American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index D

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index D

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles D
Da Da 47
Dad And Me 48
Daddy 37
Daddy Wouldnt Buy Me A Bow Wow 38
Daddys Gone To New York Daddys Gone To London 54
Dads Red Barn 36
Dainty Gladys 43
Dainty Saintly Erica 56
Daisy Bell 38
Daisy Bell 40
Daisy Bloomers Wheel And All 47
Daisy Dann 58
Daisy Is Dead 31
Dan And Teddies Parting 08
Dan Maloney Is The Man 03
Dan Maloney Is The Man 27
Dan Mccarthys Ball 35
Dan Obriens Raffle 20
Dan Paid For The Oysters 51
Dan Paid For The Oysters 57
Dance Judy Dance 32
Dance Me On Your Knee 40
Dancing In De Barn 36
Dancing On De Kitchen Floor 36
Dancing On The Green 47
Dancing The Two Step With Lulu 52
Dancing With The Girl You Love 53
Dandy Pat 09
Danny By My Side 43
Danny Mcall 36
Danny Takes After His Father 31
Dar Am Honey On Dese Lips 01
Darling Bessie Of The Lea 32
Darling Clo 06
Darling I Will Come Again 36
Darling Mabel 48
Darling Mabel 55
Darling Mignonette 12
Darling Minnie Lee 35
Darling Nelly Gray 28
Darling Old Stick 29
Darlings Of Society 48
Darll Be A Nigger Missin 55
Dars A Lock On De Chicken Coop Door 16
Dars A New Coon Weddin 47
Dars A New Moon In De Sky 10
Dars A Watermelon Spoilin Down At Johnsons 45
Dars Rag Time In De Moon 59
Daschen On The Rhine 08
Dat Cinomatograph 58
Dat Cross Eyed Hoo Doo Coon 52
Dat Watermillion Growin On De Vine 12
Dats De Time A Nigger Feels Glad 35
Davys Promise 05
Day After Day The Last Voyage 38
Day By Day Years Have Rolled On 44
Daylights A Breakin 30
Days When I Was Young 29
De Blue Tail Fly 37
De Coon Dat Got De Shake 20
De Fellah With A Cloben Hoof 46
De Finesd Bolice In De Vorld 52
De Good Olt Dimes 52
De Goot Lager Beer 11
De Ham Fat Man 13
De Hottest Coon In Town 54
De Hottest Coon In Town 60
De Huckleberry Picnic 02
De Jingle Ob De Bell On De Cow 44
De Lord Delivered Daniel 06
De Possum A La 50
De Possum A La 60
De Possum Daddy Stole 49
De Rainbow Road 43
De Skidmore Guard 09
De Skids Are Out To Day 37
De World Am A Rushin 45
Dead Among Strangers 48
Deal With Me Kindly 04
Dear Dorothy 52
Dear Father, Come Down With The Stamps 20
Dear Harp Of My Country 18
Dear Heart Leave Me Not 33
Dear Italian Girl 19
Dear Little Colleen 08
Dear Little Duck Of A Girl 18
Dear Little Hands 21
Dear Little Home 47
Dear Molly Mcgee 40
Dear Mother Ive Come Home To Die 59
Dear Old Boys 42
Dear Old Friendly Faces 36
Dear Old Nursery Rhymes 27
Dear Old Pals Of Mine 44
Dear Robin Ill Be True 10
Dearest Lily 51
Dearest Mae 04
Dearest Spot Of Earth To Me Is Home 11
Dearest Then Ill Love Thee More 33
Death Of Eva 27
Death Of Gaudentis 40
Death Of President Garfield 02
December And May Mollie Newell 42
Decision In The Gipsys Warning 01
Deep In The Arms Of Remorse 55
Delia Moore 50
Della Lee Youre Fooling Me 55
Dem Silver Slippers 04
Den Yer Dont Get Stuck See 54
Denied A Home 47
Denied A Home 49
Dennie Murphys Daughter Nell 49
Dennie Murphys Daughter Nell 51
Dennie Murphys Daughter Nell 57
Dennie Murphys Daughter Nell 60
Dennie Murphys Daughter Nell 61
Dennis Gradys Hack 21
Der Brave Huzzars 01
Der Cobblers Daughter 05
Der Deitchers Dog 14
Der Drummer 05
Der Oak Und Der Vine 26
Der Plumber 06
Der Shoemaker Boy 15
Derry Down Derry 09
Dese Bones Shall Rise Again 15
Devils In New Jersey 49
Dewey Youre A Dandy 59
Dick Darlin, The Cobbler 20
Did He Get There 21
Did It 18
Did You Ever Hear A Girl Say No 23
Did You Notice It 12
Didnt Know Twas Loaded 43
Digging For Gold 03
Dimes And Dollars 51
Dimes And Nickels 48
Dimpled Cheeks And Laughing Eyes 22
Ding Dong Ding Rang The School House Bell 52
Dip Me In De Golden Sea 25
Dip Me In The Golden Foam 58
Dixeys Land 59
Dixie Lu 61
Do All The Good That You Can 32
Do As I Tell You 36
Do Buy Me That Mamma Dear 46
Do My Dinah Do 50
Do One Another 49
Do They Miss Me At Home 39
Do They Miss Me In The Old Home 44
Do They Think Of Me At Home 28
Do We Want Him Well I Should Say So 52
Do What De Good Book Tells You 20
Do You Remember 61
Does Your Heart Beat True To Me 38
Does Your Mother Take In Washing 11
Doing Dr Tanner Till The Pay Day Comes 39
Dollars Do The Business Every Time 15
Dolly And I 55
Dolly Douse 40
Dolly Malone 45
Dolly; A Song Of The Trolley 52
Doncherknow 23
Donnelly And Cooper 18
Donnelly And Cooper 37
Donnybrook Fair 15
Dont Abuse The Old Folks 30
Dont Ask Me To Give Up My Mother 60
Dont Be Angry Sweetheart 48
Dont Be Angry With Me Darling 33
Dont Be Angry, Mother 24
Dont Believe All That You Hear 24
Dont Believe What Others Tell You 55
Dont Blame Me, For I Didnt Do It 30
Dont Blame The Mother 12
Dont Burn The Cabin Down 42
Dont Burn The Cabin Down 44
Dont Call In The Morning 02
Dont Come In The Parlor Till The Company Goes Away 19
Dont Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched 17
Dont Die An Old Maid 11
Dont Do Anything Until You Hear From Me 42
Dont Do This And Dont Do That 20
Dont Drive Your Child From Your Door 54
Dont Fool Dat Black Gals Mine 56
Dont Fool Dat Black Gals Mine 58
Dont Forget Me Mary 41
Dont Forget Mother 30
Dont Forget Mother And Home 47
Dont Forget The Friends That Are Dearer Than Gold 48
Dont Forget The Old Folks At Home 09
Dont Forget To Dream Of Me 37
Dont Forget Your Promise 54
Dont Forget Your Sister At Home 61
Dont Get Weary Children 02
Dont Go Joe 55
Dont Go Out To Night, Joe 16
Dont Leave Grandmother Now She Is Old 27
Dont Leave Me, Laddie 19
Dont Leave Me, Laddie 25
Dont Leave The Old Home Mamie 43
Dont Leave Your Father, Kate 17
Dont Leave Your Mother When Her Hair Turns Gray 07
Dont Let Her Go Away John 54
Dont Let It Worry You 22
Dont Listen 46
Dont Mind My Darling 37
Dont Put My Fathers Picture Up For Sale 13
Dont Run Down The Irish 21
Dont Say One Thing And Mean Another 24
Dont Shut Out The Sunlight, Mother 19
Dont Slam The Gate 03
Dont Take My Little Home 60
Dont Take Our Boy Away 44
Dont Take The Children From Me 19
Dont Tell Her That You Saw Me 54
Dont Tell Mother 36
Dont Tell Mother That Her Boy Went Wrong 49
Dont Touch Babys Grave 28
Dont Whisper No 18
Dont Worry Dad For I Am Coming Home 61
Dont You Believe It Honey 47
Dont You Believe It, Dear Boys 25
Dont You Cry So Norah Darling 07
Dont You Dare To Do It, George 31
Dont You Hear The Bullgine 11
Dont You Know 29
Dont You Like To Play With Little Baby 42
Dont You See The Bright Light 26
Dont You Trifle With Me Honey 46
Doodlebugs Birthday 57
Doolans Coterie 44
Dooleys Wedding 49
Dora Dean 50
Dora Dean 54
Dora Lee 47
Doris The Village Maiden 48
Doris The Village Maiden 56
Doris The Village Maiden 58
Dorkins Night 19
Dorkins Was Tight 13
Dorothy 38
Dorothy Dean 46
Dot Beautiful Hebrew Girl 15
Dot Funny Leetle Baby 05
Dot Leedle German Band 13
Dot Ole Bay Mule Of Mine 09
Dot Stupporn Pony 18
Dot Vife Of Mine 29
Dots Againsd De Rules 52
Doughertys Boarding House 16
Douglas Tender And True 04
Down Among The Coals 16
Down Among The Cypress Trees 48
Down At Cassidys 57
Down At De Silver Wedding 50
Down At The Farm Yard Gate 42
Down By The Deep, Sad Sea 27
Down By The Old Abbey Ruin 19
Down By The Rustic Grate 08
Down In A Coal Mine 01
Down In Dot Restaurant 16
Down In Gossip Row 31
Down In Hogans Alley 51
Down In Hogans Alley 57
Down In Mobile 12
Down In Tennessee 37
Down In The Con Fiel 33
Down In The Con Fiel 57
Down On De Banks Ob De Mississippi Ribber 55
Down On The Farm 25
Down The Hill 04
Down The River 06
Down The Shady Grove 29
Down The Sunlit Stream 40
Down Upon The Banks Of Tennessee 23
Down Went Mcginty 24
Down Went Resonsky 26
Down Went The Captain 09
Down Where The Violets Grow 25
Down Where The Woodbine Twineth 60
Down Where We Roamed Together 24
Dream Faces 07
Dream No More 12
Dream Not Again 47
Dream Song 44
Dream Voices 36
Dreaming As She Sleeps 28
Dreaming Forever Of Mother And Home 54
Dreaming Near The Hearth 28
Dreaming Of Days That Are Past And Gone 47
Dreaming Of Home And Mother 33
Dreaming Of Mother 27
Dreaming Of Mothers Angel Face 13
Dreaming Of The Loved Ones 18
Dreamy Eyes Haunt Me Still 02
Dresden China A Twilight Fancy 40
Dresdina 41
Drifting Along 47
Drifting Away 26
Drifting With The Tide 02
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill 39
Drill, You Terriers, Drill 19
Drinane Dhun 21
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes 21
Drink Up, Boys 27
Drinking With Daniel Maloney 19
Driven From Home 33
Driven To The Wall 56
Driven To The Wall 58
Drop A Nickel In The Slot 25
Drop It 32
Drop The Pink Curtains 12
Drummer Boy Of Waterloo 07
Drunk Again 17
Drunkards Lone Child 49
Dublin Bay 33
Duck Foot Sue 12
Duffy The Swell 07
Duffys Opening Night 03
Duncan Gray 19
Dunderbecks Machine 13
Dying Rose 48
Dying Rose 56