American Old Time Song Lyrics: 55 Deep In The Arms Of Remorse

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 55

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Copyright. 1893. by the W. F. Shaw.
Words and Music by Wm. D. Hall.

Some months ago onto this manly bosom,
I took a wife to love with ecstasy;
She had a situation as typewriter,
And all she earn'd she need to give to me.
But alas! cruel fate swept down upon me,
And caus'd this tender heart thro' grief to throb,
For she return'd from work one Winter's evening,
And with a sob said she had lost her job.

It almost drove me to distraction;
'Twas thro' it I got a divorce;
For while my wife was out of work, 'round this town I had to lurk,
Deep, deep In the arms of remorse.
Some little boys while on the street a-playing.
Placed a huge brick within an old high hat,
They one and all did hurry up an alley,
For well they knew in me they had a flat.
I saw the tile with blissful admiration,
Then brac'd myself to give it just one touch,
And ever since I tried to Kick it skyward,
I've realized the value of a crutch.

It almost drove me to distraction ;
Through using my foot with such force,
It is not only black and blue, but in size as large as two,
And I'm Jeep in the arms of remorse.
A sack of salt I placed upon the pavement,
And wager'd that no man in all our town
Could carry it across the street unaided
Without he'd be compelled to set it down.
But alas! a knowing one deceived me
In a manner that seemed to know no fail;
For as I watch'd to see if he would drop it,
To my surprise he hung it on a nail.

It almost drove me to distraction
To lose my stuff in such a source,
Never will I try again to get rich on such a game,
For I'm deep in the arms of remorse.
One day a tramp approached me on the highway
For one small dime to get a glass of rye,
And I complied by giving him the money,
For I myself at times have oft been dry.
He took the coin and from me quickly hurried.
And with a grateful smile, "thanks, sir," he said,
But later on I found he had deceived me,
Instead of buying liquor he bought bread.

It almost drove me to distraction,
For I thought the man sincere, of course,
I am sad at heart through grief, and there's caught can give relief,
For I'm deep in the arms of remorse.
A friend of mine who likes to play the races
Gave me a tip and said that it was sure,
But I ignored his silly proposition,
For I have heard of tips oft times before.
It was a chance for me to play bookmaker,
So then and there I put up ten to one,
But when the judges gave their cruel decision,

To my surprise I found the horse had won.

It almost drives me to distraction,
Whene'er I look upon a horse,
It Is true that he was lame, still he got there just the same,
Leaving me in the arms of remorse.
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