American Old Time Song Lyrics: 61 The Languid Man

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 61

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Copyright, 1898, by Carl Fisher.
Word! by Edmund Vance Cooke.
Music by Richard Stahl.

This life's a hollow bubble,
Don't you know?
A painted piece of twouble,
Don't you know?
We come on earth to cwy,
We gwow oldeh and we sigh,
Oldeh still and then we die,
Don't you know?
We wowwy thwough each day,
Don't you know?
in a sort of, kind of, way,
Don't you know?
We are hungwy, we are fed.,
Some few things are done and said,
We are tired, we go to bed.
Don't you know?

Don't you know, weally, sometimes I wondeh,
If life Is life, or is only a blundeh.
A twick of that devilish fellah down yundeh
Who's fooling us all, don't you know?
Life will be life, when we nevah need wowwy,
Life will be life when we nevah need huhwy,
When there's no fluhwy.
But then we'll be dead, don't you know?

It's all a howwid mix,
Don't you know?
Business, love and politics,
Don't you know?
Clubs and pawties, cliques and sets,
Fashions, follies, sins, wegwets,
Stwuggle, stwife and cigawettee.
Don't you know?
Politics? O, just a lawk.
Don't you know?
Just a nightmaeh in the dawk.
Don't you know?
You pe'spiah all day and night,
And afteh all the fight,
Why pe'haps the wrong man's wight.
Don't you know?-chorus.

Love? O, yes! you meet some gi'l,
Don't you know?
And you get in such a whi'l,
Don't you know?
That you kneel down on the floah,
And imploah and adoah,
And it's all a beastly boah!
Don't you know?
Societ'? Is dwess.
Don't you know?
And a sou'ce of much distwess,
Don't you know?
To detehmine what to weah.
When to go and likewise wheah,
And how to pawt youah halh,
Don't you know?- Chorus.

So theah's weally nothing in it.

Don't you know?
And we live just for a minute,
Don't you know?
For when you've seen and felt,
Dwank and eaten, heahd and smelt,
Why. all the cawds are dealt,
Don't you know?
You've one consciousness, that's all,
Don't you know?
And one stomach, and it's small,
Don't you know?
You can only weah one tie,
One eye-glass in youah eye,
And one coffin, when you die,
Don't you know?- Chorus.
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