American Old Time Song Lyrics: 34 Sweet Marjoram

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 34

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Copyright, 1891. by Chas. F. Pidgin.
Words by Chas. F. Pidgin Music by Morris Berlyn.

How for will you go the conductor said
As I passed a five-dollar bill;
I said, I don't know, but I guess I'll go
'Bout as far as the money will.
He gave me a check that was marked North Jay,
And I slept till we reached the town;
He yelled, I awoke, took a jump,
And struck pretty girl in a Hubbard gown.
I apologized for my carelessness;
'Tis of no account, said she;
And she walked ahead, with a dainty tread;
Once she turned and looked at me.
"Who's that girl?" I said, to a country youth
"Tha,t is Marjoram Green," said he,
Yes, she lives to hum with her dad, old Green
And he keeps a boardery."

Sweet Marjoram, sweet Marjoram, sweet Marjo, Marjo, Marjoram.
Sweet Marjoram, sweet Marjoram, sweet Marjo, Marjo, Marjo, Marjo, Marjoram.

I strolled up the lane till I found the house,
Saw sweeet Marjoram at the door;
Old Green put my board ten a week,
But said, pretty soon he might charge me more.
I jumped at the chance, when I found that I
Was the only young man they had;
I thought I could tell in sweet Marjoram's eye,
By a look, that she too was glad.
Yes, we went to ride, and we fishing tried;
Best of all, she loved a yacht;
It capsized one day, but I rescued her,
And ashore her form I brought.
What astonished me, there appeared to be
Lovers, none who jealous grew;
But, I said, "They see they've no chance 'gainst me.
That's what Marjoram thinks, too." -Refrain.

The time flew away, and I said one day,
"I, Miss Marjorum, must leave you;"
I glanced at her then, and I thought I saw
On her face that a pallor grew.
Said I, "I'm ashamed that I did not tell,
When I came, I'm a married man;
Be good, little girl; when I'm gone, don't grieve,
But forget-that is, if you can."
Then she said, I'll try, 'twould be sad if I
Had no one who loved me true;
There's! my papa, Green, who for years has done
What he told his son he'd do.
"Who's his Hon?" I cried, and I stood aghast;
Marjoram looked up to me,
"Why, I should have told, he's my husband, sir,
And he's been three years at sea." -Refrain.
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