American Old Time Song Lyrics: 53 Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 53

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Parody Written by Chas. H. Shutter.

A crowd who stood one summer's night outside a church, 'tis true,
Awaiting all to hear the bells toll their happiness for two,
While mingled with the people there, two kids named Tom and Mick,
Mick said, "I guess dhey'll hear de belle. Tommy-dhey'll hear dem nit."
The man inside what ties the knots says, "'Fore I tie you tight,
I've only got one cigarette, and I want to smoke to-night."
Just then a man came running in, who had a bum cigar,
he grabbed the silly bride and said, "This has gone too far-

Those wedding bells shall not ring out-it's two to one they won't. ",
Thus said the man with bum cigar: "I'll see, too, that they don't."
The sexton said, "Oh, what a joke, some one's gone and cut the rope,
Then Mickey said, "I am de bloke-how can de bells ring out."

The sexton was knocked silly And the bride And groom were dumb,
As they had come from Hoboken to both be made in one;
The bride who then was laughing said. "Won't some one yank the belli'
A voice then from the background said, "Yank it-what t'-ell."
' Of course, the bells cannot be rung," said the sexton full of dope,
"And I here isn't coin amongst the gang to buy another rope."
"Stand back," said one, "I've got a bell, a cow-bell good and clear;
Don't disappoint the wedded pair, who's gone to buy the beer? "

The wedding bells shall not ring out, but this Is good enough;
It's only but a cow-bell, yet it may sound kind of rough;
They're happy now a bell did hear, and every one without a fear
Jumped in and finished up the beer-those wedding bells shall not ring out.
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