American Old Time Song Lyrics: 38 Ogradys Goat

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 38

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Copyright, 1890, by John F. Ellis & Co.
Written and Composed by Will S. Hays.

O'Grady lived In Shanty Row, his neighbors often said
They wished that he would move away, or that his goat was dead.
He kept the neighborhood in fear, And children always vexed:
They Couldn't tell just When or where that goat would pop up next.

Now you can bet your coat that if there's fun afoot.
And there is any devilment, you'll find O'Grady's goat:
With rocks And guns and knives mad husbands and their wives
Have tried 'most all their lives to find and kill O'Grady's goat.

Old widow Casey stood one day, the dirty clothes to rub
Upon the washboard, when she dived head foremost o'er the tub;
She lit upon her back and yelled as she was laid out flat:
"Go, git yer goon an' shoot the baste, O'Grady's goat doon that." -Chorus.

Pat Doolan's woife hung out the wash upon the line to dry;
She wint to take it in at night, but stopped to have a cry;
The sleeves av two rid flannel shirts, that once were worn by Pat,
Were chewed off almost to the neck-O'Grady's goat doon that.- Chorus.

They had a party at McCune's, an' they wor havin' foon,
Whin suddinly Ihere was a crash, an' ivirybody roon:
The iseter soup fell on the floor an' nearly drowned the cat,
The stove was knocked to smithereens-O'Grady's goat doon that- Chorus

Moike Dyle was courtin' Biddy Shea, both standin' at the gate,
An' they wor jist about to kiss aich outher sly and shwate:
They coom togither like two rams an' mashed their noses flat,
They niver shpake whin they goes by-O'Grady's goat doon that.- Chorus.

The folks in Grady's naberhood all live in fear or fright.
They thinks it's certain death to go around there after night,
An' in their shlape they see a ghost upon the air afloat.
An 'wake themselves by shoutin' out; "Lookout for Grady's goat!"- Chorus.

Wan winter mornin' whin the shnow was deep upon the ground,
Men, women, children-in a crowd-were sad an' shtandin' 'round
The form of wan, cold, stiff an' dead, an' shtickin' down his throat
Was Mag McGinty's bushtle fast, that inded Grady's goat.- Chorus.
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