American Old Time Song Lyrics: 61 Oh Me Oh My

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 61

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Copyright, 1898, by Hamilton & Gordon.
Words and music by Maud Evelyn Moulton.

Once there was a modest little girl,
Who was very much afraid
When a child, of naughty boys who made such a horrid noise;
She was such a timid maid.
She grew up into a pretty Miss,
Once a young man begged her for a kiss.
He held her so she couldn't get away,
So all this little Miss could do but say:

Oh, me: oh, my: oh, let me go, oh, my!
I never have been kissed before.
Oh, me: oh, my! you make me blush, oh, my:
Ob, please don't hug me any more.
Oh, what would Pa and what would mamma say
If they saw you hugging me this way?
Oh, me: oh, my! oh, me!
Oh, me: oh, my: oh, me! oh, my:

After she had tasted her first kiss,
It was very nice, you know;
Though she didn't dare to tell, she just thought she might as well
Try it once again, and so
With this same young man she went to ride,
Lovingly she snuggled to his side,
And on a quiet road she had her way,
If you'd been there you'd heard this maiden say:

Oh, me! oh, my! the moon can see, oh, my!,
why! this is better than before.
Oh, me! oh, my! I feel so cold, oh, my!
Oh, please: oh, please hug me some more.
Oh, what would Pa and what would mamma say
If they saw me in your arms this way?
Oh, me! oh, my! on, me!
Oh, me: oh, my: oh, me! oh, my!

When he came to call on her one night,
To the parlor they did go.
Said Papa, "It's a match." said mamma, "'tis a catch,"
They thought he would wed, you know;
To themselves they let the young folks be,
They weren't going to spoil her chance, you see;
The door was shut, the light was out, oh, my!
They wondered if they'd heard her cry, oh, my!

Oh, me! oh, my! it's awful dark, oh, my!
And then she nestled up close by.
Oh, me! oh, my: how very nice, oh, my!
The old folks list'ning at the door,
Just once they thought they heard their daughter sigh.
And the sound of kissing, and oh, my!
Oh, me! oh, my! oh, me!
On, me! oh, my! oh, me! oh, my!
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