American Old Time Song Lyrics: 57 Down At Cassidys

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 57

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Copyright, 1897, by Wm. B. Gray.
Words by Tom Browne. Music by Felix McGlennon.

Gossoons all and colleens, it's meself that's had some fun,
Where? Down at Cassidy's.
There's more of it to come along, it's only just begun,
Where? Down at Cassidy's,
'Twas a wedding and a christening when first the fun began,
But come along with me and see the end yerself, ye can,
There'll be work for the doctor and the undertaker man.
Where? Down at Cassidy's.

So we'll all go down to Patsy Cassidy's,
All Join in to the best of our capacities,
Whack! Hurroo! Are yez wid me I Yes!
Then we'll all go down to Patsy Cassidy's.

Whisky's there, and beer is there, and brandy, gin and wine,
(Bas:-Ay, and we'll be there.)
Where? Down at Cassidy's.
And bacon, spuds and cabbage for the swells who want to dine,
(Bas .--That's us.)
Where? Down at Cassidy's
They've all been drunk and wranglesome since early morning's light.
And Welch, the navvy, all day long's been dying for a fight,
(Bas:-Oh, he is, is he.)
So come wid me friends if ye'd like yer noses broke to-night,
Where? Down at Cassidy's.- Chorus.

Durkin snubbed the Flynn's, bekase they are bricklayer's clerks,
(Bas, _What! Durkin said that, did he?)
Where? Down at Cassidy's.
He said: "All mortar carriers were but low-lived common Turks,
(Bas, _Oh, he did, did he?)
Where? Down at Cassidy's.
Tim Doyle caught Peter Nolan wid his missus on his knee,
(Bas.- Ha, ha!)
And Biddy Flynn she catched her husband cuddling Kate McGee,
(Bas.-Ho, ho!)
Yarrah talk of Greeks and Turkeens, there'll be war this night you'll see,
Where? Down at Cassidy's.-Chorus.

Get your implements of war quick, if yez mane to come,
(Bas, -Get shillelaghs!)
Where? Down at Cassidy's.
Be japers, someone's going to get what Paddy gave the drum,
(Bas. -Whack on the boards.)
Where? Down at Cassidy's.
All them that's left alive will have some fun, and no mistakes,
(Bas -They will, bedad!)
All them that's kilt won't get run in and sent to jail and faix,
It's next week we'll have more fun with them attending to their wakes,
(Bas; - Begob, but-that's great!)
Where? Down at Cassidy's.-Chorus.
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