American Old Time Song Lyrics: 32 Only One

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 32

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Copyright, 1888. by Chas. & Blake & Co., Boston.
Words by S. Russell Childs, Music by F. O. Richmond.
Encore Verses by Frank N. Scott.

Only one-one little song I'll sing to you,
Only one;
So listen pray 'till I get through,
Some funny jokes I'll try to sing.
And though I may some "chestnuts" spring,
I think I've struck a clever thing
In only one.

Only one mother-in-law do I possess,
Only one;
She's one too many, I confess;
Last night she picked a row with me,
I blacked her eye, then danced with glee;
I'd blacked them both, but don't you see
She'd only one.

Only one pianoforte did I buy.
Only one;
And that one broke me high and dry;
I bought it on the three-years' plan,
The first installment I began,
And paid it like a little man,
The only one.

Only one-one little encore verse I know,
Only one;
I'll sing it quick, then let me go;
To sing much more would make you tired;
The manager says my time's expired;
If I don't stop, he'll have me fired,
The only one.

Encore Verses.
Only one umbrella I had in stock,
Only one;
My uncle has that one "in hock";
I called on a friend and there did spy
Two umbrellas mat and dry;
When I had gone he said, "Oh, my!
There's only one."

Only one Havana cigar I had on hand,
Only one;
The very choicest kind of brand;
A friend I met asked for "a light"
He said, "Ah, thanks! ta, ta! all right!"
I had his cigar and was sick all night.
The only one.

Only one-one little Utah way out West,
Only one;
Where polygamy has made a nest,
A Mormon has of wives a score.
The very pious ones have more.

One's quite enough, -I'm awful sore
With only one.

Only one -only one friend with faith, you see,
Only one;
To lend life shekels unto me;
Last night I struck him for a loan.

Which to "the tiger" soon was "blown,"
And with his ten the friend has flown.
The only one.

Only one -one gilt-edged dentist have I found,
Only one;
He fixed my teeth up good and sound;
I slipped just as I left his door,
And with my jaw wiped up the floor.
Now of a set of thirty-four,
I've only one.

Only one-one mighty nation of the earth,
Only one,
Where glorious freedom had her birth;
All people love their banner bright,
The stars and stripes are my delight,
And Yankee land I think all right,
The only one.
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