American Old Time Song Lyrics: 51 The Difference Between East And West

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 51

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The Difference Between East and West.
Copyright, 1896, by Spaulding & Gray.
Words and Music by Wm. B. Gray and Arthur West.

Many people love the study
Of our fellow folk, mankind;
In the east and west of New York
Diff'rent studies you will find;
Though they're all in one great city,
You will notice, as you stroll,
They're as widely separated
As the North and Southern Pole.
Gaze within a west side ball room,
See the belle, a Hiss Devere;
Her affianced husband near her,
They're to married be this year;
'Tis a match that's made for money-
Love, there's not the very least,
But inside another dance hall,
Over town in New York, east-

A fellow says, "'Liza, you know how I prize you,
So don't dance again with that lad;
Don't worry your Larry, some day we will marry;
Take care, 'Liza, don't make me mad,
For nobody loves you as I do, you know,"
An honest heart beats in his breast;
He loves her because she's the choice of his heart.
That's the difference between east and west.

While the lights are brightly burning,
In a west side music hall,
With his pal, see Jones, the banker,
Lounging in his cozy stall;
All the time the wine is flowing,
See the eye-glass on his eye,
Watching every lady singer,
Thus an hour or so goes by.
"Waiter, bring us some more Pom'ry,"
On the stage then enters Maud.
That's a fine girl singing, Charlie.
"Yes," says Jones, but don't applaud;
Every one will think you know her-
Very bad form, here, at least,"
That's the style on New York's west side,
Now let's go to New York's east-

'Applaud there, Eliza, it may advertise her,"
Says Larry to 'Liza, his love;
A young girl is singing, delight she is bringing
From boxes to gall'ry above.
Perhaps she supports an old mother at home,
To please with a song does her best;
They cheer and applaud 'till her face wears a smile,
That's the difference between east and west.

In the early hours of morning,
See the rich man, cards in hand.
"Telegram for Smith," says some one.
"Bring it here, I understand.
Boys, my wife died just at midnight-
Hang it all, a perfect bore."
Spoiled his splendid game of poker.
"Guess I'll not play any more;
Perfect nuisance, fam'ly troubles."

On his face a sneering smile.
"Well, she's dead, and just for form's sake,
Must say ' so long' for a while."
Curses as he leaves the club house
To respect his poor dead wife;
At the same time, in a hovel,
Slow away ebbs 'Liza's life.

Poor Larry is crying, for 'Liza is dying,
He know they will soon have to part;
She tries to caress him, and prays God to bless him,
And prosper his rough, honest heart;
How dearly he loves her, no tongue can express,
For six nights he's not been to rest,
And there, by her side, to the last he has stood,
That's the difference between east and west.
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