American Old Time Song Lyrics: 34 The Cuckoo Club

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 34

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Copyright. 1891, by C.J. Dittess.
Words and Music by Harry S. Miller.

Have you ever seen the "Cuckoo Club" down on the corner street;
Well, ah, me boys, it is the hardest crowd you'd ever want to meet;
They hang around McCarty's place just seven days a week,
And call themselves the cuckoos, do you mind?
They are beyond comment, and they seldom have a cent,
But when they do, the growler's in it hot,
And they're up all night at that, singing "Comrades" in B flat,
Till the neighbors yell for heaven's sake to stop.

Then the gang all whistle -[Whistle]!
The gang all whistle-[Whistle]
It makes the neighbors mad, it makes them worse, bedad.
When the gang all whistle-what?- [Whistle.]

Now McCarty has his troubles with the gang most every week,
And, ah, the coppers have the same to do to keep them off their beat;
They flirt with all the shop-girls going up and down the street.
And call themselves the cuckoos, do you mind? (
They take in matinees, and then when the show does cease,
They stand out, out on the sidewalk in their pride;
When they see the coppers come, it's against their wil1 to run.
But they slowly get on to the other side.

Then the gang all whistle-[Whistle.]
The gang all whistle- [Whistle.]
They walk across the street, it's off the copper's beat,
Then the gang all whistle-what?- [Whistle.]

Oh, the Cuckoo gave a party here one night on Easy Street,
And, ah, the way they come through windows there it must have been complete;
And them that couldn't use their fist were in it with their feet,
And call themselves the cuckoos, do you mind?
The coppers took a hand, and the whole gang they did land
Before the judge, who said, without a fear:!
"Well, me birds, you're quite the rage, but you're safer in a cage.
So I'll send you to the island for a year."

Then the gang all whistled-[Whistle.]
The gang all whistled-[Whistle.]
Twas very sad, you know, but still they had to go,
So the gang all whistled-what?-[Whistle.]
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