American Old Time Song Lyrics: 38 Lately Bye And Bye

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 38

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Copyright, 1892, by Francis, Day & Hunter.
Written by Norton Atkins. Composed by Felix McGlennon,

Some very queer occurrences have happened in my life,
Lately, just, lately!
I thought I needed comfort, so I took to me a wife.
Lately, just lately!
I furnished up a flat and made it cosy, warm and bright,
Bought all on the installment plan, to make expenses light.
Then settled down to happiness and felt quite out of sight,
Lately, just lately!

But bye and bye, bye and bye,
Came the day of sad reflection, bye and bye!
Every dollar, every cent.
Paid installments and the rent,
I'll be glad if I am living bye and bye.

A masher was the envy of his friends and of his foes.
Lately, just lately!
He bought himself a lovely forty-dollar suit of clothes.
Lately, just lately!
They fitted to perfection and he cut an awful dash;
He played a great big game of bluff when out upon the mash,
But in the store he used a tape and aired himself With "cash!"
Lately, just lately!

But bye and bye, bye and bye-
Well, he won't be such a masher bye and bye;
'Round to uncle's shop he'll go,
And that. suit of clothes he'll show,
And he'll only know the ticket bye and bye.

A gent up in the country has to New York just run down,
Lately, just lately!
'Twas on important business that he said he must leave town,
Lately, just lately!
His wife could not help wond'ring why he wanted so much cash;
He took a lot of luggage and he made himself look flash;
She followed him and found out he was down there on the mash,
Lately, just lately!

But bye and bye, bye and bye,
He will find out to his sorrow, bye and bye,
That his single days are o'er:
When she meets him at the door
She will paint him "red "all over, bye And by*.

A poet told his landlady he'd settle his account,
Lately, just lately!
She said, "It's nearly time, for it's a very large amount,"
Lately, just lately!
Says she, with my expenses I'm unable quite to cope;
You'll square up Mister Nix as soon as possible, I hope.
But Mister Nix is artful, for he's bought a piece of rope,
Lately, just lately!

And bye and bye, bye and bye-
Well, the old girl will discover, bye and bye,
That her lodger Mister Nix,
Has a trunk that's full of bricks,
And a poem, "I will pay you bye and bye."

When little Mister Tompkins met his old friend Mister Brown,
Lately, just lately!
He said, "Ah, Brown, old chap, I'm glad to see you here in town,
Lately, just lately!
You're just the man I want to meet; I'm in a dreadful stew;
Just lend me twenty dollars: if you can't, why, ten will do;
But Brown just Winked the other eye, and said, "I'm on to you,"
Lately, just lately!

But bye and bye, bye and bye,
You can borrow twenty dollars bye and bye;
I have thirty still to get
That you have not settled yet;
Oh, I'm always glad to lend, but bye and bye.
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