American Old Time Song Lyrics: 31 The Castaways

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 31

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Words by Ed. Harrigan. Music by Dave Braham.

On the good ship "Dolly Dorking,"
From London I set sail,
All bound for the Indian Ocean,
Oh, hear my mournful tale;
The whole ship's crew, and captain, too,
The cook, a brown Malay;
In a hurricane of wind and rain,
Brave boys, we were cast away.

With a hay, hay, hay, and a ho, ho, ho!
I'll ne'er forget that day;
When the whole ship's crew, and the captain, too,
Brave boys, we were cast away.

We'd a cask or two of water
stowed in the old ship's bout;
A box of old sea biscuit.
By chance we found afloat;
All tempest tossed, with compass lost.
We had no time to pray;
Our flag of distress was a pants and vest,
Brave boys, we were cast away.- Chorus.

Afloat on the Indian Ocean,
Through fair and foul and calm,
I saw, as the sun was tiring,
An island full of palm;
Ho, land! I cried, I never lied,
Says captain, where away?
On our starboard bow we're safe, lads.
Now, hip, hurrah, for the castaways. Chorus.

Says the captain, do your duty.
All hands, when you're ashore;
The first man who goes for booty
I'll brain him with an oar;
We struck the beach, we heard a screech,
'Twas Indian girls at play;
It drove away the blues when they came out in canoes,
Hip, hurrah, for the castaways.-Chorus.

An Indian Queen of sweet sixteen
Says we were drove from home,
A king of another island
Sent us here to die alone;
One hundred wives, for all your lives,
I give each sailor, gay:
Then each copper-colored belle sent up an Indian yell.
Hip, hurrah, for the castaways.-Chorus.

All sailors bold, I have been told,
Who ship before the mast,
Will sail the ocean over
To And that isle at last;
But, bless your hearts, 'tain't on charts.
All the navigators say;
But I've done no harm, I've spun my yarn.
Hip, hurrah, for the castaways.- Chorus.
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