American Old Time Song Lyrics: 36 Gilhooley Youre A Terror

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 36

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Copyright, 1892, by The International Music Company.
Words and Music by Otto. M. Heinzman.

I've an awful next door neighbor, Gilhooley is his name;
He's liv'd there now just two weeks, and I wish he'd never came.
Not a minute is he quiet, either day or thro' the night;
And never is he happy, unless he's in a fight.
He took a walk the other day, but where he would not tell;
He was not gone an hour, when I heard him give a yell;
I knew there was some trouble, and I rushed out to the door,
And there lay Pat Gilhooley full and stretched out on the floor.

Oh, Gilhooley, you're a terror! this is what the tenants say;
Either you or we shall get out on the first of May.
You are always making trouble, in the house and round about;
Gilhooley, you're a terror, and we'll have to put you out!

Now, Gilhooley isn't married but there's one girl whom he likes;
He calls her "Darling Bridget!" and she calls him "Mr. Swipes!"
He said that he would take her some night to see a show,
But if she asks when 'twill be? he'll say, "I do not know!"
Now, Bridget she has told him that she'd soon give him the shake.
And Pat says if she does, then, why then Paris green he'll take!
Now this got Bridget frighten'd, and away she quickly ran,
And told her ma what Pat had said, then the mother she began:

Oh, Gilhooley you're a terror! wherever you may be;
Oh, yes, you are an awful man, that ev'ry one can see.
My daughter's never happy when you are around;
GUhooley you're a terror, and so was always found.

Gilhooley got a notice from his club the other night.
They said he ne'er attended unless he caus'd some fight;
They promised him an office, or some good and steady place,
If he only would act decent, and take the whiskers off his face.
So the next time they had meeting, Pat Gilhooley he was there.
But he was sorry that he shav'd, for his face them all did scare!
Matt Gallagher then said to him "that Crowley he looked like!"
This got Gilhooley awful mad, and then there was a fight.

Oh, Gilhooley, you're a terror! and this fighting you must stop;
And if you don't obey us, then we'll have to call the "cop!"
Pat did not heed their warning, and locked up was he then;
Gilhooley, you're a terror, was then cried by all the men.
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