American Old Time Song Lyrics: 50 Eliza The Mesmerizer

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 50

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Copyright, 1898, by Frank Dean & Co.
Words and Music by Harry Dacre.

Out of curiosity I went into a show
To see Madame Eliza:
She was called a hypnotist-a mesmerist, you know-
A perfect paralyzer.
She placed me in a chair, and then made actfons such as this:
I fell asleep, and dreamt a dream of happiness and bliss,
When suddenly it ended, and I woke up with a kiss,
A kiss from Miss Eliza.

Oh, Madame Eliza, she's a mesmerlzer;
Hypnotizes with a glance; sends you in a kind of trance.
Oh, Madame Eliza, I was victimized;
I never would have married her if I hadn't been mesmerized.

I was fascinated, for I couldn't keep away;
I had to find Eliza.
She could safely mesmerize me thirteen times a day,
Which didn't much surprise her;
I soon began to hate her, yet I followed her around;
One days he put me in a sleep, a sleep so very sound
That when I gained my consciousness, to my distress I found
I'd gone and married 'Liza.- Chorus.

To get a divorce I tried, I bore a kind of grudge
Against Madame Eliza:
But when his lordship took my part, she mesmerized the judge-
She was a paralyzer!
Then all the lawyers dropped asleep beneath her dreadful spell;
The Court police resisted, but, at last, they also fell;
Then all the people in the court were mesmerized as well.
By my old girl Eliza.- Chorus.

Mesmerizing postmen is the latest of her jokes;
She is a swindleizer.
She collars all the post'l orders meant for other folks-
A perfect fraud is 'Liza.
She hypnotizes all the men who call for debts of trade:
She asks them for receipted bills, and straightway they've obeyed;
She spoils their bumps of memory-they think their bills are paid
By my old girl Eliza.- Chorus.
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