To Mine 56
Her Picture Was There Next To Mine 58
Her Sweetheart Fell In The Battle Of Santiago 61
Her Tears Drifted Out With The Tide 28
Her Wedding 40
Her Wedding Night 20
Her Weddingring Of Gold 38
Here Lies An Actor 22
Here She Goes And There She Goes 07
Heres A How De Do 09
Heres To The Health Of Mother 52
Heres To The Maiden Of Bashful Fifteen 15
Heroes Of Every Day Life 39
Hes A Good Old Has Been 34
Hes A Harem Scarem When I Was Just The Same 35
Hes All Right 21
Hes All Right When You Know Him 22
Hes Goin To Have A Hot Time Bye And Bye 60
Hes Got A New Hat Now 36
Hes In The Asylum Now 23
Hes Mine All Mine 47
Hes Never Done Anything Since 10
Hes Off His Trolley 40
Hes On The Police Force Now 26
Hes Talking Through His Hat 33
Hes Waiting Yet 37
Hi There Rubber Neck 61
Hi Tiddley Hi Ti 33
Hi Waiter, A Dozen More Bottles 18
Hi, Jenny Ho, Jenny Johnson 26
Hibernian Lovely Jean 21
Hie Away, Ole Satan 19
High Born Liver Daniel 20
High Daddie 10
High License 26
Hildebrandt Montrose 04
His Funerals To Morrow 21
His Heart Was True To Poll 10
His Last Song 27
His Last Thoughts Were Of You 45
His Only One 49
His Own Mother Wouldnt Know Him Now 42
His Parlor May Not Be The Grandest 48
His Parlor May Not Be The Grandest 56
Hist Yer Umberella 46
Hogans Flat 27
Hoist Up The Flag 13
Hold The Fort 36
Holy Smoke 30
Home Again 36
Home Attractions 09
Home By The Wave 16
Home Rule For Ireland 14
Home Sweet Home 59
Home Sweet Home And Mothers Arms 50
Home, Sweet Home 25
Homeward Bound 11
Honey Dont You Grieve 38
Honey Ill Hynotize You 55
Honey O 43
Honor Thy Father And Mother 19
Hoops 06
Hooroo For Casey 25
Hope Ever On My Love 47
Horatius At The Bridge 35
Hot Stuff 61
Hot Tamale Alley 52
Hot Tamale Alley 54
Hot Tamales 46
How Ace Won The Steeplechase 51
How Can A Girl Say No 40
How Can I Forget 58
How Can You Leave Me Now 46
How Do You Do Mr Mccue 42
How Do You Like It 45
How Dy 43
How Dye Do Cholly Boy 43
How I Got Even With O Grady 24
How I Miss Those Little Footsteps 14
How Id Like To Find Dat Man 54
How Is Mrs Brady 37
How Is Your Sister Mary 09
How Much Would You Give To Find Out 22
How Nice That All Must Be 45
How Salvator Won 38
How Sweet The Name Of Mother 19
How To Live On I A Week 44
How We Tried To Whip The Teacher 08
Howards Cradle Song 28
Hugh Mccue 53
Hugh Mccue 60
Huldy Ann, How Is Your Mother 18
Hundred Years To Come 36
Hungry At Somebodys Door 20
Hungry Man From Camden 33
Hungry Man From Harlem 02
Hunt The Buffalo 26
Hurrah For A Life At Sea 55
Hurrah For Old Ireland 06
Hurrah For The Girls In Bloomers 46
Hurrah For The Invasion 61
Hurry, Little Children, Sunday Morn 26
Hush 56
Hush A Bye Baby 06
Hush A Bye Close You Eye 61
Hush A Bye Little One Sleep 46
Hush Dont Wake The Baby 21
Hush Thee Now To Sleep My Baby 53
Hush, Little Girl, Dont Cry 30
Hush, My Baby Bunting 21