American Old Time Song Lyrics: 58 The Usher In The Aisle

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 58

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Copyright, 1897. by the B. & F. Publishing Co.
Words by S. J. Feldman. Music by J. Brahman.

At the theatre one evening, crowds were thronging to the show,
Were waiting with impatience for a seat,
Ushers flitting thro' the aisle-way, all but one. who worked so slow,
Whose sad race told a story of sorrow so complete;
"Here, usher, take these coupons, can't you hurry? "one man cried,
While others said in anger, "Must we stand here all the night?"
These harsh words he never answered, but the tears bedimmed his sight,
His sad thoughts they were wand'ring to his dear home that night,

At home his dear mother was passing away,
With no one to watch her, alone there she lay;
But those in the play-house were all joy and smiles,
And none seemed to pity the usher in the aisle.

Then the manager approached him, said, "My boy, you'll have to go,"
The patrons with approval shook their heads,
"Tho' your work at one time pleased us, still of late
you're much too slow,
We'll have to get another, a faster man instead:"
Then home he quickly hurried. "Mother, mother, dear! "he cried,
No answer greets his loving words, his mother just had died;
When next day he told his story, they could see he's not to blame.
The manager said kindly, "We'll take you back again." -Chorus.
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