American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index C

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index C

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles C
Cabby Knows His Fare 29
Cachuca 51
Caledonia 30
Calibre Fifty Four 09
Call Her Back And Kiss Her 07
Call Me Back Again 06
Call Me Colonel 42
Call Me Darling Once Again 23
Call Me Pet Names 32
Call Me Thine Own 32
Call Me Your Darling Again; 06
Callahans Gang 43
Called Away 10
Calling Me Back To The Old Home 24
Camptown Races 01
Can Hearts So Soon Forget 41
Can You Forget 53
Can You Forgive Me 37
Can You Forgive Me 59
Can You Tell Me The Reason Why 22
Can You Then Love Another 13
Can You, Sweetheart, Keep A Secret 23
Canadian Boat Song 09
Candidate For Alderman 07
Cant Get Over A Woman 48
Captain Cuff 10
Captain De Wellington Boots 13
Captain Dwyer 12
Captain Jinks Of The Horse Marines 02
Captain Robert Kidd 34
Caroline Of Edinburgh Town 16
Carrie 43
Carrie Dear 08
Carrie Lee 19
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny 2 21
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny 21
Carry The News To Mary 04
Carter Harrisons Murder 41
Casey At The Bat 23
Casey Social Club 36
Caseys Awful Grub 07
Caseys Ball 31
Caseys Band 44
Caseys Boarding House 21
Caseys Whiskey 02
Caseys Wife 25
Cast One Little Thought For Me 12
Cathy Dear 48
Cats In Our Back Yard 07
Cause Ma Baby Loves Me 55
Cause Youre Sweeter Than The Rest 53
Cawnt Do It, You Know 27
Champagne Charlie 04
Charles Guiteans Confession 24
Charles Patrick Obrien 37
Charleston Blues 27
Charleston Earthquake 15
Charley Hes A Masher 08
Charleys Aunt 50
Charlies Little Dog 17
Charming Josephine 44
Charming Kate 25
Charming Little Nance 50
Charming Lou 40
Cheer Boys Cheer 59
Cheer Up Mother 58
Cheer Up Sad Heart 45
Chestnut Green From Wayback 16
Chevy Chace 28
Chewing Gum 16
Chickabiddy 31
Chickens In The Garden 01
Chimmie Fadden Of De Bowry 48
Chimmie Fadden Of De Bowry 51
Chinaman Washeeman 24
Chinese Song 06
Ching, Ching 23
Christmas Bells Are Ringing 53
Christmas Day In The Work House 29
Christmas Day In The Workhouse 50
Christmas Night At Nellies Country Home 55
Christmas Tree 13
Chrysanthemums Love Song 51
Chump Or, They Did Me Up 25
Cigarette Mccarty 30
Cinderella Song 47
Cindy Pull Down Yo Bridal Veil 60
Clamber Closer Clara 43
Clancy Wasnt In It 29
Clancys Mistakes 51
Clancys Mistakes 54
Clancys Mistakes 57
Clancys Mistakes 60
Clancys Trotter 33
Clap Handies 37
Clap Your Hands Till Daddy Comes Home 11
Clara Bell 52
Clara Bella Brown 45
Clara Jenkins Tea 46
Clara Nolans Ball 13
Clarabel Magee 03
Cleanin Silber In De Kitchen 47
Clementine 10
Cleopatra Mcnally 29
Climbing Up The Golden Stairs 07
Climbing Up To Heaven On A Moonbeam 48
Climbing Up To Heaven On A Moonbeam 56
Climbing Up To Heaven On A Moonbeam 58
Clochette 40
Close The Shutters Willies Dead 02
Close To It 22
Coal Oil Tommy 07
Cobwebs On The Wall 31
Cod Fish Balls 13
Cod Liver Oil 02
Cold Stream Guards 09
Colleen Bawn 16
Colleen Dhas Machree 05
College Days 03
Colonel Sharp 24
Columbia Rules The Sea 59
Columbus 37
Columbus Was An Irishman 39
Come All Have A Drink With Me 35
Come Along, My Darling 12
Come Along, Sinners 16
Come And Have A Tidly Round The Corner 37
Come And Meet Me, Rosa, Darling 29
Come Back Forgive And Forget 43
Come Back Oriley 53
Come Back Sweet Polly Omoore 43
Come Back Sweetheart 54
Come Back To Erin 30
Come Back To The Old Home 36
Come Back To The Old Home Again 08
Come Back To Us Sister Again 57
Come Back To Your Children And Me 28
Come Back To Your Irish Home 05
Come Back To Your Mother Madge 61
Come Back To Your Mother Tom 45
Come Back; Ill Forgive And Forget 38
Come Birdie Come 35
Come Come To Me Darling 36
Come Down Ma Honey Do 47
Come Down Ma Honey Do 50
Come Down Mcginnis 43
Come Down, Mrs Flynn 30
Come Home, Father 21
Come In And Shut The Door 09
Come Into The Garden Maud 36
Come My Honey Ise Got Money 49
Come Off O The Moon 51
Come Off O The Moon 57
Come Play With Me 53
Come Play With Me 60
Come Sit By My Side Little Darling 36
Come To My Arms, Precious Darling 16
Come To My Heart My Love 34
Come To My Heart Once Again 55
Come To The Arms Of Your Baby 52
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming 01
Come Where The Lilies Bloom 27
Come, Haste To The Wedding 21
Come, Have A Smile With Mr 28
Come, Rest In This Bosom 29
Come, Silver Moon 30
Come, Sit By Me, Mother 11
Comin Thro The Rye 33
Coming From The Matinee 39
Coming Home From Meeting 31
Coming Thro The Dye 38
Committed To The Deep 04
Comrades 29
Comrades Join The Flag Of Glory 59
Comrades Still 46
Conductor With The Patent Bell Punch 08
Coney Island Down Der Bay 04
Connemara Farewell 41
Connemara Leave Your Boots On The Mat 34
Constitution And Guerriere 19
Constitution And Guerriere 59
Convent Song 53
Conversation Water 43
Coogans Poker Party 43
Coon Dat Carried De Razor 26
Copper Malone 30
Copy Your Uncle Tom 42
Corbett And Sullivan Fight 36
Corbett Sullivan Fight 37
Cottage By The Sea 36
Cough John Cough And Make The Baby Laugh 35
Could I But See Her Face Again 42
Could I Only Spot The Winner 31
Couldnt Stand The Press 41
Couldst Thou But Know 47
County Jail 12
Courting In Central Park 51
Cousin Jedediah 09
Coxeys Army 46
Cradles Empty Babys Gone 09
Creep Baby Creep 41
Creep Into Bed, My Baby 15
Cricket On The Hearth 09
Crino Lena 39
Crossing Oer De Ribber Jordan 14
Cruiskeen Lawn 29
Crutch And Toothpick 30
Cry Baby, Cry Baby 22
Cupid 31
Cupid At The Door 52
Curfew Must Not Ring To Night 06
Curfews Good Night Peal 29
Cushlamachree 14
Cute Little Tads In Jeans 48
Cute Little Tads In Jeans 56