American Old Time Song Lyrics: 42 All Of A Sudden

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 42

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Copyright, 1894, by Henry J. Wehman.
Written and sung by Jas. McAvoy.

Now the song I will sing you, to tell you the truth,
I fixed it up all of a sudden;
If I make an error I trust you'll excuse,
I might make one all of a sudden.
It's seldom or never I do make a break,
And I hope if I do no offence you will take,
Now I am going to try hard to avoid a mistake,
If I make one you bet 'twill be sudden.

It might strike you sudden, though you'll stand the shock,
But I suddenly doubt, you won't take any stock;
At the time it might suddenly start you with fright,
But suddenly afterwards you'll feel all right.

One day I was broke and my watch had to pawn,
I put it away awful sudden;
I felt for my watch but I found it was gone,
I forgot that I soaked it so sudden.
I was sure I was robbed but I could not tell where,
And as long as I live I'll remember that scare,
Till I felt down in here And the ticket was there,
Well, it twisted me all of a sudden.

I missed it so sudden I very near died,
Of a sudden I knew it was oreide;
I soaked it for five, in a sudden I flew,
And I won t take it out in a sudden, would you?

An old man told his wife he thought he'd soon die,
She sobbed, and she hoped 'twould be sudden;
"I may go before morning," says he," but don't cry;"
"I'll try not," she answered him sudden.
He took paris green, and that evening he croaked,
His wife laughed so hard that she very near choked,
At the wake all the neighbors came in and got soaked,
And they planted him all of a sudden.

Of a sudden again this young widow was wed,
Ho suddenly after her husband was dead;
She suddenly married to ease her distress,
When the old gent he suddenly run out of breath.

In a parlor a young couple sat side by side,
And the gas it went out very sudden;
He squeezed her and said, "Marguerite, be my bride,"
She said, "Oh, dear, George, It's too sudden."
There was Marguerite's papa, stood seven feet tall,
In a moment sweet Marguerite heard something fall,
George went through the window, be took sash and all,
By the way of glass go awful sudden.

Of a sudden dear Georgie found out he was hit,
With a sudden big gaiter, where he used to sit;
Since he's suddenly give Marguerite a wide berth,
If he don't he may suddenly ride in a hearse.

A girl said, "What are you thinking of, dear?"
It surprised the young man very sudden;
"Why, the same thing you're thinking of, love, ain't it queer!"

Then that girl she blushed all of a sudden.
It took her so sodden she jumped in amaze,
"I am surprised, And how dare you I" this young lady says,
"You better not try it, or I'll slap your face I"
She got redheaded all of a sudden.

So sudden two minds sometimes think just the same,
'Twas sudden and strange, still they both were to blame;
She called him too sudden, and he spoke the truth,
Well, they both spoke too sudden, And what is the use.
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