American Old Time Song Lyrics: 54 She Wore A Little Safety Pin Behind

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 54

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Copyright, 1896, by Francis, Day & Hunter.
Words by W. T. Lytton. Music by Denham Harrison.

There's a dainty little damsel, And she's slap-bang up to date,
For she wears a little safety-pin behind.
With waist, so slim and slender, and her figure-well It's great,
And she wears a little safety-pin behind.
This artful little puss knows how to catch a Johnny's eye,
And an arm around her waist she doesn't mind;
But she fairly pops with laughter when his fingers find the point
Of that artful little safety-pin behind.

So don't you grin at the safety pin
That ornaments' the waists of great and small.
After what you've learnt from me, I am sure you will agree
It's a very handy fashion after all.

A Johnny took a darling to the Covent Garden Ball,
And she wore a little safety-pin behind.
The johnny, he was short and fat, the lady Slim and tall,
And she wore it little safety-pin behind.
An evening suit he borrowed, you could twig It at a glance
That those pantlets for that youth were not designed;
And they went across-well, never mind-they soon resumed the dance.
For be wore her little safety-pin behind.- Chorus.

Bill took his gal, Maria, down to Southend for the day,
And she wore a little safety-pin behind;
Enjoying balmy breezes and the splashing of the spray,
And she wore a little safety-pin behind.
Maria soon felt peckish, so she said, "Hi, blow me, Bill,
I for a pot of winkles feel inclined;
But we've nothing here to pick em out" "Oh, that's all right," cried Bill,
"Why you've got a blooming safety-pin behind." -Chorus.

A lady, with a poodle, went out shopping, poor young thing.
And she wore a little safety-pin behind.
The poodle had no muzzle, so she led it by a string,
Which She fastened to the safety-pin behind.
Of Course, the burly policeman in his duty could not fall,
She, by the magistrate next morn, was fined.
Well, soon 'twill be all outrage for a dog to wag his tail,
For they'll fix it with a safety-pin behind.- Chorus.

I've Just returned from Africa, it's rather warm out there,
And they never wear a safety-pin behind;
I really must confess to you their fashions made me stare,
For they didn't wear a safety-pin behind.
Those damsels of the Tropics were, by nature, dressed in black,
And for artificial clothing disinclined;
Well, as I wanted servants, I have brought a couple back,
But they'll have to wear a safety-pin behind.- Chorus.

A pretty maid once took a stroll along the sad seashore,
And she wore a little safety-pin behind;
She loved to be alone and hear the breaking billows roar,
And she wore a little safety-pin behind.
When from a rock out yonder came a most terrific howl,
She turned that way, the cause thereof to find.
Some chap had lost-well every thing except his bathing-towel,
And he wanted just a safety-pin behind.- Chorus.
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