American Old Time Song Lyrics: 34 An Oysters Love

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 34

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Copyright, 1891, by Chas. F. Pidgin.
Words by Chas. F. Pidgin. Music by W. J. D. Leavitt

A bivalve once did fall in love, of course, with a female oyster;
his shell he opened when he proposed, his words they, of course, rejoiced her.
Now Mister Oyster was haut ton, he was a Blue Point and wealthy,
While she from Shrewsbury River came, and they were both young and healthy.

Yes, the bivalve heart has a beat that's full;
There are those who scorn and deride It;
But I speak of love that sweetly grows
In an oyster for one beside It.
For an oyster's love Is a passion strong,
Though an uncouth shell conceals it;
On! how can we scorn a love so true.
When the pearl within reveals it?

They met one day at dinner-time, while he on a half-shell rested;
She was. I must confess the truth, in pickle, of her robes divested.
His furtive glance fell on her form, by love then his heart was shattered;
He wished that fate had willed that both should escalloped be or battet'd.-Ref

And next he thought it had been best if they had been stewed au nat'rel;
He'd thanked his stars with all his might if fried with his heart's collat'ral.
A pan-roast, too, It seemed to him, would offer a chance to win her;
And then a cold sweat chilled his brow, for the guests came in to dinner.-Ref

Then to his heart a sweet thought came; true love, there is naught can hamper.
A gourmet took him on a fork, our youth down his throat did scamper.
The gourmet then looked round the board, Bonne bouche for his throat to tickle;
Oh! joy! oh! happiness supreme, for his eye fell on the pickle.-Refrain.

The youth, I've said, had gone below, the fork left a wound, 'twas burning.
But still his heart was safe and sound, though filled with a loving yearning.
What's this he sees? my love, she comes, and she in his arms alighted;
Though life could not their loving bless, yet by death both were united.-Ref.
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