American Old Time Song Lyrics: 38 I Dreamt That I Was Dreaming

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 38

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I Dreamt that I Was Dreaming.
Copyright, 1881, by Frank Tousey.
Revised by Arthur Sinclair. Composed by Harry Dacre.

I look around the music stores and find a thousand songs,
All based upon the well-known dreaming themes;
There's "Let Me Dream Again," of course, "Dream Faces" and "Dreamland,"
And "Happy, Happy, Happy Be Thy Dreams."
"Is this a Dream" "It Was a Dream," likewise "I Dreamt I Dwelt,"
"Dream On, Sweet Babe," also ' I Dream of Thee!"
I thought there were not dreams enough, and so I've now arranged
To have a new dream song composed for me

I dreamt that I was dreaming, a dream within a dream
(A mixture which I hope will ne'er come true);
Oh, love, I dreamt that I had dreamt that you had dreamt of me,
While you were dreaming, dreaming that-that I had dreamed of you!

I've been rehearsing this six weeks, I got so awful mixed
(The most confusing song I ever had);
The frightful complications have disturbed my nightly rest,
To try and solve this dream song drives me mad.
My wife has gone bald-headed through the mental exercise,
The servant girl has gone a trifle wrong;
The children all seem daft, because they try to analyze
The tedious confusion Of this song.- Chorus.

Just fancy now to dream I dreamt a dream within a dream-
To dream that I had dreamt that some young girl
Had dreamt of me while I was dreaming-no, that's wrong-no-yes
(I think my brain is getting out of curl)­Let's see! I dream that she is dreaming, I had dreamt that she
Has dreamed that I-that is, that she-no-I-
Was dreaming she had dreamt that she was going to dream of me­No-no! If I go further I shall die.- Chorus.
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