American Old Time Song Lyrics: 51 Two Little Waifs

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 51

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Composed by Hovey Cook.

A little boy and little girl,
One winter night quite late,
Walked along a dreary street
And through a church-yard gate;
Along the path, up to the door,
Then sat upon a step,
And, to keep warm, the children
Close to each other crept.

Eight years old was the little girl-
Six was he at her side;
Brother and little sister,
Each was the other's pride.
Driven by drunken parents
Into the cheerless street,
So, to gain a shelter,
To the doorway did retreat.

How cold I am, said her brother,
As his arm 'round her waist entwined,
And she wrapped her shawl about him-
Tried to shield him from the wind.
Are you warmer now, she asked him,
As she kissed his fevered brow,
And he answered, yes, a little,
Just a little warmer now.

And she hugged him to her closer,
And she kissed his pallid face,
And the wind moaned wild and eerie
About their resting place.
She knew enough, this outcast,
For she soon began to cry,
For she knew that he was sinking,
And, alas, he soon must die.

Where is heaven, asked her brother-
Is it up there in the sky?
Yes, the little sister answered,
And we'll go there by and by.
And then brother we'll be happy,
And with her little band
The little creature pointed
Toward the promised land.

But how do we get up there?
Asked the dying lad.
God takes us, said his sister,
But not if we are bad.
Then he won't take pa or mother,
Will he, sister Nell?
And the little sister answered,
brother, I can't tell.

But he'll take you, said the little boy,
For you've been always good,
And the little sister answered,
Oh, how I wish he would;
And take you, too, dear brother,
Then together we would be;
For I want you, little brother,
To be all the time with me.

Then she told a childish story

Of the angels In the sky;
Told him how they loved good children,
Who would join them when they die,
And she told a tale of wonders,
Of wonders up above,
Of a savior and of angels,
And their never-ending love.

Sis, I see, said Willie,
See the angels, sister, dear,
And Jesus is among them,
And, six, he's coming here.
He is coming nearer, sister,
And he calls to me and you;
I am going, sis, to meet him;
Please come with me, sister, do.

And she said, I see him, brother-
Oh, how sweet each angel sings.
And, oh, see, dear brother,
Every one has snow white wings;
And, oh, see they're coming nearer,
Why, dear brother they are here.
We must go and join them, brother,
Them und Jesus dear.

And the snow fell till the morning,
And the dawn broke clear and cold,
And that day about the city,
A sad, sad tale was told,
Of how two little urchins
Were found before a sacred place-
Dead within its doorway,
Locked in a fond embrace.
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