American Old Time Song Lyrics: 42 Since Nellie Flew The Coop

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 42

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Written and sung by Jas. McAvoy.
Tune-"Since Nellie Went Away."

In quiet single flat uptown, where lovers only dwell,
Were green goods men and cons and touts boarding there quite swell;
But this was on the second floor, right underneath the third,
The sealskin sack that ran the flat they say she was a bird.
One night her husband he came home, I think to feed his face.
His wife she moved the furniture and vanished from the place;
It was an awful shake down, he's never since forgot,
He loves her still, it's funny be can't get it through his out.

But he's dreaming where his Nellie's gone,
Where has his Nellie flew,
And the only thing for him to do
Is do, do, my huckleberry, do, do, do, do, do.

he can't believe her faithless, she never stayed out late,
He never knew her touch a drop, they got along first rate;
His watch is in the soak shop, his clothes are in the soup,
Night and day He's getting nutty since Nellie flew the coop.
No, he won't believe her faithless, those eyes of tender blue,
Her gentleman acquaintances were only one or two;
He was the boy for Nellie, the goose with a golden egg,
He's been walking 'round on crutches since Nellie pulled his-leg.-Refrain.

Still he won't believe her faithless, for she always called him pet.
She said she knew no actors, and he never used to fret:
He always thought her innocent, he knew she must be chaste,
But the chasers chased poor Nellie, so she left him in the paste.
Still he don't believe her faithless, he thinks that she'll come back,
He thinks that some one swiped her, he thinks so for a fact;
But Nellie struck a pudding, and she shook him like a rat.
And he's carrying the banner now, since Nell gave up the Out.-Refrain.

No, he won't believe her faithless, but why did she throw him down,
Did Nellie love another mug when he was not around?
He has tramped all over the city, he has never missed an inch,
Every day the neighbors tell him that Nellie struck a cinch.
But he don't believe her faithless, but where did Nellie go,
And who did Nellie go with, is what we'd like to know:
Still he don't believe her faithless; well, He's nutty, we'll allow,
But since Nellie made her exit he is on the hog train now.-Refrain.

He can't believe her faithless, if he was to be hung,
But Nell was no spring chicken, he thought she was so young;
She was older than his mother, and her hair she used to bleach.
The way that Nell was kidding him she must have been a peach.
He can't believe her faithless, he'd have to prove it. first,
I think that he can prove it, if it comes down to the worst;
If he can't prove her faithless we'll let him try again,
We'll send him to the daffy house, because he is insane.-Refrain.

He says she can't be faithless, she never did no hurt.
He never caught her mashing, and he never saw her flirt;
He never took a tumble, he says it is a sin,
And he's started in to drinking now, since Nellie blew him In.
Still he can't believe her faithless, he always paid the rent,
And whatever was left over, Mrs. Nellie always spent:
But the hayseed, still he thinks she can't be faithless just the same,
While he had stuff she jollied him and kept him in the game.-Refrain.
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