American Old Time Song Lyrics: 42 Obrian And Mccue

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 42

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Composed and sung by John J. Rush.

It was down at Dan O'Leary's, just on the avenue,
There was to be a contest 'tween O'Brian and McCue;
There was all the 'commodations that e'er a man would call,
From the barroom to the ballroom, which was over top of all.
The contest was to wrestle in the Graecco-Roman style.
McCue said he'd down any man that came from Erin's Isle;
Says O'Brian, "I am no wrestler, but I'll make him understand
That he can't down the man today that comes from Paddy'i land."

Brace up, Dan O'Brian, and don't have any fear;
Brace up, Dan O'Brian, and show them you are here;
It'll be known throughout the nations, and the future generations
Will bear the good old story how O'Brain downed McCue.

The ballroom it was crowded and the time was drawing near,
The referee then took his place and the wrestlers did appear;
The referee he then called time, you couldn't hear a sound,
The men embraced each other and the ling they went mound.
The round it was a long one and O'Brian went to the floor;
McCue says. "I have downed you and I'll put you down once more."
O'Brian quick jumped upon his feet and says. "You mean you'll try;
I'll down you twice upon your back or in this ring I'll die." - Chorus.

The crowd was very anxious when the second round began,
McCue was very confident that he would down his man;
The round it was a hot one. and the multitude did roar
To see the style O'Brian put McCue down on the floor.
O'Brian walked to his corner in a proud majestic style,
As much to say, "I am the man that comes from Erin's Isle."
McCue walked to his corner like a ship was tempest tossed,
His backers said he'd have to fight or their money would be lost. - Chorus.

Time was called for the wind-up, the men were upon the floor,
And trying to down each other as they both had done before:
'Twas up and down and around the ring the way the struggle went,
Till every man was in the hall had put up every cent.
The crowd became excited and desperate grew the men,
The* began to fight like timers And hurl each other then;
McCue tried hard to down him, but he wasn't there at all,
O'Brian laid him upon his back and finally won the fall.

Brace up, Dan O'Brian, you're a man of great renown;
Brace up, Dan O'Brian, you're the best man in the town.
It'll be known throughout the nations, and the future generations
Will hear the good old story how O'Brian downed McCue.
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