American Old Time Song Lyrics: 58 The Wedding Of Mcginnis And Mcguire

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 58

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Copyright, 1892, by Frank Tousey.
Written by Tom Conley and Felix McGlennon.

'Tis a week ago last Sunday that a great high-toned affair
Occurred in County Galway, and, sure, every one was there:
It was nothing but a wedding and the bride was Miss McGuire;
McGinnis was the bridegroom, and the best man Mclntyre;
They started in the morning, boys, just as the clock struck one;
The girls and boys all in their best And ready for the fun;
The Job was over very soon and they were tied for life-
Miss McGuire And Mike McGinnis they were christened man and wife.

Oh, the wedding cake was fine, there was whiskey, ale and wine,
All the chicken, pies and praties they were set out in a line;
Miss McGinty nearly choked with a lump of bacon find,
At the wedding of McGinnis and McGuire.

When the breakfast it was over, for a song McGee did shout;
He sung "The Death of Nelson," und they quickly threw him out;
Sure, they wanted botheration, And they got it in a tick,
For some one broke Maloney's nose with a very lovely brick;
Then McGinnis got in trouble, for he kissed Moloney's wife.
And Mnry Ann McGuire declared that she would have his life;
Then McGinnis got excited and he went for Mary Ann,
For he spoiled her face und beauty with a good old frying pan.

There was murder, there was fire, some one called McGee a liar;
McGinty had a turned-up nose, but some one knocked It higher,
And a lady wiped the floor up with poor Jerry Mclntyre,
At the wedding of McGinnis and McGuire.

Then a sailor from Kildare got up, and he began to jaw:
"A bigger lot of cowards in a room he never saw";
Then a Chinese washer-woman seized the suitor by the hair:
And without his nose and whiskers he went back to sweet Kildare;
All the grub the boys got throwing at each other for a lark;
Of course, some one upset the lamp, which left them in the dark;
Everybody hit somebody-oh, you never saw such fun;
And the place was full of teeth and whiskers when the fight was done.

Everybody cried with pain-there were forty-seven slain;
Sure, they pulled McGinty's teeth out And they put them in Again;
And McGilligan, on looking, found a hatchet in his brain.
At the wedding of McGinnis and McGuire.

in the midst of the confusion some one went and got a light,
And, upon my word, in all my life, I ne'er saw such a sight;
All the boys were torn to pieces, and 'he girls were worse than that;
On the flure there was McGinnis fighting wildly with the cat;
The excitement soon was over, and they soon made friends once more,
Except McGee, who found his jaw behind the kitchen door;
Then they went and bought some whiskey, for they all were full of wealth,
And they all got drunk while drinking to the bride and bridegroom's health.

Then they danced till break of day, and the piper he did play;
All the boys And girls were jolly, every one was bright and gay,
And there's not a soul in Ireland who will e'er forget the day
Of the wedding of McGinnis And McGuire.
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