American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index EF

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index EF

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The number after each title indicates which volume that song is to be found in, to view any selected volume click on the appropriate link in the top nav-bar e.g. V01, V29 etc. Select below for other index sections e.g. B, C, etc.

Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles EF
Early Monday Morning In 1806 10
Eddie Mccarty 08
Edith Ohara 53
Ehren On The Rhine 08
Eight Hours Work Eight Hours Pay 33
Eight Years In Cherry Hill 14
Eighty Years Ago 38
Eileen Come Back To Me 02
Eileen Omoore 44
Eilleen Allanna 30
Eily Mavourneen 23
Eliza Jane Mccue 38
Eliza The Mesmerizer 50
Ella Rhee 22
Ellaline 44
Ellen Bayne 03
Ellsworth Avengers 13
Ellsworths Body Lies Mouldering In The Dust 17
Embarrassment 13
Emmets Farewell To His True Love 25
Emmets Lullaby 17
Emmets Mountain Song 01
Empty Is The Dog House 10
Empty Is The Kitchen Biddys Gone 32
Empty Is The Stable Davys Gone 02
Enniscorthy 39
Ere The Day Is Done 37
Erin 37
Erin Go Bragh 07
Erin Is My Home 31
Erin The Star Of The Sea 39
Erin The Tear And The Smile In Thine Eyes 30
Erin, Mavourneen 28
Erins Green Shore 32
Ethelinda 35
Eulalie 45
Eva Ray 44
Eva To Her Papa 27
Evening Star 02
Eventide 44
Ever Before Me 30
Ever Of Thee 33
Every Boy Has Quarreled With His First Sweetheart 47
Every Day At The Station 57
Every Day Will Be Sunday By And By 61
Every Dayll Be Sunday By And By 32
Every Inch A Sailor 26
Every Nigger Had A Lady But Me 55
Every Night I See That Nigger Standin Round 51
Every Night I See That Nigger Standin Round 60
Every Rose Must Have Its Thorn 32
Everybody Takes Off The Hat To Me 35
Everybodys Friend 33
Everything Comes To Him Who Waits 52
Evicted 19
Excelsior 12
Excuse Me Excuse Me 32
Faces 26
Faces We Miss From The Stage 48
Faces We Miss From The Stage 56
Fair Columbia 28
Fairy Belle 17
Faithless Wife 50
Fallen By The Wayside 41
Fallen By The Wayside 60
Falling Leaves 08
Fannie Lee 29
Fanny Gray 10
Fanny Odonavans Dance 45
Far Away 14
Far Away From Home And Mother 12
Far Far Away 07
Fare Thee Well My Little Sweetheart 44
Fare You Well Daisy Bell 42
Farewell, Dear Heart, Farewell 26
Farewell, Farewell, My Own True Love 18
Farewell, Marguerite 22
Farewell, My Own 17
Fashionable Fred 07
Fast Freight 05
Fat Boy 54
Fat Mickey 04
Fated 30
Father Has Turned The Dear Picture Again 34
Father Oflynn 29
Father Tom Oneil 01
Father Will Settle The Bill 06
Fathers Come Home 21
Fathers Last Words To Me 21
Fearfully And Wonderfully Made 03
Feel For The Eyes That Are Weeping 04
Fifth Avenue 08
Fifty Miles Under The Sea 12
Fight At Canada Between Morrissey And Heenan 31
Fill The Vacant Chair 53
Finette 40
Finnegans Masquerade 22
First She Would, And Then She Wouldnt 16
Fishing For What 48
Fishing For What 56
Five Oclock In The Morning 04
Fixed 40
Flag Of The Free 28
Flags Of All Nations 02
Flags Of All Nations 59
Flanigan The Lodger 10
Flannigans Irish Canary 35
Flew Y Flew Y 08
Flirtation Otoole 05
Flirting In The Twilight 27
Floating With The Tide 48
Flora Belle 14
Flossie Moore From Baltimore 58
Flow Gently Sweet Afton 03
Flowers Of Winter 40
Flowery Courtship 43
Fly From The World O Bessie To Me 60
Flying Your Kite Too High 16
Fogarthys Umbrella 42
Fond Memories Of Home 06
Fontenoy 06
Foot Ball In Caseys Back Yard 47
Foot Prints On The Snow 13
For A Week Or Two 31
For Goodness Sake Dont Say I Told You 04
For Her Sake He Dare Not Return 45
For Hes Going To Marry Yum Yum 09
For Ladies Only 52
For My Love Sweetheart Is All For You 56
For One Day Of Turkey Theres Six Days Of Hash 10
For The Old Loves Sake 47
For The Sake Of The Girl You Love 55
For Trying To Be A Good Fellow 46
Forever And For Aye 41
Forget Me Not Lenore 48
Forget The Past 46
Forgive And Make Up Again 43
Forgive Me Ill Come Home 50
Forgotten 53
Forty Years Ago 29
Four Americans In Paree 46
Four Eleven Forty Four 46
Four Fingers And A Thumb 49
Four Little Curly Headed Coons 33
Free And Easy 07
Free On Delivery 44
French Flats 19
Friendly Neighbors For Twenty Five Years 47
Friends Of Other Days 36
Friendship 15
Fringe On His Pants 35
From Greenlands Icy Mountains 29
From Hovel To Mansion 48
From Hovel To Mansion 56
From Prison To Mothers Grave 57
From The Cradle To The Grave 18
From The Source To The Sea 23
From Year To Year 55
Full Moon Union 36
Funny Without Being Vulgar 40