American Old Time Song Lyrics: 36 Buy A Nice Little Home In The Country

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 36

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Buy a Nice Little Home in the Country.
Copyright, 1892, by Frank Harding.
Words and Music by Ed. Barry.

I'm a man that's lately married, And rents are so high about town,
So I thought I no longer would tarry, but buy a small house of my own.
A nice little home in the country, no rent would I then have to pay,
And my friends one and all did advise me, And this unto me they did say:

Buy a nice little home in the country, a dear little place for your wife;
Be your own landlord and owner, and settle down there for your life;
With your pigs and your chickens And garden, no doctor to Bend in his bill,
When the springtime comes, gentle Annie, oh! what a chill.

I was up at daybreak the next morning, And for work then I started to go;
It was just as the day was a-dawning, the wind thro' my whiskers did blow.
The train it was blocked for an hour, I was late When I reached the shop door.
And the boss he then quickly discharg'd me, while all of the men they did roar,

When I started for home in the evening, oh! then the rain did begin,
The weather was way below zero, and the icicles hung on my chin.
A bull-dog he made a rush at me, the tails of my coat he tore,
My wife she raised up the window, and this unto me she did roar:-Chorus.

The springtime it brought us malaria, my wife and myself took the chills,
It took all the money we had in the house to keep us a-going eating pills.
The furniture shook in the parlor, the clock it walked off the shelf,
The carpet it joined in the racket-why, it got up And shook itself.-Chorus.

The summer it brought us mosquitoes, they came in by the light of the moon,
They then did begin for to eat us, each bit as big us a balloon.
They drove us all out of our beds, on the floor we then had to lay,
And while round my head they kept buzzing I fancied I could hear them say:
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