American Old Time Song Lyrics: 36 Not On Your Life Says Dolan

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 36

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Not on Your Life, Says Dolan.
Copyright, 1892, by Will Rossiter.
Words and Music by Harry S. Miller.

Dolan and and Magee one day quit work and donned their clothes,
For they were out the night before and got it up their nose;
Their heads were really twice the size, and they couldn't work at all,
They told their boss the cause of it was Mulligan's little ball.
I never shall forget that night no matter what you say.
The way that Dolan waltzed around with Mary Ann O'Day;
Didn't he get his feet tied up with hers And down they go at last,
When they lifted Mary Ann from him I was the first to ask:

Will you finish the waltz with Miss O'Day?
Not on your life, says Dolan;
Finish the dance they all did say,
Not on your life, says Dolan.,
Don't think the woman she ways a ton,
She only pulls three hundred And one;
Come finish the waltz before it's done,
Not on your life, says Dolan.

They took the races in that day to play a horse or so,
Devil a bit 'bout racing, shure, did either of them know;
Now I'll buy a tip says Dolan, Pat on anything that's right,
He got his ticket ten to one on a horse called "Out of Sight."
They started off with Dolan's choice the first ore round the line,
But when the race was over why he wasn't one to nine;
Then the gang they said the horse was pulled, And he had no chance to win,
And this gag they gave to Dolan and they tried to jolly him.

I am sorry you lost said one of them,
Not on your life, says Dolan;
Square yourself said another one then,
Not on your life, says Dolan.
I've got a "cinch," you want it of course,
Forty to one on a dead sure horse;
Stand in with me and a dollar dobs,
Not on your life, says Dolan.

Soon they made a start for home, as they were nearly broke,
Just then the gang came up to them, took Dolan by the coat;
Says they, me friend come try your hand, and find the little ball
That lays beneath the little shells, and it's twenty if you call.
The fellow raised the shells did he to show the ball was there,
When Dolan says, I'll go you and he won the twenty square;
But they were only drawing Dolan on for higher stakes to play.
But he knocked them out when he remarked, as one of them did say:

Well, I'll go you a forty now this trip,
Not on your life, says Dolan;
Go him, says one, I'll give you the tip,
Not on your life, says Dolan.
I'll play you no more, says he, that's plain,
I'm twenty now ahead of the game;
Give us a chance to win back again,
Not on your life, says Dolan.
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