American Old Time Song Lyrics: 31 Don't You Dare To Do It, George

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 31

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Don't You Dare to Do It, George.
Sung by Tony Pastor.

I courted once a lovely girl, a beauty young and fair;
She'd cherry-red lips and teeth like pearl, and golden was her hair;
Her eyes were like the evening stars that shine in heaven above.
And with this lovely beauty I was overhead in love.

Spoken- I shall never forget the first time I met that girl-never-no never­and when the time came to bid her good-bye, you know that time always comes,
although it comes rather late with some and rather early with others. We were
early birds that time-early in the morning, you know. So, I'd gone through
all the preliminary ceremonies, such as, good-bye, darling, and pleasaut dreams,
and I'd just slided my arm around her waist and was going to give her one good
kiss right square on the mouth, when she boxed my ears And said:

"Don't you dare to do it, George,
Don't you dare to do it, George;
If 'twas found out, what would my mother say?
Don't you dare to do it, George,
Don't you dare to do it, George;
Ain't you a very, very naughty man?"

I took her for a walk one night, 'twas In a flowery dell,
And while there, to my fair one I tales of love did tell.
She sat down in a shaded spot, I sat down by her side,
And with my arm around her waist, I said, "Darling, be my bride."

Spoken-" Yes," I says to her, says I-" Susan," says I-says I-" Susan,"
says I-darned if I know what I did say now; but I know I said it, yes I did,
and when I showed her the ring and asked her for her answer, she said: "Get
away, George, you're always saying something." That means yes, yes it does;
so I says to her, says I, I'll go and have our names put in the morning papers,
and then I'll go to the minister And have our names called in church next Sun­day, George so-and-so and Miss Susan so-and-so, to be joined together in holy
wedlock, And any one having any objections will please state them or forever
after hold their peace, And my Susan actually swooned over in my arms, yes she
did; And when she came to herself the very first words she uttered were:-Cho.

Well, I need not tell you more about those happy nights we met;
For soon we put off courting, boys, and married we did get,
And now I feel so happy, oh! my heart is filled with joy,
For yesterday my Susan, dear, brought forth a little boy.
Spoken-Yes, it's the prettiest little baby you ever saw. Oh! girls, do come
and see it! all the girls in the neighborhood have been to see it, and they say it's
the handsomest child they ever saw-the very picture of its father. I'm its
father; yes, I am. By the by, boys, before I go I'll let you into a little secret,
on the quiet, you know. When you take your sweetheart out for an evening's
promenade and you want to kiss her good-bye at the door, and she says, "Don't
you dare to do it," that's the time you must. They only pretend to be a little
shy-why, bless your souls! after they're married their shyness And hashful­ness all vanish just as quickly as a glass of lager in the hands of a thirsty
Dutchman. Why, since I've been married, I don't remember, not even once,
my Susan ever saying:-Chorus.
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