American Old Time Song Lyrics: 58 I Want Ma Honey Boy Now

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 58

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Copyright. 1897. by T. B. Harms & Co.
Words and Music by Fay Templeton.

Oh, I just cant wait for to-morrow's sun to shine.
For I want ma honey boy now!
You knows de man I mean, I'm his'n an' he's mine,
But I want ma honey boy now!
in de evenin' I'se to marry him, sure 'nough de truth I'se tellin'
Den dere's gwine to be a cake-walk, heap a-shoutin' and a-yellin',
And we'll cut de pigeon wing, an' cut a great big watermellin',
When de preacher says de word what gives dat loving heart to me.
Dere's no use, I can't wait for to-morrows sun to shine.
For I want ma honey boy now
You know de man I mean, I'm his'n and he's mine,
But I want ma honey boy now:

Don't forget to-morrow evenin', please try to be on time!
Goodness me, I want my honey boy now!
What's de use of all dis waitin', when to-morrow he'll be mine,
And I da want my honey boy now!
Oh, why can't I do like sister Jane? she didn't stop to worry
'Bout no weddin' ring and all such stuff, but den dere'll be a flurry
If I took de man I want at once and scooted in a hurry.
And widout de preacher blessin' me: good Lord, I hear de fuss,
But den I just can't wait for to-morrow's sun to shine,
For I want ma honey boy now!
If you know de man I mean, you can't blame me, he's just fine:
And I want ma honey boy now!

Some say I've cause for anger, but I don't believe It's true,
For I trusts ma honey boy now:
If dem pale-faced coons keep chasin' him, I can't blame him, can you?
'Sides I feel he's true, ma honey boy now
Oh, he's says I'se mighty jealous, and I knows it, I'se no gilly,
But I loves de man a-mighty heap, and I won't stand no Willy
Business gwine on behind my bark, and makin' me look silly.
So he'd better say his pray'rs de day he blights ma trustin' heart.
For sure I know I'd lose ma head, an' den I'd cut him mighty deep.
And our bridal vows would end up in a row:
But den what's de use in frettin' 'bout a thing what's gwine to keep.
And I've got ma honey boy now:
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