American Old Time Song Lyrics: 31 Down In Gossip Row

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 31

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Words by Ed. Harrigan. Music by Dave Braham.
Sung by Ed. Harrigan in "The Mulligan Guard Ball."

I moved my family, bed and board, last year, the first of May,
From a very quiet neighborhood, sure. Dan coaxed me away;
Hypocrisy and scandal they have caused me bitter woe
Ever since the morning I moved down to Gossip Row.

Good-morning, Mrs. Dooley, oh, have you heard the news?
Mary Ann went to a ba'l, and borrowed Peggy's shoes;
There's a second-hand piano in twenty-two below,
And lots of drunken boarders in that house on Gossip Row.
Now listen, Mrs. Crowley, I've something for your ear-
What is it? oh, what is it? we are dying for to hear;
The brunette. Julia Dempsey, I'm told she has a beau,
She ran off with a soldier from that house in Gossip Row.

I wear my new-made bonnet, I walk along the block,
They poke their heads from windows and whisper, "What a shock!
She thinks she's a young school-girl, ain't she a horrid show?"
You'd have to run the gauntlet if you moved to Gossip How.

Good-morning, Mrs. Dooley and did you have your lay?
I drank a pint of lager beer just now with Mrs. Kay;
She wants to be a Yankee, I'll let the neighbors know
She lived in Mulligan Alley 'fore she moved to Gossip Row.
Now listen, Mrs. Crowley, I never like to speak-
Who throws out the garbage every Sunday in the week?
Sure, I could tell you aisy-go on, we want to know,
'Tis Mrs. Lynch, ah, ha! ah, ha! that lives in Gossip Row.

They borrowed all my kindling wood and dove into my coal,
They broke up all my crockery, 'cept one old sugar-bowl;
Dan's overcoat, my seal-skin sacque I needed for the snow.
Was stole from off the clothes-line from the yard in Gossip Row.

Now listen, Mrs. Crowley, I went to Coney Isle:
Your old man wasn't home till six, you flirted there awhile;
I met a German bugler, yes, yes, we want to know.
He ate clams wid a lady that's well known in Gossip Row.
Oh, dear me, Mrs. Crowley, won't you take a chair?
I'm told that Mrs. Coogan she is dyeing up her hair,
Her little daughter, Dalia, she sent off to Bor'do
To learn the parley-voo-voo for the French in Gossip Row.
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