American Old-Time Song Lyrics: title index A

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs index A

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The number after each title indicates which volume that song is to be found in, to view any selected volume click on the appropriate link in the top nav-bar e.g. V01, V29 etc. Select below for other index sections e.g. B, C, etc.

Wehman Universal Songster Index - Titles A
A Baby Adrift At Sea 28
A Bad A, Tough Man 28
A Bird In The Hand 46
A Blowin Down De Line 61
A Boy Without A Sweetheart 58
A Boys Belief 30
A Boys Best Friend Is His Mother 06
A Boys Best Friend Is His Mother 59
A Brothers Love The Vagrant Son 43
A Buddhist Soldiers Grave 24
A Bunch Of Shamrock From My Dear Old Mother 38
A Bunch Of Violets 49
A Bunch Of Violets 53
A Button Hole Bouquet 17
A Call To Arms 59
A Canoodle Round The Corner 42
A Case Of Pedigree 51
A Chilly Coon 61
A Convicts Hope 52
A Curl From Babys Head 25
A Dark And Roguish Eye 21
A Daughter Of The Moon 49
A Dear Kind Doctor 51
A Dear Kind Doctor 57
A Dear Little Face At The Window 41
A Diamond Ring 46
A Distressed Home Made Happy 47
A Dollar And Sixty A Day 07
A Dream Of Arcadia 41
A Dream Of Golden Days 54
A Dream Within A Dream 34
A Duck Cant Sit On A Limb 41
A Farmer Never Can An Actor Be 61
A Fatal Rehearsal 47
A Fifth Avenue Belle 47
A Fight For Home And Honor At Homestead 37
A Flower From My Angel Mothers Grave 30
A Flower I Found In Mothers Bible 16
A Frisco Girl 52
A Gallant Knight 50
A Girl Who Loves Mother And Home 52
A Girl You Dont Meet Every Day 51
A Girl You Dont Meet Every Day 57
A Going To De Promised Land 39
A Handful Of Earth 01
A Handsome Lad And Lassie 56
A Handsome Lad And Lassie 58
A High Old Time 25
A Hit After The Ball 42
A Home For Two 50
A Horrible Tale Of The Suicidal Family 10
A Hot Time At Manila 59
A Hot Time In The Old Town 54
A Hot Time In The Old Town 56
A Hot Time In The Old Town 58
A Hundred Fathoms Deep 05
A Hundred Years Ago 17
A Hundred Years To Come 03
A Job Lot 33
A Kind Word Goes A Good Ways, After All 29
A Kiss From Your Own Dear Wife 40
A Kiss Was The Cause Of It All 48
A Knot Of Blue And Gray 04
A Knot Of Blue And Gray 59
A Lady In Love 24
A Lament On The Popular Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay Oh Ta Ra Ra 38
A Leaf Of Ivy From Mothers Grave 02
A Lean Banana 06
A Lesson In Kissing 54
A Lesson In Love 58
A Letter 38
A Letter For My Boy 54
A Letter From Ireland 15
A Letter To His Dad 34
A Lifes Regret 56
A Little Beard On A Young Man Grew 31
A Little Bird Whispered To Me 35
A Little Bit Of A Boy 47
A Little Blue Forget Me Not 39
A Little Homeless Wanderer 51
A Little Knot Of Blue 19
A Little Piece Of String Around His Neck 49
A Little Rag Doll 48
A Little Rag Doll 56
A Little Wife Waiting At Home 41
A Little You Know So So 49
A Lock Of Hair Mothers Parting Gift 44
A Lock Of Mothers Hair 02
A Lost Ones Broken Heart 46
A Love That I Let Drift By 35
A Loyal Knight 34
A Man To Knock Sullivan Out 18
A Mans A Man Though Dressed In Rags 47
A Mark From My Angel Mothers Shoe 18
A Message From Mother 32
A Mother Is A Mother After All 29
A Mother Is The Truest Friend Of All 48
A Mother Is The Truest Friend Of All 56
A Mother Is The Truest Friend Of All 58
A Mother Never Can Forget Her Boy 40
A Mother Never Can Forget Her Boy 60
A Mothers Appeal To Her Boy 24
A Mothers Watch By The Sea 32
A Mothers Welcome 39
A Nice Quiet Week 43
A Night In Florida On The Banks Of The Tallahassee 34
A Night Off The Mystery Of A Burnt Ear 57
A No Count Nigger Boy 60
A Pack Of Cards 38
A Pack Of Cards 49
A Pack Of Cards 59
A Patch From My Angel Brothers Pants 13
A Picture Of My Best Girl 56
A Picture Of My Mother 55
A Pity To Waste It 35
A Plain Little Irish Girl 43
A Pretty Girl 32
A Pretty Little Baby To Dandle On Your Knee 19
A Pretty Little Birdie In The Hand 40
A Private Still 09
A Ragged Jacket 37
A Roller Rink Romance 07
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss 02
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss 32
A Rustic And Rusty Old Time 39
A Sad Love Story 17
A Sailors Home Sweet Home 32
A Sailors Last Good Bye 28
A Sailors Story 30
A Scentless Rose 20
A Scrap Of Paper 51
A Silent Maiden 36
A Sisters Lullaby 20
A Smart Little Bit Ov A Man 14
A Smile Was All She Gave Me 06
A Soldier And A Man <a
A Soldier Is My Beau 28
A Soldier To Night Is Our Guest 19
A Song For My Love To Sing 37
A Song Of Peace 35
A Song On Rye 37
A Starry Night And A Beautiful Girl 36
A Starry Night And A Beautiful Girl 59
A Stitch In Time Saves Nine 23
A Story Of The Shamrock 30
A Strangers Story 50
A Sweet Face At The Window 11
A Thousand Years My Own Columbia 59
A Thousand Years, My Own Columbia 13
A Treasure More Precious Than Gold 26
A Tress Of Babys Golden Hair 18
A Troopers The Pride Of The Ladies 27
A True Little Heart And A True Little Home 26
A Violet From Mothers Grave 01
A Voice On The Wave 38
A Vow At The Well 55
A Waif Of The Storm 41
A Wandering Minstrel I 09
A Warrior Bold 01
A Wee Little Boy And A Wee Little Girl 47
A Welcome That Will Never Die 35
A Wet Sheet And A Flowing Sea 05
A Whiff Of The Pipe 19
A Woman In The Case 33
A Womans Song 40
A Yankee Lads Love 51
A Yankee Man O War 59
A Yankee Man Of War 07
A Yankee Ship And A Yankee Crew 08
A Yankee Ship And A Yankee Crew 59
Abrahams Daughter 2 33
Abrahams Daughter 33
Absent Minded Man 15
Across The Bridge He Goes 22
Across The Sea I Come To Thee 47
Actions Speak Louder Than Words 38
Adam And Eve 20
Adams Ale 17
Additional Verses Hy Arthur Trevelyan 53
Adeline 29
Adieu, Dear Friends, Adieu 24
After Breakfast Go To Bed 42
After Nine 41
After The Ball 38
After The Curtain Falls 45
After The Fair 40
After The Fight 42
After The Operas Over 05
After The Show Is Over 46
After The Strike 43
After The Sunshine 58
After The War 60
After The War 61
After Their Last Meeting 55
After Twenty Years 43
After Your Wandering Come Home 47
After Your Wandring Come Home 49
Afterwards 35
Afterwards 60
Afterwards 61
Ah Jonathan 35
Ah There My Size Ill Mash You 06
Ah, There Stay There 14
Aileen Mavourneen 29
Aint It Nice 53
Aint You Awful 05
Alabama Again, 14
Alabama Sam 33
Aladdins Lamp 30
Alas For Me 30
Alice Gray 10
Alice Where Art Thou 42
Alice Where Art Thou 60
Alice Where Art Thou 61
All Among The Barley 20
All Among The Hay 05
All Among The Roses 39
All For Money 14
All For The Love Of Gold 48
All For The Love Of Gold 56
All For The Sake Of Jack 39
All In A Row 51
All Life Long 56
All Of A Sudden 42
All On Account Of A Woman 22
All On Account Of Eliza 01
All On Account Of The Price 33
All On The Quiet 10
All That Glitters Is Not Gold 28
Allan, Obrien And Larkin 14
Alls Well 15
Alone On The Midnight Sea 40
Along The Kansas Line 28
Alonzo, The Brave, And Fair Imogine 15
Always A Thought For Mother 52
Always Be Polite, Boys 30
Always Come Home With A Smile 43
Always Do Your Duty Boy 10
Always Gay And Free Boys 04
Always Mind Your Sister Jennie 40
Always Take Mothers Advice 10
Always The Same Old Thing 34
Always Together 32
Always Wanting Something More 53
Am I Awake Or Dreaming 43
Am I Not Fondly Thine Own 09
Am I Right 22
Amber Tresses Tied In Blue 28
America 13
America Beats Them All 13
America Is Good Enough For Me 17
America My Country I Adore 52
America My Country Tis Of Thee 59
America Still Ahead 17
American Am I 40
American Drinks 17
American Girls 41
Americas Emblem The Violet 09
Americas Golden Rod 29
Americas Pickaninny Twins 61
An Aggravating Ditty 37
An Agricultural Irish Girl 07
An Americans Toast 19
An Americans Toast 59
An Aspiration Operatic 43
An Irish Fair Day 09
An Irish Girls Opinion 39
An Irish Lads Wooing 49
An Irishmans Dying Request 08
An Irishmans Letter 02
An Irishmans Toast 04
An Irishmans Way 34
An Old Brass Locket 46
An Old Fashioned Valentine 50
An Old Rhyme 53
An Orphan 24
An Oysters Love 34
An Unmarked Grave 45
Anchored 20
And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back 44
And Lots Of Other Things 41
And She Lisped When She Said Yes 57
And So Say All Of Us 16
And So Will The Boys In Blue 59
And The Band Played 40
And The Band Played Something Else 42
And The Parrot Said 43
And The Verdict Was 43
And Then He Woke Up 51
And Then He Woke Up 57
And You All Get Paid Upon A Friday 39
Andy Mcelroe 38
Angel Gabriel 02
Angel Mother Waits For Me 10
Angels Are Watching Baby Sleep 35
Angels Ever Bright And Fair 15
Angels Meet Me On The Cross Road 06
Angling 44
Annabelle Lee 38
Annie Bodys Rooney 35
Annie Laurie 21
Annie Lee 36
Annie Lisle 02
Annie O The Banks O Dee 03
Annie Of The Vale 02
Annie Pixleys Wash Tub Song 31
Annie Reilly 43
Annie Rooneys Beau 27
Annie Rooneys Joe 27
Annie Rooneys Sister 26
Annie, Who Played The Banjo 17
Another Good Man Gone Wrong 26
Anothers Wife Is Nellie 44
Answer 31
Answer To Sweet Dove 39
Answer With A Kiss 47
Answered 28
Antony And Cleopatra 11
Any Tinware To Mend 12
Apple Blossoms 44
Apples Four A Penny 35
Arabella Jones Will You Accept My Hand 56
Arabella Jones Will You Accept My Hand 60
Arabys Daughter 10
Are You With Us, Casey 25
Arkansaw 32
Arrah Go On 50
Arrah Go On 60
Arthur And Martha 04
As Gay As A Steer In The Corn 31
As I Read The Paper Through 07
As I Read The Paper Through 41
As I Sat Upon My Dear Old Mothers Knee 19
As Long As It Pleases The Ladies 61
As Long As The World Goes Round 15
As Long As The World Goes Round 23
As Of Old 40
As Soon As The Honeymoons Over 41
As Sweet As Any Flower 27
As The Church Bells Chime 34
As The Ship Sailed Away From Old Ireland 48
As Through The Park I Go 09
As We Wander In The Orange Grove 32
Ask A Policeman 25
Ask Her To Forgive Me 54
Ask The Man In The Moon 32
Asleep At The Switch 04
Asleep At The Switch 54
Assassination Of Ellsworth 14
At It Again 32
At It Every Minute In The Day 25
At Last 20
At Night With A Policeman On His Beat 44
At The Golden Gate 24
At The Setting Of The Sun 48
At The Setting Of The Sun 56
At The Setting Of The Sun 59
At Your Service 37
Auld Lang Syne 21
Auld Lang Syne 59
Auld Robin Gray 34
Aunt Jemimas Plaster 11
Aunt Peggy And Uncle Dan 30
Autumn Leaves 30
Aux Italiens At The Italian Opera 37
Avondale Disaster 10
Awaiting A Voice From The Waters 38
Awfully Clever 40