American Old Time Song Lyrics: 41 Out Of Sight

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 41

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Written by John J. Crosson.

There's another rising chestnut, it's the topic of the day,
You can hear it every morning, noon and night.
But every other chestnut's hair will soon be turning gray,
For the latest now is clearly out of sight.
There are many things that happen, some of which I make a note,
For an interesting theme I never slight,
So If you'll pay attention and your time to me devote,
I will tell you what I think is out of sight.

Now Sullivan, the great John L., did meet his Waterloo,
When be failed to hit Jim Corbett with his right;
Some people say it was a sell, but then that's nothing new,
Just the same our Jim has proved he's out of sight.
But now comes Charley Mitchell, and big Peter Jackson, too,
If talk goes far they're spoiling for a fight;
But I think if Jim should meet them both, the rounds will be but few,
For I'm sure our Jim will still be out of sight.

Now Cleveland and Ben Harrison have run their mighty race,
Their banners high were sailing like a kite,
But honestly I thought the way Dave Martin set the pace,
That Harrison was clearly out of sight.
But the Force Bill and McKinley every honest heart had filled
With burning indignation-ain't I right?
On the eighth day of November Ben Harrison got killed,
When they landed honest Grover out of sight.

I see that Lottie Collins and ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay
Are paralyzing thousands every night,
But it seems to me the singers of the English stage today
Have a notion that they're clearly out of sight.
But what are they compared to Maggie Cline, our Irish queen,
Or our little bonnie Thornton, ever bright;
If the daisies o'er the water think our eyes are painted green,
They'll get left, for we are clearly out of sight.

I hear Inspector Byrnes will put the clubs upon the shelf,
But in justice to the cops now is it right?
Still I know from the experience of others like myself,
That a copper with a club is out of sight.
The gangs upon the corners then will surely own the day,
If the copper says a word there'll be a fight,
But I guess he'll pause and think awhile, then go upon his way,
For the gang upon the corner's out of sight.

The base ball clubs of '92 were failures, we'll agree,
The attendance at the games was very light,
But I think before the season ends of 1893,
We will find our national game clean out of sight.
The New York club we'll see again a leader in the race,
For the boys declare they're in it, left and right;
Oh, with Johnny Ward once more with us, And Danny on third base,
Our giants will be surely out of sight.

I'll have to cut it short now, though I'd like to sing you more,
But I must leave room for others-ain't I right?
I can easily see the way I'm called to answer the encore,
That my little song is clearly out of sight.
But then we only told you of the things sometimes we see,
And to sing of them does give me keen delight:
If you call on me some other time, I think we will agree,
That you'll find me always, ever, out of sight.
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