American Old Time Song Lyrics: 44 The Hats They Wear When On Parade

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 44

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The Hats They Wear "When on Parade.
Copyright, 1894, by C. H. Kimball.
Words and Music by Emmet Duffee.

Of uniformed societies each city has its share,
And military companies you'll find them everywhere,
All elegantly uniformed with trappings rich and rare;
I'll show to you the many diff'rent styles of hat they wear.
The brethren of the "Triple Link" by all are much admired,
When they parade the streets in gorgeous uniform attired,
With emblems of Odd Fellowship triumphantly displayed:
And here's the style of hat they wear when they are on parade.

And they're gazed on with fondest admiration,
When in uniform arrayed:
You can always tell each diff'rent organization
By the hats they wear when on parade.

Our soldierly militia boys in uniform of blue
Are noted for their graceful style and martial bearing, too;
To see them on parade it is a sight you shou'd not miss;
The idol of each girlish heart, they wear a cap like this.
Then come the noble veterans of the old grand army post,
The battle scarred survivors of that brave and gallant host,
Who in their country's hour of need rushed bravely to her aid;
And here's the style of hat they wear when they are on parade.- Chorus.

The boys who tramp around the streets in sunshine, rain or hail,
Engaged in the delivery of Uncle Samuel's mail,
To you may bring a message of great joy or sad mishap;
On duty, you will find that they all wear this style of cap.
When rings that dread alarm of "Fire!" and flames light up the sky,
You'll find the firemen at their posts, prepared to do or die, .
Performing deeds heroic, life and property to save;
And here's the kind of hat worn by our gallant firemen brave.- Chorus.

The A. O. H. is well known to all, there is no doubt,
In elegant regalias they're attired when they turn out;
They cut a figure on parade, these sons of Erin's isle;
On such occasions you will note their hat is of this style.
But there's an organization that is famed throughout the land,
In time of need e'er ready to stretch forth a helping hand;
The noble Knights of Pythias you'll find them everywhere,
And when they're in parade this is the style of hat they wear.- Chorus.

The great Salvation Army every night parades the streets,
They sing and hammer tambourine, and bass drums loud they beat;
They say they're trying to save us from the devil's snares and traps,
They try to scare old Nick away with one of these queer caps.
But here's a hat that's worn alike by smart men and by chumps,
The men who in life's battle always hold that clubs are trumps;
Now my advice to all you boys, who go on little bats
Is, keep far, far away from men who wear this kind of hat- Chorus.
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