American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index B

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index B

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Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles B
Babbette 49
Babbling Brook 38
Babies On Our Block 31
Baby And I 06
Baby Baby 32
Baby Baby 52
Baby Baby 59
Baby Bye Heres A Fly 47
Baby Fingers 49
Baby Has Gone To Sleep 48
Baby Irene 52
Baby Mccoy 35
Baby Mine 22
Baby Now Has Left Her Honey 49
Baby On The Brain 08
Baby Wants The Moon 50
Baby Wants The Moon 52
Baby Youre A Good Thing 52
Babylon Is Fallen 05
Babys Crossing Dreamlands Border 58
Babys Footsteps On The Sill 20
Babys Got A Tooth 01
Babys Lullaby 06
Babys Prayer 22
Babys Prayer 38
Babys Song 35
Babys Tears 31
Baccarat 35
Bachelors Hall 20
Back To His First Love 54
Back To His Native Land 58
Back To The Old Home Again 45
Back To The Only Girl I Love 54
Back To The Only Girl I Love 60
Bacon And Queens 13
Bad Company 36
Bad Whisky 12
Badly Esmartins Ball 55
Ballinamuck Brigade 11
Bally Hooley 20
Banbury Cross 08
Banks Of Sweet Dundee 33
Banty Jim 25
Bar Harbor Down In Maine 41
Barbara Allan 49
Barbara Fritchie 15
Barbary Ellen 24
Barney Brallaghan 15
Barney Mccoy 02
Barney My Bold Irish Boy 43
Barney, Come Home ~ 13
Barney, Dear Barney, I'm Thinking Of You 26
Barney, The Lad From Kildare 18
Barneys Courtship 23
Barneys Parting 38
Barrel Of Pork 39
Base Ball 18
Battle Cry Of Freedom 49
Battle Of Life 38
Be Dutiful Bill 23
Be Friends With Your Brother Again 10
Be Home Early To Night My Dear Boy 01
Be Kind To The Motherless Child 19
Be My Hearts Queen 52
Be My Mother Till I Die 32
Be Quiet Or Ill Scream 06
Be Sure Youre Right, Then Go Ahead 20
Be True To Me When Im Away 55
Beans 07
Bear It Like A Man 04
Beauteous Queen Of The Midnight Star 46
Beautiful Acapulca 60
Beautiful Angel 09
Beautiful Bells 05
Beautiful Dreamer 03
Beautiful Girl Of Kildare 43
Beautiful Isle Of The Sea 34
Beautiful Language 25
Beautiful Leaves 01
Beautiful Thoughts Linger Near Me 27
Beautiful Venice 03
Beauty Of Limerick 18
Because He Was Old And Gray 56
Because He Was Old And Gray 58
Because I Do 40
Because I Love You So 56
Because She Aint Built That Way 12
Becky Miller 15
Before And After Marriage 15
Before My Time 50
Before She Fell 54
Before The Maine Went Down 61
Believe Me If All Those Endearing 02
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms 45
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms 49
Belle Brandon 02
Belle Of Baltimore 14
Ben Bolt 30
Ben Bolt 49
Ben Bolt 59
Ben Bolts Grave 33
Ben Bolts Reply 33
Bend Down Thy Soul Love 45
Beneath The Skies 46
Benny Havens, Oh 17
Bernard Reilly 22
Betsy And I Are Out 01
Betsy Baker 44
Better Than Gold 50
Better Than Gold 52
Better Than Gold 54
Better Than Gold 59
Better Times Are Coming Bye And Bye 56
Betty And The Baby 07
Between Love And Duty 33
Between You And Me And The Gate Post 35
Beyond Pardon Beyond Control 60
Beyond Pardon Beyond Recall 43
Beyond The Shadows 30
Bid Me Good Bye And Go 20
Bid Me Not Forget The Past 57
Biddie Doyle 05
Biddy Maloney 40
Biddy The Ballet Girl 01
Biddy Toole 17
Bill Baileys Hens 46
Bill Masons Ride 12
Billy Dalys Girl 54
Billy Grimes The Rover 02
Billy Johnsons Ball 14
Billys Appeal To His Ma 36
Billys Dream 06
Bingen On The Rhine 30
Bird Of Blue 33
Birdie Darling 32
Birdie Was So Young 26
Birthday Party 46
Bitter Beer 06
Blackballed In The Lime Kiln Club 50
Blame It On To The Girls 32
Blossoms Unfading 54
Blow The Bellows, Blow 26
Blue Alsatian Mountains 01
Blue Eyed Nelly 30
Blue Eyed, Sweet Evangeline 30
Blue Glass 17
Boardingschool Delights 45
Bob Sutlers Girl 37
Bobbing Around 09
Bogie Balfour 39
Boil It Down 29
Bold Hibernian Boys 43
Bold Jack Donahoe 02
Bon Jour 53
Bon Jour 60
Bon Ton Fusileers 45
Bonaparte On Saint Helena 08
Bonnie Little Annie 51
Bonnie Little Annie 57
Bonnie Sweet Bessie The Maid Of Dundee 32
Bonny Bunch Of Roses 33
Bonny Jean 33
Bonny Mae 24
Boom Ta Ra 34
Boomp A Diddy Boom Boom 48
Boomp A Diddy Boom Boom 56
Booze Glorious Booze 52
Booze Is There 36
Botany Bay 15
Boulangers March 16
Bowld Sojer Boy 25
Boy Wanted 47
Boys Keep Away From The Gals 03
Boys Of The Household Brigade 46
Boys Together 32
Branigans Band 05
Brannigan, I Think Youre Stuck 27
Brannigans Pup 05
Brave Boys Are They 13
Brave Boys Are They 59
Brave Dewey And His Men 60
Break Away Mccafferty 34
Break The News To Mother Gently 37
Breaking Of Home Ties 53
Brennen On The Moor 28
Bridget Donohue 05
Brig Ham Young 16
Bright Alfarata 08
Bright Eyed Little Nell Of Narraganset Bay 40
Brighter Days Will Come Again 27
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day 09
Bring Back My Bonnie To Me 18
Bring Back My Fisher Boy 21
Bring Back My Sailor Boy 20
Bring Back The Old Folks Willie Dear 08
Bring Down Your Wants To Your Means 32
Bring My Boy Back Again 31
Bringing Pretty Blossoms To Strew On Mothers Grave 16
Britannia Reigns Supreme 11
Broken Down 33
Broken Hearts 46
Broken Links 50
Broken Playthings On The Floor 19
Broken That Is All 61
Brother Joe 34
Brothers Fainting At The Door 04
Brothers Fainting At The Door 59
Brown Eyes Has That Little Maiden 31
Brown Kept One 27
Bruces Address To His Army 11
Brush By Nigger Brush By 57
Bryan Olynn 11
Buccaniers Bride 11
Buffalo Gals 15
Bully Old Horse 23
Bunch Of Shamrocks 18
Burial Of Sir John Moore 06
Burke Magee And The Brick 38
Burkes Dream 07
But Yesterday 38
Buy A Balloon 53
Buy A Broom 24
Buy A Nice Little Home In The Country 36
Buy My Roses 49
By And By Youll Forget Me 25
By Gone Days 59
By Lo Baby By Lo 52
By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore 30
By The Sad Sea Waves 47
By The Sad Sea Waves 58
By The Sad Sea Waves 59
By The Sea And Up In Town 42
Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye 06
Bye Bye Mistah Jackson 61
Bye Lo Baby Bye Lo 49
Bye O Baby Bunting 37
Bye, Bye, Baby, Bye, Bye 30