American Old Time Song Lyrics: 36 He Is An Angel Now

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 36

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Copyright, 1891, by Albert Loraine & Co.
Words by Lew Carroll. Music by Effle Huested.

Bill Sikes he had an awful headache, he thought that he was going to die;
His ma-in-law came to his rescue, some siedlitz powders he should try;
She mixed them up in separate glasses-Bill drank the blue one like a flash,
And next, of course, he drunk the white one, When lo! a burst and then a crash.

Bill is an angel now, his headache won't trouble him now,
He's gone, so they say, 'mongst the clouds far away.
Spoken-He is an angel now.

A word or two about a friend of mine, at shooting he was out of sight;
He taught his wife, in case that burglars might come around his house at night;
Lust week he tried to fool his tootzy-wootz, And he played burglar just for fun;
His wife, excited, grabbed the weapon and pulled the trigger of that gun.

Pa is an angel now, poor fellow he's dead, oh! how
His wife mourns her loss; she's a widow, of course.

Spoken-He is an angel now.

One day When it was very stormy, And telegraph wires were blown about,
Young Jimmy Fresh thought he'd be funny, so to his play mates he did shout:
"Say, fellers, you can't do what I can do.-' "What is It?" said his playmate Pete.
"Why, hold this wire." He did but once was all, the current knock'd him 20 feet.

Jimmy's an angel now, he was knocked silly, I vow;
And the little kids sang, there's one less in our gang.
Spoken-He is an angel now.

An editor of a Western paper a bull-dog had of fighting powers;
He kept that dog for would-be authors, who bothered him in business hours;
One day a dude brought in a poem sweet, he read it through, then, sad but true,
The answer that the editor gave him was, "Sic him, Towser!" Towser flew.

Dude is an angel now, he was chased by that ugly bow-wow;
All was left of that pet was a stump cigarette.
Spoken-He is an angel now.

Last winter ma-in-law went skating, she tried to cut the figure eight.
Her movements they were very fancy, in backward skating she was great;
A danger hole was near And in she went; we tried to save her, all in vain;
She came up twice, we couldn't reach her, the third time she went down again.

She is an angel now, all that she left was a cow;
No more can we hear our ma-in-law dear.
Spoken - She is an angel now.
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