American Old Time Song Lyrics: 29 Why Cant The Girls Propose

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 29

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Why Can't the Girls Propose?
Copyright, 1890. by Frank Harding.
Written and Composed for and sung by Miss Nellie Parker.

I will not sing of women's rights, nor dwell on women's wrongs;
The subject has been well thrash'd out in lecture and in songs;
A woman has her grievances, And these I want to show;
To men of sense I'll sing, and this is what I want to know:

Why don't they let the girls do just the same as the men?
Why don't they let the girls have freedom now And then?
Why should the dear little girls be led about by the nose?
And if a girl wants to marry a man, why can't the girls propose?

Now, if a man should love a girl, he tells her straightaway;
But if a girl should love a man, the word she dare not say;
For, if she spoke her mind, the world would call her "forward elf!"
so she, in single wretchedness, must rest upon the shelf.-Refrain.

A man may still respected be, tho' he may carry on;
But if a girl should chance to slip, her reputation's gone;
Why should the girls get all the blame? while men get off scot free;
Why shouldn't what is good for you be good, also, for me?-Refrain.
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